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    US dollar balance

    Note: As of August 1, 2019, your US dollar balance is managed by Tilia, a subsidiary of Linden Lab.  For additional details about Tilia and how it interacts with your Second Life account, please see the Tilia FAQ.

    All Second Life® accounts have both a Linden dollar balance and a US dollar balance. You can see both balances in the Linden Dollar Summary and Tilia Account Summary on your Account page at secondlife.com.

    Account balance summary.png

    When you have a new Second Life account, your US dollar balance is $0. You can increase your US dollar balance by selling L$ on the LindeX. The L$ can be used to make purchases inworld or on the Second Life Marketplace; the US$ can be used for other purposes related to your account.

    Using your US dollar balance

    You can put your US dollar balance to work in several ways, explained below.

    Pay for Second Life expenses

    When you pay your premium membership fee, land use fees, private estate fees, buy Linden dollars or buy a Private Region, Linden Lab charges your US dollar balance. If your US dollar balance does not cover your expenses, all available US$ credit is applied to the fee. Then we charge the remainder via your preferred payment method. If you make enough Linden dollars, you can sell them on the LindeX to increase your US dollar balance. Some Residents' premium accounts pay for themselves!

    If you'd prefer to use a method of payment like a credit card or PayPal to pay for certain one-time purchases, you can click the DON'T USE option next to your USD Balance. This will charge the full amount of your purchase to your selected payment method. Your USD Tilia account balance will remain on your account for future use.

    Process credit (withdrawal)

    Net proceeds from your sales of Linden Dollars remain as credit on your Second Life account, and this credit is automatically applied to your account fees as described above. If you do not wish to apply your Linden Dollar sales proceeds to your fees, you may withdraw this portion of your account credit through a real-world credit process. See our Process Credit page for more information. Please note that you may only process credit due to net proceeds from sales of Linden Dollars. Purchases of account credits and credits due to gift codes or other promotional account credits are nonrefundable, and may not be processed as a payment to you.

    You must be in full compliance with the Second Life Terms of Service to receive any payment through the credit payment process. This includes, without limitation, the requirement to have accurate and complete registration information, including verifiable billing information. Under certain circumstances, Linden Lab may request additional information from you before processing a request. If provided in a timely manner, this extra step should not significantly delay processing times.

    Additionally, you must be in compliance with Tilia's Terms of Service and provide Tilia with adequate documentation for ID verification in order to process credit. Tilia is a subsidiary of Linden Lab that offers certain financial services to the Second Life community and helps Second Life comply with U.S. laws and regulations. For additional information about Tilia and the documentation required for ID verification, please see the Tilia FAQ.

    How can I withdraw USD credit from my account balance?

    You may choose to credit your US dollar balance to a PayPal or Skrill account. This is known as a process credit request, because you are requesting to process credit from the Second Life system to your real-world account.

    Depending on which option you choose, you may be subject to fees and minimum withdrawal amounts.

    Selecting a payment method

    When you request to process a credit from Second Life to your real-world account using the new system, you will be required to choose a payment method.

    To place a process credit request to PayPal, you will need to select your PayPal email address from the request form. The form lists the PayPal account(s) you currently have on file at secondlife.com, as well as the PayPal account that you used for process credit requests (if you have made previous requests in the old process credit system).

    To place a process credit request to Skrill, you need to select your Skrill email address from the request form. The form lists the Skrill account(s) you currently have on file at secondlife.com, as well as the Skrill accounts that you used for process credit requests (if you have made previous requests in the older process credit system).

    Choose one of the existing accounts, or add a new PayPal/Skrill account as a payment method in the Change Payment Method window:

    Change payment method.png

    Note: If you change your payment method, we may require additional information to verify your identity before we process the request. This verification is for your security.

    Can I send funds to someone else's PayPal or Skrill account?

    Process credit requests must be sent to a PayPal or Skrill account that you control. They are not meant to be used to pay someone else.

    Is there a minimum or maximum amount?

    The minimum process credit amount allowed is $3, plus any applicable fees. The maximum amount per transaction for any account is $9,999 minus fees. If necessary, you can process a larger amount over multiple smaller transactions. 

    Process credits are also subject to economic limits unrelated to the maximum transaction amount. For more information about your account's economic limits, please see Economic Limits.

    Process credit fees

    There is a fee per process credit transaction.  Fees are subtracted from the amount you enter in the form, so you will receive less than that amount in your PayPal or Skrill account. You can view the relevant fee amounts on the Transaction Fees and Payment Priority page.

    How long does it take to process credits?

    For processing a credit to a PayPal or Skrill account, requests generally take between five to ten (5-10) business days (Monday-Friday, not including U.S. holidays) to be completed. Some requests may take longer (up to 30 days), per the Tilia Terms of Service (Section 4.3).

    We always strive for quick turnaround; however, holidays and the volume of transactions may affect processing times. Also, in the event that Linden Lab or Tilia requires additional information from a Resident, the processing time will depend on the timely submission of the information by the Resident. Please be sure to have an updated account email address that you check regularly when you've submitted a process credit request so our payment specialists can contact you if necessary.

    Business holidays in the US will extend the five to ten business day window by one day.

    How can I check on my previous and pending requests?

    To view a full history of your process credit transactions, see the Process Credit History page. Any recent requests that have yet to be sent to PayPal or Skrill will say "processing" next to the timestamp. If the request looks to have been completed, but you haven't received funds in your PayPal or Skrill account, please contact Support for assistance.

    Canceling a process credit request

    You might have entered the wrong amount or the wrong PayPal/Skrill account information when requesting a credit. If you think you've made a mistake, check your Process Credit History. If the requested process credit is able to be halted, a Cancel button will be available next to the listed transaction.

    If you do not see a Cancel button, please contact Support for assistance. You'll need to tell us which request is to be canceled (use the date/time and the amount to identify it). Please notify us as soon as you can, as we may or may not be able to manually cancel a request once the Cancel button is no longer available on the Process Credit History page.

    Process credit requests that are successfully canceled will be returned to the Tilia USD account balance.

    Wire transfers

    Sending money to Linden Lab

    Linden Lab is not currently able to accept payment from your bank via wire transfer. Please pay for balances through credit card, PayPal, or Skrill.

    Receiving money from Linden Lab

    Linden Lab is not currently able to support payment to your bank via wire transfer. If you wish to credit your USD balance to an external account, please do so through PayPal or Skrill using the process credit system.

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