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  2. I've been using the internet since 2002. The first thing I look for on any new thing, is forums.
  3. Hello all. I have some questions and i must to know. I'm much a mobile user, i use my phone for almost everything related to internet social medias. I use my phone to get logged into Second Life too since most of the time i'm not at my home in front of my PC. But some days recently I noticed some issues with this SL móviles client called Lumiya. From day to another i noticed that Lumiya was retired from the Google Play store and i don't know why. I still have it installed on my phone, i don't have login problems. Everything seemed to work fine until I logged in today and I noticed that all animations like dances or anything stoppedto work, even the AOs seems not to work anymore. I tried to fix the problem several times, even restarting my phone or installing previos versions of Lumiya but all the animations still not work. What is happening? I want my lumiya viewer to work fine again
  4. Its one of Vista's new full body Bento AOs. That is my crouch pose, its a sneak-sneak animation. More comical if I did a animated gyazo than the still one, cause I was creeping around the Flamingos. Oh for the Cat Unicorn. You could do this and toss in a unicorn horn and have someone ride. Plus throw in the rainbow sprinkles!
  5. For months now I cannot fly anymore without getting stuck. Or the av keeps flying up up up, or I cannot use the camera controls, menu's etcetera any longer. I have to relog then. As long as I don't fly, all is fine. Settings at home (router/modem/connection) are all fine. What to do? Thank you. Zia Branner
  6. Hi there, After you log in you get to read the messages/notecards that were sent to you while you were offline. Until a few weeks ago when I clicked on such a message/notecard it would open on screen and I could save them. Now when I click them they simply disappear and do not get saved in Inventory. After the latest update I hoped this would be fixed, but it is not. How can I repair this? Zia Branner
  7. That's an absolute adorable shot. But how did you get your AO to try and pat the Flamingo? (assuming, indeed, you weren't trying to kiss it *g*). I often feel my AO is pretty limited, that way; but then I quickly remember it's likely just me who's limited. 😋
  8. Hi all, this might be a dumb question but I am currently paying for L via paypal and have noticed it does not ask for any for of confirmation and simply buys said L in question. I am wondering if this is only for my PC? Mostly asking because if i ever lose access to my account down the line, I want that added security that even though paypal is linked to the account, they would be unable to buy L on another system/device. Or does this need to be toggled on paypals site itself? Cheers.
  9. Ok, the bad news is that my partner Chaplin Tomorrow has been banned for a 1 week and he has done nothing to deserve this. We have not misused Harley-Davidson brand ... not pretend, not once or two. In fact we have always stayed away from those guys. Now my partner (he is not premium) can not contact linden to know what to do. He can't access the marketplace to remove the bikes ( as a safety measure ) ... His store is online, but he can't access the merchant home. Ridicoulos and propostreus. The idiotic thing is that now Linden could say that he is infrindging another trademark, and he would not be able to log in to the Marketplace to fix his items. This is so unfair. we feel impotent and treated badly by Linden. We have been a serious business in Second life since 2007.
  10. I am a stereotypical by-the-book introvert. I'm often quiet in the evenings after work because I'm recharging from dealing with real live people for eight hours. I'm much more sociable on weekends when I'm all refreshed and recharged! Please never, ever take my silence as anything more than me hiding in my little quiet head space! I always try to remember to set my auto-response, but I often forget!
  11. You cant. This is a whole new lighting plus a whole new way all the windlight values are translated, you can't just "opt out". This is a one-way trip.
  12. She may have been busy, though? I often have chat closed altogether when building.
  13. megapuss sized kitties are rideable and and there exist unikitty variants ...
  14. As per https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/graphics_crashes_and_glitches#viewer_freezing ... ... do you use this GPU to log in, by any chance?
  15. I have dropped by a few times, hoping you were up for a chat, but alas. I do understand though, because when I am scripting, I am not really ready to talk myself so I expect others to have something similar.
  16. If there isn't, I'm sure he will tell the Moles they did it wrong and there really should be one. 😋
  17. I can't find one! @Teager, I think you need to make one!
  18. 😍Now I want a unicat! 😍 I wonder if kittycats makes one, and if so if it is rideable.
  19. I'm dancing around my bonfire...that's a common thing here. I think it's sacred....it's my sl home.
  20. usually i'm between 50-120k that's because some creators makes items with to many triangles, that means to many complexity, i've a pair of earrings cute tough but only two earrings gives me 30k complexity .__. i think that's almost the same complexity my body gives so so so... to lower your complexity just take care of what you buy or use, guess i'm starting doing that for my furniture too -w- having a big house makes you have tons of items but if i don't take care i'll be lagged on my own home :c and that's no good, well well... anyways, good luck.
  21. Despite being a long-time SLer of sorts, I only just discovered the forums this year. I am pretty sure it was via the dashboard. I lurked for a couple of weeks to get a feel, then started posting. It’s been a great way to fill down time at work, and keep up with stuff happening in-world.
  22. I thought that might have been why you turned up in a search for Harley without using the word Harley in any of the customer facing advert.
  23. I can't say that I dislike it, and that says a lot, considering my tastes in design and architecture.
  24. Thank you, Selene. I think I needed to learn how to sound less . . . militant? Positive and sure of myself? Something. Andrea Dworkin . . . such an intelligent woman, and a really superb writer, but with some real issues which were, in part, the result of her own very unhappy experiences. She could have been an absolute beacon. Instead, sadly, she managed to make herself poster child for most of the very worst tendencies of 2nd Wave Feminism.
  25. I've always been a forums junkie; however, I was a reader and not much of a poster. I think my first post in the SL forums was back in "08 when I asked for advice on how to remove facelights from a hair I had just purchased. I hadn't ever tried to edit any hair up until then. I got great advice and cheers from several who didn't much like facelights either. I tend to read the forums instead of the "newspaper" with my coffee in the morning. This has been a habit of mine for many, many years. It was my quiet time before heading off to school and my hectic classroom and morning duty. The habit followed me into retirement where I still take my coffee with the forums. Forgot to mention how I found the forums. I think I most likely googled Second Life Forums.
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