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  2. You should be paying me more for these perfect set-ups.
  3. maybe we should. lol, I'm not even the bloodthirsty one. I'm the peacemaker. @Jessica Pyara will really cut a B. lol
  4. Well, as I wrote a few posts back, I seem to be having less disconnects on teleports during my daily time in-world, but crossing regions got noticeably worse. Still, in both cases it's random/intermittent. For example, I can sail over 50 sims without being logged out and hours later I am disconnected while trying my third crossing. One thing is sure, even when not being disconnected, sim crossings are quite rough. As for teleports, I'm am having much less disconnects than I had before the last roll, but sometimes two TP attemps out of three fail. Of course I'm just guessing, but most probably LL's "workingonit" is browsing logs for the moment. So, it's important that we keep trying to do what we usually do (sailing, flying and teleporting around, in my case.)
  5. The average lifespan of a meerkat is 12-14 years. At the extraordinary age of 35, he'll probably need hospice care soon. You might have dodged a bullet. Nope. Simultaneous availability matters.
  6. You can "follow" this post by Patch:
  7. I don't think it's necessary to have LInden home areas for each of the maturity levels. The moderate rating is a good choice. Having a Linden home is just one way to use the premium perk of 1024 sqm free for a home - the other way is to use that to cover tier on a purchased mainland parcel that better suits your needs.
  8. What needs to change? Well, LL's attitude, primarily. They need to drop the "eh, good enough" approach to SL development, become more interested in the end user experience, and maybe adopt a fresh point of view on what that means. And maybe they already have. They're producing some long overdue improvements to SL right now. They've shifted most of their resources back into SL development and have announced a list of upcoming features that people have been clamouring for for nearly two decades. We'll have to see. SL needs to be easier to use, without sacrificing the freedom it gives us. Give us a graphical interface for adding features people can currently only achieve through scripting. I should not have to ever look at a script to create a teleporter, a chair with a proper sittarget, working doors, simple particle effects, and so on. Scripting should be there, for the people who know how to use it to be able to take advantage of it, but it shouldn't be the only way to do everything. They need to push content creators to optimize their work, and do this without throwing out 17 years of content. Unoptimized content is the root of most of SL's biggest problems. Poor framerates. Excessive lag. Long rez times. Texture thrashing. Alpha sorting glitches. LL will probably need to introduce some resource caps on avatars, and more realistic Land Impact calculations, but they'll have to find a way to do this without forcing people to throw out content they already own. There are ways they could do this effectively and relatively painlessly. The end result would be an SL that both looks better and runs better for everyone. The new user experience, tutorials, content creation tools, social features all need layers of polish that LL has previously scoffed at. Tutorials that interact with the user interface. Social features that make it easier to meet people and engage with groups, like maybe a user calendar that syncs up with events associated with groups you're in, or friends you follow. More tools to organize your contact list, making it easy to choose who can see your online status and feed, who you get login notifications on, etcetera. And we need features that make SL feel more inviting and engaging. That would mostly come from addressing all of the other issues SL has. A new user should be able jump into SL knowing nothing, and have a good time in their first session. They should be able to teleport to an SL city, jump in a car and drive around, and have it feels as good as doing the same in a videogame. They should be able to enter into an experience based sim and not find it all broken because they somehow missed the experience pop-up, or accidentally closed it without accepting. They should be able to buy some clothing for their avatar and not be frustrated to realize half of what they bought doesn't work, because it was made for a specific mesh body, or is pre-fitmesh and won't fit on any avatar unless you change your shape to fit the clothes. They should be able to try new body shapes without changing their face. None of this is unrealistic, but it all really depends on LL recognizing what currently limits SL, what puts people off and drives them away. The LL that said they'd never give us avatar masking, rigged mesh or animesh, the LL that thought up Display Names as a way to avoid allowing people to change their username, the LL shipped 8' tall starter avatars that still used invisiprims long after LL had broke invisiprims, could never achieve this. The LL that still ships starter avatars that are all entirely no-mod and sees absolutely no problem with that can't do any of this. If that's still how LL thinks today, don't hold your breath for anything to really improve. But, just maybe that is finally changing.
  9. Good point. That's why I said practice first. But yeah, sometimes the LI goes through the roof. Sometimes it works as per example. It's all trial and error. The animated furnishings thing was addressed and the sculpts thing too. But yeah, different strokes for different folks. I just know it's a system that works for me at least. Maybe might help someone get more prims to play
  10. Differences in time zones isn't a reason to block someone. That's BS. The small mind of a petty person.
  11. Welcome! I know how much I struggled to find stuff when I first started using V-Tech, so I'm happy to share anything I've found. Good point. I'll amend my post, just in case someone copies it verbatim into a notecard to give out (which, btw, is fine by me - as long as the date of the post is noted somewhere).
  12. Came upon a couple of things today. Will add more as I find them. Fisherman's Drop: Nice little spot with a couple of picnic table and some benches. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fishermans Drop/227/206/33 Peachtree: Little inland beach area with some chairs, umbrellas, tubes, and sancastles http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peachtree/66/149/23 Valleyside: Pool Area http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valleyside/81/209/35
  13. Got my shiny new wheelbarrow for the garden. Wasn't too painful . Wasn't too easy LOL. But happy with it. Tintable; I chose brown to go with my rustic back to the land theme.
  14. I'm having the same problem. There doesn't seem to be a choice in the ticket drop-down that even remotely covers this. I haven't lost my password, my account hasn't been compromised, etc. Edit: nevermind, I found a link that works.
  15. I didn't read your whole post but wanted to note that SOMETIMES LINKING WILL INCREASE THE LAND IMPACT. The LI of any object (or any linked objects is based on three upload costs) If an object weighs in at 1.5 (you can see this under MORE INFO) then it will be one. Linking low impact objects (0.6 li for example) will indeed cut land impact costs. You DO need to play attention to what you are doing though. Sculpts are very tricky and certainly should be tested. Most often they are best left unlinked. ALSO if you link furniture with sits OR items that are already several pieces (a linkset) you can also have some disasters. So while linking objects is often handy for decreasing land impact --- it is FAR from foolproof. Just wanted folks to know that. Have fun!
  16. Hi does anyone know how you find out about the new linden houses, since did not know you that you could get them right now, since we never got a massage, so how to you know when they are avaible to get. Natalie
  17. I’d be happy if we just had more than specular and normal maps. Collision on clothing? Maybe in Secondlife 2.....
  18. Why, yes! Someone did say portrait! (Ellie, you're looking really great!)
  19. THIS, THIS, AND THIS! ^ If there's one piece of advice I could give anyone it's learn to LINK all non-animated mesh and prim décor items where possible. But if I remember correctly; DO NOT link sculpts! So rather than have a half dozen paintings on the wall, a coffee table, a few magazine piles, a vase of flowers all sitting alone, I link them all together. This generally (but not always) lowers my land impact, sometimes pretty significantly. I also remove all shadow prims where possible. I link all Gacha together. I link all mesh/prim rugs together (along with anything else phantom). So I usually end up with at least 3 link sets (Gacha, rugs/phantom, main décor), with animated furnishings like beds and sofas etc left unlinked. I'll also go one step further and modify objects by removing unnecessary parts, for example; take magnets off a fridge (unless they have baked textures), take decorative ends off curtain rods, take buttons off a non-animated phone, basically declutter so I have prims available to clutter things as I want them. I aim ideally to get the LI down as far as I can without ruining an object beyond recognition. I have lights in most rooms but I take the scripts out so that I can link the unscripted lamps to the rest of the link set; how often do we have Windlight on Midnight anyway? And as Marianne says, I'll also hunt around for similar items with less LI. Basically, I strip things down or replace them entirely, then when I'm happy I link them together to lower the LI even further. On top of that, if possible, I'll make the object myself. I can't work Blender (I just don't have the patience for it), but I use other meshing programs that I've purchased through Marketplace. And if even that is beyond my capabilities I ask a few friends who also build. Or see if they have Full Perm items I could purchase. Or ask for places they might know of to find things. Today, I offered my neighbour a pergola I had built to replace the prim version she had built the day before, just as a gesture of good will. Counting all the parts, I think there were around 14 prims she hadn't linked together. She swapped them out for the mesh copy and saved 12 prims. Little things like that all adds up! In my example, the main link set contains 157 objects, but linked together they only take up 79 LI. That's almost literally half than what the LI if I left them unlinked. As you can also see, not everything is linked; the vanity stool contains animations so I left it alone. The rugs are their own link set. The interior walls shell another link set again. It sounds like a lot of work, but when you get the hang of it you really can push decorating to a whole new level of detail. Linking is a trick I've taught my friends, and it's why I've never needed additional prims in rentals anymore. Anyone can do this, it just takes practice learning what to link, and what not to. And of course remembering to edit properly. It's all too easy to accidentally shift one object over and suddenly everything else in your house has disappeared through walls. Practice by linking a few objects together; paintings are a good place to start. Then experiment. My advice would be to go to a sandbox and rez objects from your inventory to link together and practice. That way if you do make a mistake (and you will until you get the hang of it), you won't ruin anything!
  20. OK, maybe I was just projecting my thoughts a bit; but... Fluf and Qie say they are getting fewer TP fails now whereas I seem to be getting more! Now maybe LL are "workingonit" but they also need to give us more evidence or news of that.
  21. I hope everyone has had a good holiday that celebrates it. I've read most (still have some things on this page to read since I was gone I'm technically still on vacation and don't get home til late us Central Tuesday Evening) and one thing I wanted to say... I pay my premium subscription with lindens. What I do is just cash out the lindens needed and leave it in my US balance and then there we go. I have my premium membership paid. One time I forgot to cash out my lindens and SL just did it for me but I normally just like to have it there because they only auto did it I think cuz I was more than 3 days late on it? But yeah, you can cash out lindens and pay for the premium that way. On another note. I'm in the middle ground on this. So far, I haven't had to deal with issues that I know of in regards to the reason why I used it before. Also, it only became recently known that I got one of the Linden homes and I didn't do the direct to SL screenshot so the lm isn't there. The people I've had to deal with before A. Can't rez stuff and B. Still have to find me. I've only told well two people which region I'm in exactly. I'm also waiting to see if the linden supplied orb will work. I don't already have an orb because well I thought I had one, I remember using one before, but I am just plain NOT finding it in my inventory. #slproblems Still, I'd jump at a beautifully landscaped, community with the option to if I needed it can't access unless you're part of the access list, group, etc. I'm not sure that the Lindens would even have to go half & half and likely more like 70 with the current layout and 30 percent Secured laid out but I could be wrong. Going half and half might be easier? Though I agree to make sure that area is widely separated from the free travel areas. For the travel Concerns on travel sims: In the traditional homes at least with my parcel, it doesn't go over into the protected land roads so travel that way should be safe. I've now seen how close the boat parcels are and that they do go over into what one would think would be open waters so that might need to be rethought out or perhaps have open harbour areas for those that wish to travel by boat to come and dock in at with a reasonable object return time for them to get their boat back after deboarding. Preferably next to an open rez area so people can also rez out their vehicles and the like to go and travel these nice roads. May also be a good idea to have the sim crossings clearly marked, maybe with stop signs or stop lights? So people can know they need to slow down and that they're about to cross? Might add to the immersive feel or with one of those caution yellow signs that say sim crossing. EDIT: ((Adding in quotes from the rest of the page I read and wanted to quote/address)) Not a closed box no!!! lol sorry got my mind going on that one. I really do like the layout of the current new mainland. If the old mainland was staying and they offered a way for individuals to change their current linden homes and parcels to the same 1024s or 512s with the same houses and have them not count against your LI count I could see people going back to the old method where it's not laid out like a neighborhood at all, it would be sad to leave the beautifully landscaped version but people would do it. Except... they are phasing out all of the old premium linden homes for these new models which yay (the old houses did need an update) but they don't have the option to have the privacy they want so we're back to square one over here. Now I kept a Linden home instead of going to buy mainland because that is still an added expense and unless you get REALLY lucky you are going to pay anywhere from the cost of a yearly subscription or more for the mainland and then you are also just another plot near other people and then you still have the downside of having to use the prims to buy a house instead of getting the 'bonus' prims so to speak that you'd get from having a Linden home and then using those prims to decorate. This was a very interesting read. Thank you for posting it. I haven't met any of my neighbors yet but again... still on vacation lol.
  22. Today
  23. oh hi. I may look all cute and stuff, but I've learned a few things from our resident loveable, bloodthirsty Swede. In other words, I'll cut anyone that gets between me and mine. 😁
  24. This post was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! If anyone else has anything to add, please, by all means! A small note about Lumae: Not all of their skins include a version without cleavage shading for v-tech users. When I got my boi chest, I was disappointed to find out that my Eritae skin didn't have a v-tech option, though my Elentari skin did. Always double check the signs and such. They're an absolute steal right now at 100L each though!
  25. Landsend I called this - I enjoyed my bicycleride into the wide wide open. Shortly after this point - in SSPE243 - I lost my hair, could not stop, rode on and on through the sand ... an finally was locked out! Landsend_SSPE243 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr
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