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  2. The slightly depressing universal answer is that no matter which face I select they all have (is that 'both' have - I haven't probed every milimeter looking for another face) the exact same texture - the one as seen here.
  3. Will the cooling towers end in this way in the distant future ? 😂 The second video feels more like the real life version of the Bellissaria continent. Especially if you skip to 55 seconds. 😄
  4. Yes. A key point for a new user is whether you want to ride a horse, or be a horse. Both options are available.
  5. Removed the original flowers from the LH - Traditional - Alderley Planters, and added the [DDD] Spring Poppies. I also created some flower beds using a flat prim with a dirt texture added. The [DDD] Spring Poppies, the [DDD] Twinkling Bushes, and the [DDD] Tumbled Garden Edgers.
  6. Not just profiles. I have several group chats open on a daily basis and help out in a few. People more and more refuse to read anything. Whether it be instructions, group rules, profiles, group notices. They want everything spoon fed and the willingness to find information or even read information handed to them on a platter is more and more non-existent.
  7. Oh, come on. L$70K for two 400m^2 parcels in a dead mall where most of the stores are vacant?
  8. Decided to check out bonbon / nani on MP and picked up the [NANI] Isamu.Hair.
  9. Says who, by inspecting an object, can't tell if it's an alpha flipping or an animated texture, and not being able to describe the latter properly for others to understand. Good job! 😂
  10. All it takes is for someone to AR a post in the thread.
  11. All very valid points and I'd agree that the onus is on LL to fix the issues with the lack of incentivization for creating more efficient content (and conversely the lack of penalization for those creating poorly optimized content). That being said the fact that SL content creators are, as you put it, so "good at peddling snake oil" and are often looked upon by their customers (and SL residents in general) as experts in content creation, I believe they do share some responsibility when it comes to the information (and sometimes disinformation) that they disseminate. A large part of the process of improving the optimization of content uploaded to SL is going to involve providing residents with much better information on the best (and worst) practices involved in content creation, and the difficulty in doing that will depend a lot on how many differing opinions users are exposed to. If LL are saying one thing and various content creators are saying something completely different, it's just going to lead to confusion and the propagation of more bad practices.
  12. Good point. It is a nice horse, though not an avatar.
  13. Somehow, about five years ago, San Francisco became part of "Silicon Valley". I live about 30 miles south of San Francisco, about 10 miles north of Stanford. Where I live wasn't considered part of Silicon Valley a decade ago.
  14. Yes. However, the default "Thomas" avatar comes with a horse attachment. So that's a free option. Not too bad a horse, either.
  15. Today
  16. Speaking of gas, we mustn't forget the giant Magellan statue and the "pull my finger" thing.... was that a hint? HOW DEEP DOES THIS SCHEME GO??
  17. Awww @BelindaN I'm not out in sense of leaving thread, meant on what been discussed as still gonna post so not leaving you! *smoosh hugs your face!*
  18. Well, after leaving this running overnight, it seems to stay out of trouble. That alone is a big improvement over SL pathfinding. This is starting to look like the way to do NPCs. Keyframed NPCs have worked well in many places of SL, but they're usually stuck on rigid tracks. Now they can get some freedom of movement. Keyframed motion in SL is a bit strange. It's semi-physical; it can push or carry physical objects. Collisions with physical objects, including avatars, are detected. But collisions with non-physical objects are not. This includes other keyframed objects. On the other side, keyframed objects don't trigger collisions in llVolumeDetect, and are not avatars or physical objects to llSensor. llSensor will detect scripted objects with type "(ACTIVE|SCRIPTED) ", but that triggers on everything in range that has a script. SL's low-overhead tests for moving objects don't work. So doors don't open for keyframed objects. A useful test for doors is to use llSensor with type "AGENT|ACTIVE", then test for nonzero velocity for each object sensed. That picks up avatars, pathfinding animesh, vehicles, and keyframed motion. (Also the door, so that has to be excluded.)
  19. That thing when you read too quickly and see "swamp a**" instead of "swamp gas", both of which are very real things in the humid southern United States at this time of year, and both can be quite deadly!
  20. Yeah, it would be great if there's some way you can "catch" this shark to Select Face of the tail section while the shark is "swimming" (so only one tail position is showing) and see what that texture looks like.
  21. Something simple today; a new profile pic. Hair is Truth's latest group gift, "Euphoria". It was delivered only a couple of days ago and it's already my favourite of all the hair that I own.
  22. The fact that the additional tails only became visible after being taken into inventory then re-rezzed is curious, and lends credence to the theory that it's using texture animation somehow (since texture animation is an object property that persists after the script that initiated it is removed, but can be broken when taking the then unscripted object back to inventory and re-rezzing it). Sorry to ask a really obvious question but you do have "Select Faces" selected in the build window and you've selected the tail face and not the face that corresponds to the body rather than the tail right? It's just the texture in the preview window doesn't look compatible with any type of texture animation and it's hard to imagine what method they could possibly be using to do alpha switching on the tail given what you're describing and the screenshot you posted.
  23. Or when the builder misses his footing and comes through the ceiling. A glass topped oval coffee table makes a perfect landing strip........
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