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  2. Xcite! hasn't done anything in 3 years, that was the last update to their mesh *****. They have been promising female bits for years now. PsiCorp also does RL toys. http://psicorp.us/2017/12/02/our-first-ever-irl-toys-available-now/ they aren't remote access though, sadly. I haven't seen any other SL related RL remote access toys systems.. Seems like a niche that needs filling.. If only i had that knowledge..
  3. The parcel ban also refers to the parcel - so that has nothing to do with the fact that not banished neighbours can see you from a height of 500m+.
  4. Patch suggested "hopefully faster" than last time, which suggests about a month or slightly less, provided that there are no hiccups or delays. It is unlikely that the next batch will be announced more than 24 hours in advance. I forget why but there's another thread somewhere that explains it.
  5. Thank you, Estilara. I've been looking at all the photos posted in the threads and am just amazed at everyone's decorating. I've gotten some helpful ideas for future projects myself.
  6. As someone who comes from a NPDA (no public displays of affection) family, I can sometimes be seen as a walking sensory deprivation chamber. I took my long ago SL-ex exploring on a leash a few times. She loved it initially, but grew weary when I started pushing her off edges so I could see her bounce up and down like a yo-yo. I think the last straw was when I explained how having her on the leash saved me from imagining the panic children feel when they discover they've been separated from their mother in the grocery store and that I had to imagine that feeling because, though I often got separated from her in the grocery store, I never gave a damn. Though my career as a domme wasn't as brief as your turn on the other side, I think I may have matched you for ingloriousity.
  7. Soon. Nobody knows exactly. <<We know they will go very quickly, but as time goes on we will get more out, and hopefully faster.Our next focus will be to bring more Traditional Homes plus more Houseboats in another smaller launch while working in parallel to a larger launch and an exciting new theme. As usual, stay tuned here for more updates!>>
  8. Okay so on to what @AngieRath is talking about. I had tested the height and view in other places and it worked. I was unable to see people from even 50m away, however the parcel I got in Belli last night I can see from over at least 150m away(I stopped there because f it). Would it have something to do with Bell's region settings? Though if others are working it fine as I do elsewhere, then i'm totally stumped. Edit: Oh, thanks for bringing that up, @Whirly Fizzle! The other places I tested do in fact have people on the ban list(ex-neighbor's nosy 1-night-stands or bots). I'll grab a bot name from my rented place and see what happens. Okay, yes, that made it so that I cannot view from 50m+. You're awesome, Whirly. 😃
  9. Be aware of this gotcha when testing & using the parcel privacy feature - how it works depends on whether you have an empty parcel ban list or not. BUG-37601 - Parcel privacy only works as expected when at least one agent is on the parcel ban list
  10. whens the next set of new linden homes coming
  11. With the firestorm viewer. Are there any others????? *CONUNDRUM
  12. as origninal poster i agree , there's not a lot scientific proof for my post, just what is posted here, and what happened with 2nd release. same confusion here on the response from Adumelial
  13. I saw your beautiful modifications/additions when I was flying around looking at all the other Wallowers to get inspiration for mine. I used your ideas to add a bathroom and mod the upper decking on mine; I hope you believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Your home is just gorgeous!!
  14. I first heard Larry sing this at a little benefit concert when I was in grad school and he was very much alive.
  15. Presenting a new Forest layout for 1/4 sims at WILLOWDALE ESTATE! The same professional quality landscaping in a different style! Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks to this and other parcels from 2560 sqm to full homesteads! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/54/193/57
  16. (In this story, I suspect that I was the "pet peeve" . . .) At some point in my first few months in SL, a friend at a chat place that was a kind of home to me offered to show me his dungeon. He was an absolute sweetheart -- he bought me my first ever pair of FM boots! -- and I had complete trust in him. (He later took to the GD forum with an alt, and became a very popular poster because he was funny and kind.) So, I said ok, and he TPed me to his place, and gave me a tour of his varied and impressively large collection of BDSM equipment. It was fascinating because I did not, at that point, know much about BDSM, and he did an excellent job explaining, not merely what the devices "did," but what their point was. Finally, we came to a sort of black box that looked a bit like an oversized safe. I've forgotten what he specifically termed it, but it was, he explained, essentially a sensory deprivation chamber for his subs. He thought it might be low-key and gentle enough for me to try. Our ensuing conversation went something like this: ME: So, if I sit in there, I can't move my avatar or do anything? HIM: That's right. ME: And I can't talk to you or anyone else? HIM: That's the idea, yes. ME: And my screen will just be entirely black? HIM. Yes. Would you like to try it? ME: Well, ok, sure. But can you hang on a moment while I go grab a book? Thus began, and ended, my brief and very inglorious career as a sub.
  17. I really love the Wallower (just wished the front windows opened), and , imo, you're making great use of its space! Beautiful.
  18. It was a height of 590m. That means nothing else than that there is no privacy above a height of 500+.
  19. During the rush of the last release quite a few ppl mentioned they needed to use the drop down, but mine appeared without needing a drop down (in the first batch release, which wasn’t gone as fast as the second). Good luck and hang in there... order the spare F5 parts now! 😉 and come and visit and explore in the meantime! Check the landmarks thread and see what piques your interest. There’s also many ppl who have opened their homes for you to look and some have made them hangouts. There’s lots of Rez zones and free rezzable transportation if you’d like, too! And tons of friendly ppl willing to help you find the cool stuff! Enjoy and F5, F5, F5 😉
  20. First thing is, do you have the right land group active? If not, you may not be able to rez anything. Assuming you do though, this bug usually happens when trying to rez something on a mesh surface (for example the floor of a mesh house). If you are at ground level, go outside and drag your furniture onto the ground. Then you can Edit to move it back inside. If you are in a mesh skybox, and you have a piece of non-mesh furniture already placed, such as a table, try dragging new furniture on top of that.
  21. As far as I'm aware the "Inventory creation on in-world object failed" error message comes from the region, not the viewer as such. It will happen when you try & add too many items into task inventory too quickly. If you see that error message, slow down packing the box because it's making the region unhappy. There is no log of the asset name or UUID that failed to copy as far as I'm aware. I expect it's logged in the server logs but we can't see those. Have a look at this feature in Firestorm - very useful for packing up boxes without any failures: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_zdrop_ztake_mtake
  22. Please forgive that I couldn't say the details.It's Privacy. I was merely waiting calmly (even I was asked by the friend, I was not able to say). I'll write comment to his blog. Please follow me
  23. Happy Wednesday Forum Readers!😁 Some fun trivia facts for May 22: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Born May 22, 1859 d. 1930 Scottish physician, author. Creator of Sherlock Holmes (1887). Though not the first fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes is arguably the best known,[1] with Guinness World Records listing him as the "most portrayed movie character" in history Seth Wheeler Died May 22, 1925 b. 1838 American businessman. He invented perforated toilet paper, in which individual sheets could easily be torn from the roll.
  24. well, now it does not depend on us, we have done what was in our hands and I am really proud and grateful to all of you who have supported this ♥
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