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  2. Yes 500L/week is waaaaay too low. Also, incidentally, Data-entry Specialists work a lot better when not being interrupted by project-tracking or text formatting; there are a few jobs bundled into one, here, in this description. You don't have to pay Data-Entry the same as Creative, PR, or Project Management. But you do have to pay them. (And they are usually different people. )
  3. Sounds like fun... I would totally do it, and wouldn't even mind paying a fee if you guys showed things like Handmaid's Tale
  4. In some circles of SL there's this general attitude that playing as the other sex is wrong, and that's basically them trying to reinforce that they're actually that sex IRL. You could speculate for a while as to why they think it's wrong.
  5. It is. It's because they apparently stress over what other people think and they tend to hang around people who care greatly about your RL sex because they may just buy a plane ticket to fly across the giant ocean to come sweep you off your feet and fly you away to some Shangri La to live in luxury. Well, this is the only explanation I can think of for demanding anyone be "verified", right?
  6. Let me clarify this for you: "...Android is just plain better for me." Fair?
  7. Wow. Not really. It's about the experience one receives. You can drive a Ford Escort or you can drive a Cadillac. Sure, for some it's the name Cadillac for others it's about the luxury of the car. In this case, they may go with a Lexus, or Infinity, Or Mercedes or whatever; there are many to choose from. When it comes to computing experience, options are extremely limited. You have the experience of MS Windows or macOS on the software side and it's similar on the hardware side (Unix/Linux notwithstanding). You can shop on price or you can shop on quality, nothing wrong with either method, but you do get what you pay for. It's about priorities, not brand-names. For some it may be, for most it's not. A good and proper way to look at it: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/tech-tips-and-tricks/pc-vs-mac-the-big-debate.html
  8. You are right that i have not used and Imac or a Macbook at length but judging by what i see in here and inworld they are very cumbersome when it comes to using them for SL. The only things i have used at great length are Iphones and at some point switched to Android and found out Android is just plain better. It seems that you pay a lot more for a product that is great when you use it in its own Apple environment interacting with applications specifically tailored for an Apple product but as soon as you want to use software that is commonly available and will run on a Windows machine you have to jump through hoops to get it to work.
  9. Thank you to everyone who decides to participate! If you have any questions about my research, please feel free to ask them here or send me a PM.
  10. I agree , too much control by LL who doesn't give a F**k about users , just making more money. I refuse to be controlled and hope people open their eyes as to what is happening really. Open Sim is far better than SL where you can get everything for FREE land included and apart from 5 grids you have no TOS to agree to. Hope you all check out open sim grids .. BYE!
  11. I've never had a clue what this is for either. Verified by whom? How do I know I can trust that accreditation? I hear that Premium members get a free voice morpher anyway, which tells you what LL thinks of it all. I know a lot of people can tell the difference but I don't know if I could unless it was particularly badly done.
  12. I had NO IDEA the road went through an under water tunnel in Seoraksan region (Jeogeot Continent)
  13. University of Phoenix® Second Life Volunteers Wanted for a Research Study Real-world and Virtual World Purchasing Behavior, A Comparison This study is looking for Second Life residents to participate in a 20-minute online survey. The survey focuses on your experiences purchasing items within Second Life and in the real world. To be eligible to participate, you must live within the United States, be over the age of 18, and your first language must be English. The research will be conducted on the SurveyMonkey website. Because the study is anonymous, individuals who complete the study and submit the survey will be unable to remove the data once it is submitted. To learn more about this research, please contact Brian Ziegler either at briancziegler@email.phoenix.edu or message BrianZiegler in-world. If you wish to participate in this study, please click here (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9MW6F22) to be directed to the survey.
  14. Not that I even care whether people are Voice-verified or not, but to what advantage do people put this in their profiles? And even if it mattered somehow, how can one tell it's even true? To me, it seems totally meaningless, like putting in your profile that you are a certified billionaire. But maybe I'm somehow missing the point here. Maybe they mean to say: "willing to talk on Voice"? Then why not say so? Or does it simply mean: "I won't talk to you on voice, but you'll have to take my word for it that my avatar represents my RL gender"? To me, it just doesn't make any sense at all. Can someone explain it?
  15. Well, why would you assume that extroverts aren't introspective? Anyway, you are definitely reading me wrong, because these are your implications, not mine: All I've said is that a group gathering where everyone is quietly absorbing and synthesising and nobody is exchanging particular outward energies is not likely to lead to riveting RP. You're the one who's classing one behaviour to the introverts and the other to the extroverts, not me. I'm so fed up with this introvert/extrovert stuff that always seems to come out as one being inherently better than the other (deeper water or whatever). The world needs both types of people, many (most?) of us are a mix of the two anyway. There is no moral value or superiority attached to either.
  16. Gina is no longer employed with this company please contact me Kimberlykoor
  17. Check to see what system items you're wearing. That looks like what I'd expect from a "sock" wearable. Sometimes even shoe bases have unexpected graphics; with mesh bodies you'll never see it.
  18. Hi! Thanks for your answer! So how do i call menu in this case?
  19. Today
  20. Yes most likely in Oldridge. I've been exploring a LOT. I walk around the neighborhoods quite a bit. G and I have separate homes in SL, as we always have. We have such different decorating styles there'd be no point in even trying to share a house. Let alone, between all our alts... Right now, I have the houseboat in Isthill and now a house in Edger. The one I had near Oldridge I gave up - the current one is a nicer property overall. I have one more alt that's premium - I keep hoping I'll get luckly and catch a house with sandy terrain so I can round out my decorating styles 😋 If that works out I'll probably give up the private land I've been paying for, it's been many years of happiness and many thousands of prims to play with but I'm really enjoying Bellisseria; it's gotten me out of the bubble I'd been in for a long time, similar to a lot of us oldbies that have gotten a bit complacent. I also have somewhat limited time inworld, long days between commuting to work, being there and back again so I like to make the most of my time when I am here. Bella has renewed my interest ten-fold, for sure. Next time Ghosty is spinning, come as yourselves! We'd love to see you and know who you guys are next time!
  21. And use the bigger number that result from those calculations I like this idea
  22. I really wish they would release once on a weekend lol for the people who have to work all week and cant get to a computer or use cell phones to access SL land site during those times. however I had a place that I let go and should had kept a hold of it, which that is totally my fault.
  23. I'm from Texas and in Texas...but looks like this group has already become inactive. =/ ...For anyone interested, I made a 'Gulf Coast' themed place on some mainland I own. Worth checking out if you like Texas plus you can rez your boat too! Click to Visit
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