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  2. Neighbours keep to a beach theme! I love this piece of land but can no longer afford it, so selling for less Region moderate size 2048 m2 Price L$2995 (L$1.5/m2) come and have a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dobinson/201/39/25
  3. I would react the same way now. We all know that it's impossible to be modest all the time with mesh and teleporting as it is, but that doesn't mean we don't still try. I am one of those who wears applier panties all the time. I know I'm old school and maybe too modest but I still hear my mom telling me to be sure my undies are clean in case I get into an accident. Love the comment about where to get their own to drool over!
  4. Try right clicking the boat to see who the creator is? I saw a couple vehicles the other night like this. Each instance, when I R clicked to see who the owner was, the item poofed at that moment. Could be a laggy/glitchy sim?
  5. sofa is from the Loft and curtains are from Sayo I don't have any flickr pics with credits, I rarely post my homes/decors there
  6. A bug? I never heard that before. Well, it needs fixin'. Okay, I will keep contacting her.
  7. Same. It fit the theme nicely. If LL does remove it for being outside of the owner's property, then I hope they put a mole made version there.
  8. What I like to do is save the look in Outfits. I name it something like Kristin Belleza Freya Chubby or Kristin Maitreya slim (yes I name my shapes). Then I throw up the appliers for the head and body so in the off chance I didn’t unpack a fresh body or head, I don’t have to hunt through all my skins. I was playing around with some of the older looks I saved from like 2014 last weekend. This was before I started saving the appliers with the outfit. Holy crap, that made it more complicated hunting for appliers!
  9. Me in 2006 when receiving an unsolicited lewd IM regarding my avatar and what was accidentally seen: freezes like a deer in headlights Me in 2019 when receiving an unsolicited lewd IM regarding my avatar and what was accidentally seen: Either ignores them totally or sends them a snarky response involving a LM to where they can buy that same body and drool over themselves
  10. Resident 0 1 post Report post Posted 11 minutes ago I would like to choose what maturity level to live in G,M or A . we all pay we should have a choice to what fits us best. this world is made from and for all of us no one should be excluded every ones SL is different we are all here for different reasons. as with no ban lines limits what you can do in your own home/land that you pay for I do not like seeing the ban lines and shut them off with the option in my viewer. and I understand community is good but as the previous post states some one entering could still be shocked 😲 if said reason for being shocked is in the right maturity level you won't have to be worried about banned or suspended account for doing something in your own home/yard. and how much lag are the orbs going to create if every one has one running. I personally would like a maturity level choice so I can do things in my own home yard with out getting the boot from SL. and this way you can just ban old school way and not use the orb and not worry about getting in trouble from what you choose to do on your land and not cause lag from the orb script running.
  11. "Restrict gesture & object sounds to this parcel." won't stop local chat from scripts between parcels. The parcel probably still thinks the abandoned boat is sat on so hasn't returned it. This can happen if the vehicle driver gets disconnected on the region crossing.
  12. Back on the Teen grid, you had parma-underwear. Could *not* be removed.
  13. I think I saw it too. I was on my way south in the waterway between houses and land where there will be new houses. I was like hmmm... then I thought live and let live.
  14. If something isn't in keeping with the theme then anyone can AR the objects and governance will make a determination. Thanks for posting this. I think the big issue is if the objects impede right of way (movement). I seriously doubt that the governance team will remove items that are in-theme decorator items that extend just beyond our parcels.
  15. The best info we have came from Vir at the CCUG. Inara blogged it here: https://modemworld.me/2019/04/19/linux-jessie-update-a-cause-of-sl-tp-issues/ I don't know what happened to cause the further windlight breakage after that OS rollback. The EEP regions did have the OS update bundled in from quite early on so I guess rolling back the OS update has broken some server stuff for EEP & how EEP regions affect legacy viewers or there was a bad merge of the EEP server stuff back into the rolled back server code or there was a deliberate fix for the black stars bug that actually broke "legacy" windlight even more. Worst bit is that the TP disconnects don't seem to be fixed either so I wonder what's going to happen next. I'd be very interested to know of LLs stats show any improvement in the TP disconnects since the grid was rolled back. There's an interesting theory about the cause of the TP disconnects here: BUG-226825 - Reason why teleports fails to many people Honestly no idea if that theory has any merit - I doubt it but this is SL & I've learned to expect the unexpected lol.
  16. I really like this idea. I personally would prefer to live in a G rated region.
  17. Sail to your hearts content with access to near endless protected waterways. Already setup with a home to make your own or return everything and just start over. Protected water on 4 sides of the island with a small connection to a neighboring island. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vinula/159/194/23
  18. Today is Earth Day. What are you doing for today? I'm not doing anything in particular.
  19. As a moderator for the Maitreya Lara Friends group, I see people asking where to find pasties or how to cover up their bits all the time. I remember oh so many years ago when going to shop at the Free Dove there were changing rooms so people could be modest. So I agree that modesty is a very real issue for some residents. But I do believe they are a minority, but being a minority shouldn't mean your needs are ignored. As for forced community, I kind of disagree. I'm a retired teacher. If there is a better example of forced community I don't know of one. It works. It has problems but we don't give up on it. We find ways to work with different personalities and different needs. We don't let the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few though. We have to find a way to serve all. Is it easy? No! Unfortunately, some believe in using segregation to meet the needs, which is completely wrong. To say you go over there and play and we'll play here is absurd especially when here is new and shiny and over there is old and worn out with little appeal. I personally sold double prim land in Barcola and opened another premium account just so I could live in Bellisseria. That's how much shinier it is over regular mainland.
  20. Interesting reads! Thank you for posting them. As I was reading, my thoughts would drift between here in SL and in a certain popular MMORPG that is definitely "low density" for those starting out in it.
  21. First, thanks for the information. It's more than we're seeing in the release notes, that's for sure. At this point, I really think @Oz Linden needs to direct Development and Operations to practice radical transparency about this mess with TP disconnects, region crossings, and I guess EEP. Maybe the OS upgrade stuff, too, to the extent they're investigating that as a contributing factor. I mean, we're all in it together now, and I feel like I'm stuck on a plane on the tarmac with no word from the pilot.
  22. I would like to choose what maturity level to live in G,M or A . we all pay we should have a choice to what fits us best. this world is made from and for all of us no one should be excluded every ones SL is different we are all here for different reasons. I would also like to see more water or rock features near the homes to make them unique in there settings
  23. I ask this question because of two instances that I have seen, one at home on my houseboat in Hibiki and one happening on Protected Land in the adjoining Double sim. Yesterday, while at home with a friend, we both noticed my neighbours cuddle rug start talking in Chat. She was setting it up so it became a little irritating. I have "Restrict gesture & object sounds to this parcel." ticked in About Land. I IM'd my neighbour and and asked if she, too, had this ticked. She replied that yes it was ticked and we were both left puzzled. Now, oddly, I continued to see object chat until she decided the ugly rug (her words) was removed by her friend but my friend stop seeing it her chat. Now, the other oddity is happening now in the Double region. The channel across Double is Protected Land, no build, and Object Return is set for 1 minute. Yet all morning there has been an empty motor boat sitting in the Protected Channel and it hasn't been returned. Clearly, someone abandoned the boat but why is it still there?
  24. When I was out and about yesterday, I saw a cute little deck w/ some chairs along a river (do not remember which sim I was in atm) I was going to get a LM for the LM thread and then I realized it was not Mole/Linden built, it was private built. The owner's land was across the sidewalk from the deck. Not sure if they will be able to keep it, but it fit with the theme nicely.
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