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  2. Where did you read that I said that he can't play what ever he likes? It's mean he can play male, female or a blokk of cheese that won't change nothing. So you are dehumanising me, how disgusting from you. You went low very fast. How can you say that SL is accepting when you act like this when somebody has a different opinion. Stop being so small minden. (And yes I don't go into 💩 throwing on the net but you found me in a good mood. )
  3. Yeah, when he buys consumer product companies, they get bought up -- because that sector demands scale to gain market presence. Anyway, I do see @Nika Talaj's point about Jyve+Tilia being a natural fit in Oberwager's tech interests (as opposed to consumer products). And about Rosedale; one might wonder what boards any of these guys have in common. (Waterfield's bio though, yipes, these finance guys are as fungible as their money.)
  4. It's not because of the texture, but because of mismatching normals between the head and the body. That can only be fixed by changing the lighting (angle, or maxing out the ambiance to remove shadows). Or you can make the mesh and match the normals. But yeah, demo head for a product picture would look pretty bad. I wouldn't buy one, unless there was at least one non-demo head where the full skin was showing. (Also assuming the skin had a demo I could try myself.) Also, whether or not you're a beginner doesn't excuse bad presentation. A customer doesn't generally think "yeah that looks pretty bad but I'll spend my money on it anyway to encourage them." Some might, but I seriously doubt you'd find people in the double digits doing that unless they have a lot of expendable income. But for what it's worth, the skin looks okay, I'd almost buy it since I like most of these "super soft" skins that are mostly gradients. I especially like the nose. But the lips and inner-eyelids look a bit off, so I'd personally pass on it if I saw it on MP.
  5. Just came across that thread... Is the hunt prize still out to be found?
  6. and what change for (ex) LL point of view? They own nothing in anycase... maybe a partecipation on all 3, but not anymore the owners.
  7. Sansar has been sold. Linden Lab, who own Second Life and Tilia have been bought.
  8. Few search queries will show you failed products that google and facebook acquired. But ...don't do that. It's for simple people lol Please do your homework, buying distressed tech companies is a common practice. And it's not rare when it doesn't pay out.
  9. The one thing you haven't mentioned is why so many things are on halt, and the main reason for that is that they are up to their necks in work. For once, moving to the bigger office in Atlanta slowed down things a lot for a while. Then they were all forced to work from home due to the COVID crisis. On top of that it's holiday season even at the Lab. I am friends with a Linden who is in charge with mainland development. Over the past few weeks demand for land and other products was so high and also the number of support tickets and requests went through the roof so that they could barely get their regular work done. On top of that, a lot of their human resources are working on moving the Grid to Amazon Cloud. But I understand that right now nobody is interested in reason, as soon as a first one goes off like "OMG OMG Second Life is closing!" all others will join in ... Like I wrote before, I have seen this happening a lot in 13 years and yet, here we are ...
  10. The lead investor's past investments: Bradford Oberwager has founded and/or run five tech/CPG companies—Jyve, Bare Snacks (acquired by PepsiCo), True & Good! Snacks, Acumins/more.com (acquired by HealthCentral), and Blue Tiger/Open Webs (acquired by CarParts). Notice a pattern there?
  11. Is there really demand for linden homes, though? From what it seems to me, it's mostly people who already have one trying to roll a location they like more. The notion of SL being "stronger than ever" is categorically untrue, also, but...
  12. Do you identify outside the ginger binary? Not a chance in hell! 😸
  13. Many skin creators have different versions of their body skins (such as curvy, petite, athletic, push-up, etc.). It's hard to tell you what you should use, without knowing which skin you're using and whether you're using appliers or BOM. But off the top of my head, I think I saw chest denhancers at Izzie's. Not sure about pushup though.
  14. Bringing up the thread so we have all the information in one. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SwayLand/137/127/27 Friday July 10th: Fifty Linden Friday. The best, is that if you do not need to close the curtains, but use the Linden home blinds, you can get the 3 Li large ones down to 2 Li. Unlink the "closed curtain" part. You see it when you have the curtains open and "highlight transparent". Unlink this part and voila, 2 Li curtains. They fit a double Traditional window and are still 2 Li. Raise the curtain so the rod is over the window, select the curtains and stretch them down. I have not tested the other houses.
  15. Virtual women are women. If Gopi wants to identify as a woman from now on we have to accept her. The gates have been opened and none shall keep people from crossing it.
  16. Your ethical, my ethical and the next person's ethical will rarely correspond. This statement raises red flags to me even besides the fact this is yet another ill defined study which no doubt has a hugely flawed questionaire attached
  17. Hello It's me again I need to find some HUD or something with Clevage options without changing my skin...like Babe's (Soft) Applier in the photo below: I need these options
  18. A product "doing well" is no indication of an investor's intentions for it. Bellisseria has already been put on a temporary hold, they were releasing new batches twice a week and that has all stopped, supposedly because they have "run out of hardware" but this is not entirely the case; there are already a load of SSPE regions already on the grid which have not been touched by the moles in more than a month. The new theme has been announced with not even a hint of a release date. Halting release of Linden Homes when the demand for them is still so high is already a big red warning flag. Then again, if this news causes many people to halt their premium subscriptions, they won't need so many new Linden Homes after all. Mainland itself is not "rare". There are swathes of it all abandoned and if you want some, all you need to do is submit a support ticket and Linden Lab will sell you what you want at L$1 per square metre. They'll set it up to sell to you in about 24 hours. That's how I got my current mainland. What IS rare, is someone wanting to offload their mainland being able to successfully sell it at any price. So they give up and abandon it.
  19. LOL. Again? "The simple answer is...watch Ready Player One. A company comes in to buy up your wondrous player created virtual brilliance. And suddenly your screen is filled with real world advertising, In- world transactions now lead to out-world products. Imagine going virtual shopping and being asked... would you like these items delivered in-character or out-of-character. Remember that virtual rent you forgot to pay on your parcel? Perhaps you forgot, the rental company sent you a real-world lease contract. This time you're not just getting your items returned to you. Now you get an actual real-world lawsuit, for potential loss assets to the rental company. When business people buy virtual assets, they don't care about creativity. They aren't concerned for the social aspects of our interest in hanging out at a digital night-club. All they care about, is milking as much out-of-character cash out of each user...until we stop being profitable. Eventually Second Life simply disappears, and they'll begin hunting the dollars in the user created virtual worlds. Posted by: Dresdin Valerik" plus add this: https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2020-05-21/upland-enters-strategic-agreement-with-tilia and game is done, and not so nice one.
  20. Well this is deeply, deeply worrying. Investment groups have a way of...juicing companies like a lemon then throwing away the dried husk after all the money is taken out.
  21. Quite often a sim has some background history information that will help you to orientate yourself to the environment and think of a character that might 'fit' that environment. Take a look at things like intra-sim groups and factions. If you look at the group you will get some information about how active it is. Additionally, many of the sims have an out of character (OOC) titler, or guest titler, which shows people you're just visiting. It's a good idea to wander round, get a feel for the place, hang around and observe the ongoing public roleplay while wearing one of these tags. Jump in with your character whenever you feel ready. "Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, I'm looking for work, do you know anyone who's hiring?" kind of approach often works. Some players may para rp, so you may not get a reply for a few minutes. If in doubt, IM and if they don't respond, shame on them for not taking themselves out of play oocly. Also ensure that you give the other players something to respond to. If you sit in the corner of a bar and only emote your thoughts or observations, you're unlikely to get a response. Only the occasional character would have the skill to read your character's mind enough to be able to respond. Your character needs to DO and SAY something for others to be affected by your presence. Finally, (before I go on forever), see if the sim has any orientation events/classes/mentors etc that'll help you get acquainted. Have fun!
  22. I have a long acquaintance with that type of M&A, and I really doubt that is what is happening here. Trying that with LL would be high risk, with not as much payoff as is usual, unless they have a buyer for SL already partly committed. It is possible that SL will be spun off or sold, but I doubt that move would be in the course of the sort of profiteering you're thinking of. This is irrelevant, is it not? LL is not being acquired by the Waterfield Group, it is being acquired by "an investment group led by Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager." I haven't come across a name for this investment group. It is possible that it was created specifically for this acquisition. Perhaps Randy Waterfield's personal bio would be more relevant. https://about.me/jrwaterfield Even accounting for the fact that this bio was written/edited by him, it's impressive for a 47 year old, no? But it is hard to see what his personal interest in LL would be, unless it is in Tilia as an international micro-transaction platform. Same with Oberwager - it's easy to see some sort of fit for Tilia with Jyve, a gig economy staffing platform. But not so easy to see his interest in SL. That doesn't necessarily bode ill for SL - to my knowledge, SL has had at least one white knight on its board in its rather long history. Waterfield brings access to bunches of capital, Oberwager may bring another customer for Tilia, which would be a huge boost in its valuation. It is, of course, possible that either or both is familiar with SL and has bought into its dream, as a world people can escape to and reinvent their lives. Which brings me to Philip Rosedale, the source of the dream. Is anyone else wondering what Philip is doing in LL's press release? His quote is a bit longer than Ebbe's. His connection is cited as "founder", but that was a LONG time ago. Probably he still has a considerable financial stake in the company, no idea how diluted it's become. Seems to me there's more to the story of how this deal came together than meets the eye. I incline to think divesting Sansar was a precondition to make this acquisition happen. The layoffs in February, laser focus on the leap to the cloud, same thing.
  23. It is only simple to simple people. Facebook, google, Amazon keep buying up the most successful companies around the globe because they match their business profile, because investors think that these companies have a lot of value and because they believe in their future and they see their potential. Have you ever heard that one of them bought a company in distress?
  24. I was asking myself, but sold Second Life, Tilia, Sansar, what remain to Linden Lab?
  25. Hey @Selene Gregoire Thank you so much for sharing this I've actually just started gathering data for the thesis; therefore, I will be conducting a survey and interviews. Here's a link to the survey - https://forms.gle/WsDpUHBB35NcrMuk6 Also, let me know if you would like to be participate in the interviews
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