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  2. So... you'd been trying to process credit to clear a balance of about one USD? (!) I've never processed credit and haven't kept track of what fees the Lab has set, but I'd have expected it to cost more than that just to process the order into PayPal.
  3. Thank you. I do, too, but it's been fun trying different images to see what works well.
  4. For phones maybe not, but for iPads very much so. I understand the problem at the moment is graphic portability and compliancy with the AppStore. Android has a viewer already since some time.
  5. Ok so a pic will make you less whiny? Here you go!
  6. I get that this isn't the point of the app, but for what it's worth I vastly prefer your original image.
  7. Here's also Echo. Could almost be a snapshot from SL Has anyone ever started a thread where people would try to make snapshots similar to chosen paintings/or any type of art? Could be fun.
  8. Not how I look today, but I've been having fun with this AI Portraits tool online that a friend of mine linked to on FB. If you try it out, be warned that - because of the thousands of portraits that are in the database - your image will very likely come out white and European. Try several images, as some seem to work better than others. This one's my favourite out of all the ones I tried:
  9. Does standard mobile have the hardware specs to support Sansar? Also, if LL can't even generate concurrency with desktop users, why would they achieve it with mobile users? The majority of the worlds aren't even designed in mobile game environment format. Who would want to use their phones just to explore dozens of art exhibits?
  10. To be fair, I use this method of jumping in on the deep end and learning from my mistakes. It`s not an efficient way of doing things but I find the most fun and challenging. Some youtubers are quite boring in their delivery of the lesson that I have often fell asleep during the video or just switched it off because it becomes unbearable to listen to. Learning by doing is my preferred way of learning mistakes and all!. PS I am simply just answering the question "Why beginners don`t learn the basics first"
  11. Smaller pet peeve of mine - when my favorite creators, who did fantasy apparel amongst other things, stopped doing that and only produce lingerie after lingerie. I mean, I know that sells well, but.. yeah, I'm not THAT skimpy...most of the time.
  12. This is the cutest thing Hamster has ever seen! lol And naaaw, I think the Sanctuary is safe ♥♥
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  14. Most likely the maker forgot to set the door jam to "prim" in the FEATURES tab, If it is mod, you can find the prim that says "convex hull" still and change that to "prim" and you should be able to walk through. It could ALSO be the wall with the hole for the doorway -- or both.
  15. I believe it's safe to say that if @Patch Lindentried to get rid of the Animal Sanctuary, the citizens of Bellisseria would take to the (broken) streets with torches and pitchforks. We love our neighborhood animals! ❤️ Caught you having a little midnight snack, Hammy dearest! Hope you had sweet carroty dreams after!
  16. Is that Echo behind the tree? I like those type of old paintings. That riddle reminded me of this song, it has nice lyrics and sounds nice too.
  17. It's probably not a good idea to use the Limit Buy option until you really understand how it works. My guess is that you offered to buy at a price that is so far below the going rate that nobody is interested in selling L$ to you. The LindeX is like any RL currency exchange. You are making an offer to buy L$ from other SL residents. They obviously want yo sell as few L$ as they can for your $, and you want to buy as many L$ as you can. You have to agree or there's no sale. The best strategy is to look to see where the greatest dollar volume of pending orders is sitting right now (L$251 / $1 at the moment) and offer a slightly better deal. In this case, that means offering to buy L$250 or even L$249 for your dollar instead of L$251. That way, your order will clear before all of those people waiting to get more L$ for their dollars. For right now, I suggest cancelling your order and placing a brand new one (or simply buying L$ at the Market rate). When your order is canceled, the $$ that Linden Lab has been holding in escrow for your purchase will be released to your USD balance in the LindeX, where it will be available for the new order. Incidentally, in case you haven;t already figured it out, it is always wisest to buy and sell in large amounts because each purchase costs you $1.49, no matter how many L$ you buy. Clearly, buying a small amount makes that $1.49 a higher percentage of your total cost. Rule of thumb .... buy at least L$5000 at a time. More, if you can afford it.
  18. Someone is quite popular it seems... @Kieok, you'll have us ladies bringing by casseroles soon!
  19. That was amazing! I love their spirit and would be THRILLED to have them as neighbors!
  20. Secluded romantic beach getaway with lots of fun animations where you can kick back and share the beautiful sunrise together. All objects can stay on the property or you can return them as you like. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scrafito/211/106/22
  21. That video cracked me up! Love their sense of humor. *hint hint*
  22. Wellllll I thought I'd ask, considering that's what happened. I'll clear the cache/history/whatnot to see if it helps.
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