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  2. This is me and my friend :3 she got me this cute head so we are twins now. We look better on video :) you can check our funny dance 😍
  3. "I have been in SL much longer than the age of this avatar, but my original account was hacked!" No, you gave them access to your account when you foolishly clicked on the bogus marketplace link purporting to be for a 'free mesh head and body' (or some such expensive item), posted in a group chat by another account that was also gained in the same way earlier.
  4. I think the real major problem with TMP is that if they ever decide they are bored with SL and shut down their servers the bodies are now stuck as they are. No skin chnages, no alpha changes, no nothing. Bodies broken. You know info that hasnt been shared and claim you have no affiliation?!?! Riiiiiight. Stingy broads... Well.. Isnt that a glowing reason to run out and buy this body. All you have done is attack everyone here and personally attack Syn for no reason. Just an FYI, personal attacks are a no no on the forums. Good way to get yourself banned. TMP has ZERO support. If they ever leave SL their bodies will stop working. If they have a power outage, their bodies stop working. If they lose internet, their bodies stop working.. I spent 5K on the first deluxe body.. it sucks. Skins are mheh, can only wear TMP clothing as the body is slightly off the skeleton so ANY other mesh clothing wont even remotely fit, have to use a hud to buy anything from them and THEY STILL HAVE 135L of mine i cant get back from the hud. BAD MESH IS BAD. Its a crap product. What community? the TMP one? WHy would i love them? I still think the whole deformer thing is hinky at best. How does it work? They deform your body to fit other mesh clothing? But that clothing is fitted to a specific mesh, not the skeleton. What does the deformer do to the TMP body? how freaky do you look with the different deformers? "Pay 5K for something you cant test first and may not work." Oh hells no.
  5. Same. I keep looking at all of the photos on the Home & Garden thread and I just keep getting more and more excited about the possibilities. Everyone has such great ideas and the add-ons are awesome!
  6. Not only chat logs, but literally anything and everythin you do. They know what, when, how you clicked on anything, what you sat on and when, which animation was playing when you did it, Whether you were walking, flying, or running from point A to B, where you have alt-cammed and what you were looking at - literally everything. Because we are in THE MATRIX (yes, a funny, but I'm also very, very serious: they log EVERYTHING). Thus, if someone is banned, they have amazingly detailed evidence. Kind of like a dash-cam from every possible angle that captures your doing whatever you were doing. The flip-sdie is also if someone AR's you and it's enough for them to investigate and you are actually innocent: don't worry. Because that same super-detailed data will show that you are actually innocent.
  7. Update - New Deadline for Contest! New deadline will be May 11, 2019. More details here: https://thefashionloftofsl.wordpress.com/2019/04/14/i-am-fashion-2019-styling-contest/
  8. I would guess that merchants indeed have no recourse against this kind of thing - which is not because the landscaper is doing nothing wrong, it's that the "wronged party" isn't the merchant. It's the landscapers customer. They are being sold a shoddy service, performed with materials not fit for the purpose. You sell a copy perm item you're granting a license to rez as many copies as they like, wherever the land permissions let them do it. Whether that's their land or somebody else's. But the landscaper executing a project with items that cannot be transferred to the landowner most definitely IS doing something wrong. If all they are selling is a design service and not the items to execute that design then they should not falsely advertise otherwise. If they then put their items out according to the design, those are still THEIRS even though they may be leaving them around for others to use, with all the downsides LittleMe mentioned above - What they are actually selling to their customer is still only the design, not the build. The DMCA may not be involved but LL's rules about deceptive advertising and fake products on the marketplace sure are! A landscaper putting out their own items to demo the design is one thing. But when the landscaper walks away they should be leaving behind items owned by the landowner. If they can;t transfer the items used in the demo, then they should either be leaving the landowner with a precise shopping list and parameters to rez each item or using the "purchase as a gift" option on the marketplace to get them into the landowners hands and be temporarily granted edit perms to the landowners objects in order to place them properly. If I were selling landscape or decorative items and I found them being used the way that has been described here I would be peeved. I'd be tempted to blacklist the designer, report their listings for false advertising and make my products available to their customers at a substantial discount so they could make good the poor work the landscaper had performed. And I'd say so up front in MY ads too!
  9. @sampsum, you old agent provocateur, you. Ban hamburgers in Second Life. They are greasy and unhealthy and bad for the environment. And not very aesthetic either. Imagine seeing people in the street eating hamburgers. Disgusting! Yeah, I know, they taste good. It's like sex.
  10. Exactly. Which also brings to mind that since the ban-lines were forced off and these orbs are not available yet... I haven't thus far seen any complaints about incursions, intrusions, or any otherwise violation of privacy. Has anyone else? I'm not saying it's never happened, just that no one has even mentioned such as happening in the entire Bellesaria continent up to now. As Ive always said before: one cannot plan the future based on events of the past. I mean, the whole security debate was almost at the point of shrill for a while there.
  11. So cute! Where is this located? I'd love to check it out.
  12. That sounds plausible but only if that resource-hungry region follows our region around at every restart, Linden-instigated or self-started since?
  13. You forget that Gods are a dime-a-dozen in SL ("It's all about me" attitudes). If we always bowed down everyime one comes into our presence, we'd never be able to stand up straight.
  14. Like someone had said earlier, and even I can agree. I don't go looking for sex places, or furniture, and I don't see it, 99% of the time. So somehow it seems to me, that they were out looking for it. And as I said in my long paragraph, if you don't like it, find places that have no sex allowed, or that are normal. Purchase PG furniture, and set your settings so you only see PG stuff. No sense in ruining it for everyone, if you don't like it.
  15. It's not. (Yes, I know you know by now, the same thing LOL)
  16. FIFY has been used for at least 20 years on the net.. What rock have you been living under? F ixed I t F or Y ou Numpty
  17. A snowflake is as a snowflake does, melts like an icecube-in-hell at the slightest...
  18. Just logged into the Mp and saw this banner.. Why, just... WHY?Isn't there enough stigma surrounding SL without intentionally adding to it?
  19. Corinth - A park lane: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corinth/161/110/33 There's resident runned coffee shop in Corinth, so if you'll be there, don't forget to check it - LM is on a 1st page of this thread. Moretti - Loungers on a river bank: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moretti/109/60/23 Arabella - Large community pool with lounders (and not much else): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arabella/90/145/28 Graff - Small public beach: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Graff/66/154/23
  20. The Stay Puft marshmallow men have arrived
  21. Today
  22. Very true. U.S. Left Coast siphons your soul in more ways that one. But just the same, I wouldn't be surprised at how many who balk at buying a premium subscription but do buy the $25 movie tickets every week, buy a super tall Latte with double whipped cream, cinnimon dust, and chocolate sprinkes with a dash of nutme... yikes. I'm sounding like those I laugh at! Well, maybe any TWO are worth the price. Just saying. LOL
  23. People will always find things to complain about SL. That is just the nature of the beast, I for one am actually excited for this whole new lighting system. And can't wait until it's rolled out fully.
  24. Just hanging out at our little Cafe
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