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  2. Using the mailbox, you should be able to change your home to any of those other types. Inside the home is a control panel where you can change the colors. Don't abandon it!
  3. LL making this change is not a targeted attack at you or anyone else, and it's not being done to make things less fair or trip you up or deny you the one of many homes. It's for server health as has been explained on official, pinned threads for quite some time. It's not about being unfair to you or denying you something or well...about you.
  4. Resizing an already UV mapped and textured mesh is ALWAYS going to have texture stretching/compression, but usually this feat is achieved by using a tool that most fully fledged 3D softwares supply: it's called Lattice or FFD. It's basically a cage made of interconnected points that smoothly deform the influenced object. The amount of smoothness can also be controlled via the tool's settings, at least in Maya and 3DSMax. You can set the amount of subdivisions it needs to have and then editing the cage shape, the influenced object deforms accordingly.
  5. The official Tilia FAQ in the Knowledge Base has been updated for posterity with information most of you here have already seen either in the forums or in the townhall. We'll get translations up before August 1st as well. I see the Tilia Security Blog from Soft is already old news here Have a great weekend!
  6. No worries. I'd never heard of Seasick Steve until now. That I can remember...
  7. I got a home in Sweetmarsh today - It's a house on the corner and up on a hill so it is huge. Not what I truly wanted but also not too far from the water (across the street) I just hope the neighbors don't mind me riding my jet ski in between their homes (safe grounds there lol) to hit the water. However, I have a few questions if anyone knows the answer. I have a traditional house, is there a way to change that theme? I know you can select different homes under traditional but I see some homes in the hood that are not like the traditional homes I am rezzing. Also, if I decide to abandon this home, do I lose the name I gave this land? i- I am also a biker so the road is very much welcomed.
  8. Have you ever read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson? I think we should try that kind of lottery!
  9. I remember that Labs had moved the activity od some devs from SL to Sansar . But as Sansar has been released , is it always the same situation?
  10. 700r4

    Why not?

    Look me up inworld. I speak Spanish better than I can spell it but we can learn from each other. We can go exploring too! I am a little mouse though, hope you dont mind.
  11. What's wrong with spending money while looking for a guy? Someone has to pay for things while looking.
  12. And the servers don't have to get hammered if a daily lottery were in place. Send a notice to the winners and give a fair amount of time to claim, perhaps only 24 hours, and if unclaimed because someone is ill or on vacation, then automatically re-enter them in the lottery. I'm getting around 1 hit a day on auto-refresh, and even when I'm responding in a few seconds, I am never fast enough.
  13. See what happens when you embrace the positive? Welcome to the neighborhood!
  14. Soft is the real reason RedZone went permanently poofers. He put his job on the line for us that time. And for me, personally, after I told him about my stalker.
  15. @LittleMe Jewell Were you on Wifi? Most people default to wifi on their phones; what happens if you turn off wifi in Settings, and connect with data?
  16. Random homes are abandoned throughout the day, every day. LL tries to do at least one region release approx. every Mon, Wed, and Fri -- but nobody knows the times ahead of the actual release.
  17. Hi, I know this thread is a few years old, but I have a similar question and haven't found any threads on sky writing or sky art when googling. So, as a new landowner trying to rent first property, how do I show the parcel as for rent from the world map like I see when looking at some other rentals? Is this something I need to learn to create? Like creating a 79x79sm flat prim (same size as property) and adding a yellow "FOR RENT" texture to it? Also, how do I know how high up I am when flying so that I know I'm placing it at the allowed height for mainland rules? Thank you for any guidance provided! Celestenie - n00b
  18. NO - the health of the servers is far more important than your feelings of fairness. No - I just tested it and got the timeout screen on my 10th refresh.
  19. Nice article. Not changing any of my personal plans :D.
  20. How often are new homes available ?
  21. Given how you always come back to complain some more after posting the 'K', I'd say the definition doesn't apply.
  22. I tend to go with Region Default Windlight. But, when I break out the camera I open Firestorm's Photo Tools, click New Sky and start adjusting from whatever starting point the region supplied. When I am putting on my makeup I use a couple of different Windlights, CalWL, Nam's, and Analu's. But, the recent changes for EEP seems to have thrown these off a bit. It will be interesting to see how EEP changes things.
  23. large mainland parcel for sale, nice location, beachy community. we used part of it for swimming but you can of course cover the whole thing or use it all as water. larger than most parcels in the area. L$17999 very good price for this area, by comparison. 834 prims. attached pic, thats the lot, facing west. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kandor/15/48/40
  24. I just logged into Second Life and decided to see what houses were available. Wham, bam.....I got a Bellisseria-themed house (Traditional) on Greenbow!!!
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