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  2. I had the best luck looking into groups related to stuff I find humorous.....or age-specific groups where we all "got" each other's humor
  3. I don't see this as being about the OP but about a tenant who went ballistic for no apparent reason. If something like that happened in R/L, my first thought would be to wonder what it is the tenants were trying to hide using their abusiveness as a distraction.
  4. I read all the warnings about the Legacy TMP body, I also read the few.. rare good reviews. I love shiny things so there.. I took a chance. I don't regret it but I was.. umm pissed. I love all aspects of Second life, particularly fashion and photography. It was a big fail for me to realize that the body gloss/shine only applies to the default legacy skins. Their CSR did her/his best to convince me that it was the skin creator's job to provide some sort of shine to the body.. that other popular mesh bodies do the same (which is untrue). The only way I can see a creator providing shine that you can increase or decrease at will is via an applier aka taking away the option of applying anything else like tats, body freckles, scars, body hair (if I'm wrong, correct me). So you basically have to choose.. Skin gloss vs Tat, Skin shine vs Freckles.. I was annoyed and I do own other bodies who have made it their priority to provide shine to the ANY skin you decide to wear so you're not forced to walk around looking two-tone because you have to wear a Legacy skin. Perhaps if more of you do make a complaint, they may address this but I'm not going to hold my breath. Meh.. it is what is is. Also, Eva Artemesia (Creator of This Is Wrong)provides some very nice shine that work as tattoo appliers. Those might work out for some of you.
  5. Okay, I just looked up some things as mesh heads are pretty new to me, too. Okay, you may have bought the Justin head WITHOUT the animations pack perhaps. Here is a link to buy just the animation hud for 310 linden which is cheaper than jumping into a new head right away. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CATWA-Bento-Anim-HUD-C/14392201 So, if I were you, I'd definitely join CATWA HEAD FRIENDS group inworld and ask questions there. The above response is written because the OP started another thread earlier on a make-over as he wanted more animations and realism. This next link below shows everything you can buy for your already existing Justin head. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/29673/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=Justin
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  7. I never said it did. All I said was there are times when people aren't going to be able to just hit that little X in an emergency situation. Then someone had the unmitigated gall to try to tell me I could take the time to close out a virtual world rather than use that time to save someone's life. That is messed up.
  8. Ooh you look like a dandelion, Maddy! (Which reminds me of that dandelion field you rezzed at the Forum Cartel hangout.)
  9. In this case, the OP indicated she was AFK for 5 minutes. I don't think the life or death emergency excuse applies for her actions. I do think we didn't get the whole story, though. It would be interesting to hear it from the land owner's POV.
  10. Come and see why our landscaping has won multiple awards: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/54/193/57
  11. Come and see why our landscaping has won multiple awards: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/54/193/57
  12. I'm really enjoying this Adams house. Here's a couple shots of the bedroom:
  13. This could be the killer SL app: Open Inventory, filter for Landmarks, teleport at random... et voilà, "Landmark Roulette !"
  14. seems that person's dance hud has gone a bit wonky most likely the master control script has de-registered you correctly (and your name does show up on their HUD dialog) but a slave script (which does the permissions request and animation on your avatar) still has your avatar key registered ask the person who owns the dance HUD to restart/reset the hud, which will clear your avatar key from the slave script
  15. Aww fanks .. hamster lubs yew hooomans! ♥♥
  16. I just did it and it worked! Thank you so much!!
  17. My suggestion is to join an inworld group for the head's you are interested in and ask questions there. Ask questions about animations, etc. Catwa has an inworld group called Catwa Head Friends. If I ever get ready to buy another head, I plan to ask questions there first myself. Some of the anime huds are not that easy to understand...so perhaps ask first on the ones you are interested in if they can explain a few things to you. There are also separate animation huds BUT I know nothing about them. Perhaps someone else may and can help you.
  18. Have you relogged yet? Did you clear your cache? HAve you looked at https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory (which can be helpful, even if you don't use Firestorm)
  19. The best one is the one that you like best. Just drop by some stores, collect demos, compare features, play around with the shape, and so forth. DO NOT let someone else make your decision for you, because what they consider the best may be utter rubbish to you.
  20. Okay...I thought maybe you were floating in the air because your hover height was putting your avatar too high up in the air. Next, I just spoke with the Firestorm team inworld and they say there is no difference between using APPEARANCE and then HOVER HEIGHT and the QUICK PREFS. So, I wouldn't put too much thought into it like you'll be voo-doo cursed or anything lol. They both are just tools that move your avatar into the proper height while cutting vegetable, sitting in a chair, etc...instead of having to use the x, y z menu which is pain! and, p.s. Those of you who said MOST AVI'S HAVE THEIR ARMS TOO SHORT ARE CORRECT. Arms need to be longer for animations to work better. In rl, my arms are halfway down my leg. I have very long arms in rl and so does my avi. Most avi's in SL won't have arms long enough to perform the below animation because their arms are too short. Lengthening the arms can help a lot. (Sorry, my avi looks goofy...it's a goof off day for me.)
  21. according to Oz Linden, yes we will be able to choose a whole different name as well
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