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  2. It is still just sitting there, no one has claimed it, and it is not listed. MoodyLin never got it, but no one else has taken it either. I am standing in the plot right now. I'm wondering if she got the same error message I did, when I got my first house, and it is in a queue right now for her. That seems to be what had happened to me the first time, I received a message on the site when I selected my house, and it did not register me as the owner. A few hours later, while refreshing the page and seeing the same old houses in the listing, it eventually showed that I owned a house.
  3. I've seen "Traditional" appear a few times during my refresh, but when I hit "Next" to grab it it always errors out saying someone else snagged it first. So I just took that to mean that they do in fact appear on the website instantly. But maybe they don't?
  4. Laoise Rumsford

    Linden home

    I don't know anyone who would! I was lucky enough to grab a traditional...somehow lol. Currently I am not using it as my PC is in the middle of a long-needed parts upgrade. I can log into the 3D viewer but for an extremely limited amount of time as the lag just drives me bonkers. You're more than welcome to stay at mine until you're able to get one of your own, or pay-to-rent. I'll log into the 3D for you to help get you moved in and such! If you're still interested, throw an IM my way.
  5. That is really weird, I released it a while ago and Moody had no luck, I just went back to the land and it is still showing as no one owning it. On the site, it is not popping up as being listed.. The last time I abandoned the house, someone else plopped in like that second.
  6. Sorry for the late response, no I still don't have one. Sadly, I guess I missed it. Still refreshing like mad, lol.
  7. hate to agree with ya prokofy but is true. my friend and i are barely renting enough to cover tier but its ok as long as people are having fun
  8. I see green dots! This on a Friday night How exciting to see so many on the continent. On my Linden 1.0 continent, I would have been lucky to see any green dots. I hope this continues.
  9. I finally finished the Windlass Add-on. I changed up the railing at the entry and meshed out a door that coordinates with the houseboat front door. If you would like to see how this looks in the actual houseboat you may visit mine in-world at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Le Prince/75/50/23.
  10. Actually, I didn't know this. I've never really experienced the Chatbot before. But that would explain why it did what it did. I feel stupid lol. Thank you.
  11. Barnacle Galley Partition on first floor with same custom carpet. This room is not finished yet.
  12. Barnacle Main room First Floor with same custom text change carpet
  13. Cant believe its be 7 years since i created my account. Time flies man. I need to go shopping XD Who else has one today?
  14. Barnacle Upper Floor in Pirate Theme with custom text change carpet and Ship Daybed
  15. I have no idea where these people are coming from, but it's a great story. Thank you for it. ☺️
  16. That looks like it might be the one from MadPea. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MadPea-Garden-Wheelbarrow/16997728
  17. ookies, my alt is at the plot http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Templeby/141/81/28 I'll let you know when I release. I tried to send you a tell in game, but I haven't a clue how to do that without being able to click on the person
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  19. Landmark Thread (now that I am on my computer and not my phone! lol)
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