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  2. I worry that people are getting their hopes up too far. You may end up with a trolley/train that's nice to look at going by but you can't really ride. In my experience, you can't ride an automated vehicle in Second Life for long before you get queasy. When you're the one driving the vehicle, you're looking where you intend to go, so it's not much of a problem. But when something else is doing the driving, your eyes work a lot harder. There's also camera position. If you move your camera from the position the vehicle puts it at, the scene gets jerky. It would be interesting if different seating sections on a train put your camera position in different places, or even had the option not to see outside at all, so you wouldn't *have* to move your camera.
  3. Tell that to Humble Bundle, Coffee - an example I had ready to hand thanks to personal experience. Many services thatoffer a basic and a premium level may not do what Linden Lab does but to state that such is not how it works on other services is ... false. The correct phrasing is many or most. This is also how it has nearly always been where Second Life and Premium subscription is concerned - you're a bit late to the "no excuses" party there.
  4. Prove it .. or Loose it . When we see the viewer code , the users are obliged to communicate through the sim ( who will call a webservice ) to handle a transaction
  5. Love all the Bamboo, I have some around my house, too.
  6. Passed you a copy of 5.1 inworld. However, I probably wouldn't use it myself, since it was introduced as a work-around for a problem that can frequently now more readily be solved by using functions we didn't have back then, such as llSetKeyFramedMotion, and by setting the prim physics shape to none where appropriate. Both of those help avoid the restrictions that used to be imposed on physical movement. I don't say it's necessarily outdated but I would now definitely think twice about using those scripts since there are now much better tools available as part of LSL than there were back when the Multimove scripts were written.
  7. I might open up a support ticket and cancel renewals on two alts, stating I want to maintain benefits for the coming year despite not renewing. I had to do that with another subscription service once.
  8. Shouldn't have to. If a user pays for 1 months premium, and downgrades after 3 days .. the intent is to prevent a renewal, not cast away the service they paid for. This is not how it works on other subscription services and shouldn't be how it works here. No excuses.
  9. Oh for ... No, they cannot. If you wish to prove otherwise ... Then go and prove it - build it yourself. Seriously ... It's all well and good to spout the idea off as if it were some possibility but when you're talking about something like this you need to either have the proof of concept at hand or have already done it yourself (meaning actual working code, not just a proof of concept blurb showing code that might not actually function if implimented). Furthermore by law they canot allow users from States/Countries that have banned Online Gambling to have access - at all. being able to use the machines or not is utterly irrelevant.
  10. Yeah, no. You imagine that your "alternative way" is at all possible when it simply is not - period. Your belief does not change reality - at all. This is not the first time you've been very wrong or attempted to pursue a line of thought that is quite false (in one way or another) and frankly it's already very old. Linden Lab has to follow the law - period. There are no methods they could actually use to allow a user whose State or Country has barred Online Gambling access to Skill Gaming regions while preventing them from using the machines inside such regions - period. There is no argument/discussion to be had with you on this - at all. Now - if you'd truly like to prove everyone wrong: Go build your own grid and try to impliment your idea. Come back to us if you actually manage to pull it off.
  11. This is a lovely idea - and congrats on your fine view:) I really wish something could be done to make it easier for people to choose an older Linden Home while still looking for a Bellisseria home. I understand it's complex - and it is such a pity you have to abandon your Linden Home plot before being able to look, especially now when new Linden Homes are so hard to get.
  12. Solar said: They cannot simply cause a script to not function based on a user's geographical location... Something like not allowing you into a sim because of my “geographical location”, its all code, if it can do one thing it can do the other. It just depends on how much work you are willing to put into it, but yes it can be done. Keeping me, think Florida and others, out of the sim is just the easy way out. And yes Fionalein, I have missed a show, a singer, because she had a show in a gambling sim. And no I have not see it a lot or even often, but yes I have seen it.
  13. When you choose to downgrade the effects take place immediately, so best to downgrade/cancel close to the time you plan to actually downgrade. It's simply not the same as some subscriptions where you can cancel in advance and still retain benefits until the contract you signed up for is over. * I'd like to be able to cancel in advance myself in case I forget in a year. I only hope that if I'm charged another year if I forget to cancel or don't get a warning email that I can dispute the charges.
  14. I like this little tower project. I can make good progress in some days, for then to crash down due to health problems and/or family problems. The former affecting me physically, the latter mentally, and drain me of creativity and inspiration. 😟 I have had a creative burst now, but I never know when it ends. And that is another good reason to not burden myself with a business in SL. Instead I prefer to keep SL as a place to relax, without stress. So I am going to work on this as long as I enjoy it! 😁
  15. This should be linked here: It's astonishing what this blogger can get out of an old Linden home! Here more examples And here's about the Tahoo houses
  16. Well this has multiple aspects and factors: Hand designed items and textures: If it is original created artwork and product that is not for sale by yourself, then it violates terms if they don't have permission and use programs to steal the textures you hand created. Open Domain Textures and items: Taking textures off Google or the web is not your own work just because you upload it first. It remains open domain. Importaing #D mesh items from the web into blender does not make it your own. Marketplace products: If it is products sold or given by other makers that happen to be the same as what you are using, it isn't exactly copying, just using the same products. With the current houses they may position it in similar ways based on the house layout, but that is factors of the house. My neighbor used the same living room set as We have in the buddhist center, which is not for me to say, he saw it, liked it, and it is his right to purchase and use the same. Others likes how I divided and created the upper floor add on and division of walls for the dining meeting area, and living room on the boat. If they liked it I actually gave them free copies of the layout for that style, which is being compassionate and friendly to help the community. Ego makes a person want to stand out and feel self important. Compassion shares and appreciates the common likes.
  17. I'm not sure I follow any threads. I'm just lazy, though. 😛 I also don't check the forums a ton, either. lol
  18. It's 44 where I have my shop. You should be able to peer at the region/estate information and see what the numbers say.
  19. I downloaded the 64-bit SL installer on a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 (Core i5, 64-bit Windows) & installed it. When I run it, SL tells me I need whatever version to login, then installs and runs the 32-bit version. What's going on here? (For the people who are inevitably going to tell me not to run SL on that potato, I usually don't, thanks).
  20. That sure is a nice view! I only saw lots of houses cramped together when I last had an old home! But maybe now as people only want the new ones you can pick and choose - and abandon till you get such a view.
  21. You may be sitting for a long time. This cliche statement has been used and overused since at least 2006. Just saying: get comfy.
  22. Yeah no - sorry, not sorry on the following: Nowhere whatsoever does Linden Lab state that you can Downgrade your account to Basic and retain your Linden Home and to expect otherwise is ... Well the most polite way i can put this is "entitled" or "presumptuous" at the very least. You should have waited until your renewal date was closer, picked up your things, teleported elsewhere and then downgraded.
  23. Try flushing browser cache. If that fails, try another browser. If that fails then create a support ticket.
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