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  2. It doesn't have to be today, does it? Perhaps over the weekend sometime?
  3. Seeing a friend I haven't seen in a while... Him: You look a little different. Me: New head!
  4. I swear, my memory is absolutely horrible. I just abandoned land a few days ago and thought I only clicked the abandon button and it all went away. I think I was just really excited about getting my new parcel and rushed through the process without taking note. So since then, I've been worried that just pushing the abandon button would do it with no confirmation. 🤣 Thank you both, I know it is silly but it really was kind of scaring me every time I opened the about land window. This actually helps out a lot.
  5. Would love to but the work day has just started in the USA.
  6. I admit I think of Lil Abner sometimes lol
  7. Let's make it happen find a good time & come to the Belli area ...?
  8. All of the things I can think of are purely vanity, but any kind of item that could benefit from an asymmetrical view/experience could find this useful, though it's also limited to only being an attachment. Hypothetically, I could create a pair of ghostly -- bento-rigged to some unused bones -- mesh arms that float around and annoy/harass/possess the wearer's avatar. (For this example, let's say this attachment comes with its own full AO.) The hands could do things like tap the avatar's shoulder, causing the avatar to flinch look over that shoulder. The wearer knows what's going on and can enjoy the interaction, while onlookers only see what looks like a paranoid avatar jumping at shadows because they literally cannot see the arms. But if the avatar was only using an AO that made them look paranoid/posessed without other visuals even to the avatar's user, it would be a significantly less exciting product, in my opinion. As a real example of something similar, here's an AO that might benefit from something like that. (There's a demo in-world.) The avatar is constantly moving or tossed around like a ragdoll on strings. It looks pretty weird on its own.
  9. I had an Abner in my class a long time ago. I thought Abnor was Abner spelled different. Many biblical names vary in different languages. (Sylvia beat me to it)
  10. Until I was enlightened, I always just thought "Well, that's an interesting way to spell the name Abner". lol
  11. Be nice. In the experience of myself and almost every other person I've spoken to, the "Actual SL Viewer" actually outperforms all the third-party viewers (especially Firestorm in-particular), except for Catznip Viewer. *ALL* the viewers are good viewers. ~wags a "naughty girl" finger at you~
  12. Looking for skilled 3D designers with rigging ability to work with for the long term. Will be paid work for everything done message me if you are interested.
  13. you want no lag? it's not going to happen, but to help eliminate some of the lag you get, disable shadows, you will gain a jump in fps, also the draw distance. I find 128m to be the maximum I'm willing to do, otherwise I'm drawling anything and everything.
  14. for the RGB stuff, mebbe this will help? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Color
  15. And yet you felt compelled to post a comment... I won't even point out the irony of someone trolling in a forum thread telling others to "Get a RL".
  16. I like profiles as they are but that doesn't mean they can't be improved. How about a few more characters in the biog sections and make profile pictures a little larger, so we don't need to click on them to enlarge, which doesn't always work. Group profiles could also be improved, with maybe a feed similar to what individual profiles have, where members could post comments and photos. That would need to be an optional feature controlled by the owners or other designated officials
  17. For me, I never caught the pun because I focus more on first names.
  18. Fixed the colour for you, lots of us are using the dark theme now and dark text upon a dark theme is hard to read.
  19. This is why you should always *stop and read* any pop-up confirmation box.
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