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  2. You have a choice to accept the experience and participate, or not and have a nice a day. Being able to accept an experience and then cherry pick the parts you like is not a tenable situation. You're either in and agree to be bound by the experience's rules, or you don't. It is impossible to create anything that requires a consistent set of rules if those rules may or may not apply on the whims of the participants. You may opt out of the entire experience at any time, but don't presume for one moment that doing so entitles you to anything more than your freedom to the previously mentioned nice day. Any allowances are the purview of the land owner and should not be hard baked into the scripting system, if they wish to add exceptions to their systems to cater to you, they are more than able to do so. If you are entering a game type experience where you play the role of a dinosaur, removing your entire avatar and replacing it with the required mesh is a necessity. Cutesy demands this not be done immediately following a TP and with informed consent, however, once given you should not have the capability while in that experience to switch the dinosaur for any other random thing you like. Nor should you have the capability to change the lighting, force enable flight, etc. Experiences can easily be reported in the case of abuse.
  3. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 PRIVATE PARCELS FOR RENT - FULL PERMISSIONS (ABILITIES) - NO RULES - NO COVENANT *** Pay any of these parcels for 8 weeks and get a 10% Discount Money Back! 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Hills at Royal Chase 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Fearzum 2048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Grass Valley at Klaatu 3328m - 1142 prims - L$899/w Platinum Sands at Raziel Vesperia 4096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Hills at Tuatara *** 8192m - 2812 prims - L$1799/w FOR RESERVATIONS TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE TO SUBSCRIBE 16384m - 5625 prims - L$3,599/w FOR RESERVATIONS TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE TO SUBSCRIBE 
  4. I always say "L dollars" -- and "US dollars" here in the forums. RL, I drop the US part.
  5. I’m looking to earn some L$ but have no experience in SL work. I would prefer a job where I can set my hours or the ability to work here and there with no set hours as I have RL commitments that come first. I’m really interested in business and would love to be business partners with someone. The only problem would be that they would have to be willing/have the funds to pay to start everything until the business/we started earning money. If anyone would like to take me under their wing, I have some ideas for some businesses. I’m also open to any other suggestions. My current avatar is fairly new as I had left SL for a few years and just now returned to the community. I have some experience in SL but it has changed a lot since I last was here. Reply or message me inworld (KaliaLev). - Mrs. Kalia Lev
  6. Please bear in mind that when I am engaging in discussions like this about EEP and Experiences, I feel it is really a discussion about where the line between land owners rights and viewer operator rights should be. Some of these features asked for do not exist and so there is no existing right just a potential for one to be created and abused. I am here to put the case that there should be limits on what can automatically applied or overridden for the viewer/avatar. This is to make my voice heard for the record so that hopefully these can be considered along with the cases that are often being made have features automatically applied without consent. Obviously Wulfie was not doing that here and that is my only misconception. Let me make an example to try to show you where I am coming from better: Whilst any land owner can "inform" all visitors that they must go naked on their sim or leave and that is their right. If they petitioned LL to create a feature to automatically do this when you teleport to their land, hopefully we could agree that those petitioners are asshats and that there is no way that LL should add such a feature to do this automatically. Even though some land owners (such as naked beaches) may have a good reason to *ask*, it should not be something to be applied to an avatar but should always be that the avatar has to take steps to comply or leave. If you don't agree with the above statement then we have no common ground for further discussion on this topic.
  7. Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636
  8. She’s a part of me and helps me to let my creative side out more. Sometimes she’s more brave and wild than me lol.
  9. No, not at all. You appear to have the wrong impression. If I am not wanted at a place due to my choices I will gladly leave. However if I am allow to stay, it does not give the land owners absolute rights to my viewer. I have covered this in another thread on the flying topic. There is a line where the rights of the land owner meet the rights of the viewer operator. The land owner may decide to eject/ban but at that point, that is all the power they should have over my viewer preferences.
  10. If you are wearing a grey rectangle, it is a box the avatar comes packed in. To open a box: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/opening-boxes-r84/ When you have your box open, and have the contents in your inventory, rightclick it and select "REPLACE outfit". Very important that you not select "add to outfit". When you replace outfit, you take off all the parts from your old avatar and the new parts in the folder replace it.
  11. You seem to be operating under the misconception that you have a right to go wherever and do whatever you like, in reality you are a guest and should your host politely make a request, the only right you have is to leave.
  12. What is Saarein? --------------------- Saarein is a Second Life meeting place for females. Since Saarein’s owners (and a number of members of its staff) have been in SL for over 10 years, we are well aware that SL is SL and what that means for the regular female avatar! So, we do not place any restrictions on anyone’s RL gender. We’ll go even one step further… We allow male avatars in Saarein as well!! As long as you, as a male avatar, respect the fact that this is primarily a female Club to meet like minded females and you conduct yourself accordingly when visiting Saarein and using Saarein’s premises and garden(s). Dj's & hosts receive 100% tips DJ'S: ღ Great Personality ღ Willing to help the club grow ღ Djs must have their own stream ღ Work a Minimum of two shifts per week HOST'S: ღ Know how to send a notice ღ Great Personality ღ Willing to help the club grow ღ know how to work a crowd without spaming gestures ღ Work a Minimum of two shifts per week Saarein LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Theseus/133/141/34 For more information please contact us: anarya.vhargon- Owner demy.ansar- Owner Kendall9988- Manager
  13. I cursory query to the oracle (google) leads me to the suspicion there is not a designated International Necropost Day. This is our moment to shine and blight all forums with this nonsense, not just our own! For maximum chutzpah, the day after international sys admin appreciation day seems wonderfully appropriate. I am dead serious. July 27th #InternationalNecroPostDay
  14. Today
  15. We're open to everyone, not just homeowners. There are not nearly enough homes in Bellisseria to have a restricted group, and even if the houses were all finished, we would still welcome visitors to Bellisseria. We also don't care whether the resident is premium or basic. Anyone is welcome to join in and be a part of the community. We look forward to seeing you around Bellisseria. *Just watch out for the Squirrel, she tends to be a bit grabby when it comes to treats.
  16. I haven't been anything else but calm and polite. To me it seems from everything you've said that you only misunderstand their motives. I won't be replying further to your responses as I feel it's pointless. Your mind is made up. I do wish you well.
  17. You can't go wrong with kittens. Have to start working in some puppies somewhere. It's only fair.
  18. I second most of the sentiment here; though what Rae is varies from day to day depending on my mood. Sometimes all I want to do is take photographs, so she's my model. Sometimes I just wander the grid to shop and she's my socialite. I decorate or build and she's my creative outlet. When I feel wordy (or did) she was my muse or mouthpiece. She's my explorer. She's a window into sexual freedom - or just a sense of freedom itself away from all the constraints that come with real life. One of those, and my favourite role for her, is mother. I love being a mum in SL and can't bear children in RL. I love the fact she's versatile, and can look or act or be whatever I want because I want or realistically can't without a great deal of money, time, commitment and god-like magic.
  19. I feel like I suck at pics, so the real house looks much better if anyone feels like coming over to Doran. Any deco suggestions are appreciated.
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