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  2. When I find it, I’ll pull that garmentfrom your body like I’m choosing the onlywoman on earth
  3. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/05/19/dont-worry/
  4. I have tried my hardest and my best, but I can't seem to find where I saw that. Mind you, it was a few months ago. I had thought I read it in Inara Pey's blog, but I can't find it there. But I know it was around the time (perhaps a week later) that her now-famous March 15 post came out. But what I have read could have been a forum post by a Linden, a Mole or it could have been an interview.
  5. Not me. This is one of my animesh tests. 36 LI. Should be 29, but the hair needs work. I'm working on building animesh NPCs that look about as good as classic avatars.
  6. As a totally useless data point, there are only 9 reporters on the Firestorm JIRA that have an RTX card (including support tickets) & 7 on the LL JIRA. So at least 16 people have one
  7. You're correct. When the new Linden homes become available again, they will show on that page, until they get taken again.
  8. Scylla Wow.. This is stunning. The Light, the shadow, the dept of field.. you killed it.. 😍🔥 So so cute.. I love this Tati ❤️ Gorgeous Zeta, so 🔥 Happy rez day my dear friend Or, Love u! 😋
  9. As compared to mine it would seem so But no, likely it is pretty close to normal with modern avatars and attachments. You could take a trip to a nightclub that has visitor monitors and compare yourself with others, but the main thing in my mind is being aware of the differences it makes in your own experience when you reduce scripts. Obviously some things are more important than others and you really don't want to walk around without a head. None of us want a completely static SL, yet that seems to be the argument some make when these discussions come up. There is a way to compromise without giving up your enjoyment. In many cases reducing scripts on your avatar and parcel can even enhance it. Being aware of it and making a conscious effort to use only what you need will go a long way. You'll notice the difference in your own experience as you start to see the regions resources less strained. Pay attention to region script spare time, when there is 0 spare time there are scripts trying to run that can't, possibly even someone AO so they are walking in slow motion, or menus taking ages to open, delayed rezzzing, and out right fails on rez. It can get bad in crowed areas, this was the reason for the post here. Not so much to rehash the region resource debate. But, in the new Linden Homes there is already a problem, if it's left to be dealt with as it has in the past I think we only have to look at the old homes to see where this is headed. Thanks for your attention and concerns, I am in no position to tell anyone what is and what is not acceptable. I own a full mainland region and I can do that there should I choose. Let's just hope the new regions can remain enjoyable for all in the future
  10. Thinkin Bout You by Carolina Schön, on Flickr
  11. Note that even if you get an omega applier that works with both Catwa and Slink you need to TEST THE DEMO carefully as not all Omega appliers are created equal. Many times the neck seem is different even though it "should" be super smooth and completely matching. Not all skin creators have the same skill. So look especially at the neck area in VARIOUS Windlight settings. When you find one that is perfect, pounce on it.
  12. I wouldnt go out a buy a new mouse until i took steps to work out the issue with the sore wrist. If its sore with a mouse you can bet it wont get better with a controller in your hands. (Ima console gamer 1st). It might be how long you spend in sl as well? Take breaks, roll your wrist and flex your hands. Basic ergonomics. Ask a admin what they would do im sure they will have a answer for you.
  13. I adore Lumae personally but that just my opinion, and beauty of opinions we can all differ however up to you what you choose ultimately!
  14. Right. You don't apply a uv. You apply a texture and the UV aligns and orientates the texture. Please read slower. Which is it? Materials, which become "faces" inside Secondlife, affect access to uv mapping or lips have to be carefully painted?
  15. Because the are all 'sold'. You see the old ones because there are homes available. If im wrong them im sure ill be put in my place soon 😁
  16. Today
  17. Been busy hiding as one of my alts decorating her/my Linden boathouse the past few days. Decorating is exhausting. Can't you tell?
  18. Thank you! But how about that goddamned red dress, eh???? Lovely pic, and I don't see anything wrong with the necklace! I haven't tried layering Windlights. In fact, I have no idea how to do it . . . any idea where I can find some guidance?
  19. Well, you are SUPPOSED to be PAYING ATTENTION, for cryin' out loud.
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