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  2. If anyone is interested in renting 1024m adult lot 700prim 360L per week I have 3 open contact Dale Hefferman
  3. Yes, so don't do that. I'm not going to tell you the answer. This is one you can figure out easily if you stop and think about it. Where do you already know who sent the message?
  4. Thank you Marianne 😍 coming from you that’s a lovely compliment. The ceiling lights are from Aria & Loft and the candles on the table are from Fancy Decor.
  5. Yes, so if i just remove llDetectedKey() it says "function call mismatches"...
  6. Bye-bye, valued member of the Second Life community! I'd ask if I could have your stuff (something of a tradition when someone flounces) but you and I evidently have very different tastes. Have a good one, bud! You'll be missed around here...
  7. No worries - I was poking furniture around here and there, trying to fit my concept into place. Realized I still need a piece but for now it works. I figured you had a landmark to just appear next to me LOL!
  8. i use my alts to voice verify , and they always can vouch for me .
  9. How about this one? I was trying to make a figure a little bit like Bridget Bardot. I kind of like it but I still think there are problems with head too big, legs too long/short. Maybe for flat feet, add a bit of leg length?. I'm thinking of putting this one for free in my store (not today tho) as an alternative to big, big hip avi's THO I like those too and think they are very bombshell, and sometimes cute.
  10. And I like the idea of parcel/region limits. But I don't see this kind of power being given to us filthy landlubbers.
  11. I think that's more to do with social confidence than the introvert/extrovert thing. Roleplay is a controlled environment to try new ways of relating to people, risk-free. That's not all it is, of course, but it might explain why some people who think of themselves as introverts are particularly drawn to it. Just my guess. I do it so I can shop for costumes ... I mean.. uh.. make epic stories...
  12. That's what I always wonder. Is there some official SL Bureau of Voice Verification that I have not been told about? (And if not, can I start one and make big money?)
  13. Think carefully. You already know the UUID of the person who sent the message, don't you?
  14. These are the Images from the Original Part of the Winchester I promised you all. All of this comes in at 101 LI but 90 if you don't use the Rose Pergola
  15. Yes 500L/week is waaaaay too low. Also, incidentally, Data-entry Specialists work a lot better when not being interrupted by project-tracking or text formatting; there are a few jobs bundled into one, here, in this description. You don't have to pay Data-Entry the same as Creative, PR, or Project Management. But you do have to pay them. (And they are usually different people. )
  16. Today
  17. Sounds like fun... I would totally do it, and wouldn't even mind paying a fee if you guys showed things like Handmaid's Tale
  18. In some circles of SL there's this general attitude that playing as the other sex is wrong, and that's basically them trying to reinforce that they're actually that sex IRL. You could speculate for a while as to why they think it's wrong.
  19. It is. It's because they apparently stress over what other people think and they tend to hang around people who care greatly about your RL sex because they may just buy a plane ticket to fly across the giant ocean to come sweep you off your feet and fly you away to some Shangri La to live in luxury. Well, this is the only explanation I can think of for demanding anyone be "verified", right?
  20. Let me clarify this for you: "...Android is just plain better for me." Fair?
  21. Wow. Not really. It's about the experience one receives. You can drive a Ford Escort or you can drive a Cadillac. Sure, for some it's the name Cadillac for others it's about the luxury of the car. In this case, they may go with a Lexus, or Infinity, Or Mercedes or whatever; there are many to choose from. When it comes to computing experience, options are extremely limited. You have the experience of MS Windows or macOS on the software side and it's similar on the hardware side (Unix/Linux notwithstanding). You can shop on price or you can shop on quality, nothing wrong with either method, but you do get what you pay for. It's about priorities, not brand-names. For some it may be, for most it's not. A good and proper way to look at it: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/tech-tips-and-tricks/pc-vs-mac-the-big-debate.html
  22. You are right that i have not used and Imac or a Macbook at length but judging by what i see in here and inworld they are very cumbersome when it comes to using them for SL. The only things i have used at great length are Iphones and at some point switched to Android and found out Android is just plain better. It seems that you pay a lot more for a product that is great when you use it in its own Apple environment interacting with applications specifically tailored for an Apple product but as soon as you want to use software that is commonly available and will run on a Windows machine you have to jump through hoops to get it to work.
  23. Thank you to everyone who decides to participate! If you have any questions about my research, please feel free to ask them here or send me a PM.
  24. I agree , too much control by LL who doesn't give a F**k about users , just making more money. I refuse to be controlled and hope people open their eyes as to what is happening really. Open Sim is far better than SL where you can get everything for FREE land included and apart from 5 grids you have no TOS to agree to. Hope you all check out open sim grids .. BYE!
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