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  2. You don't have this up in your MP, yet? Because I'd buy one.
  3. Posing in the studio... BTW, these shoes are from Moda which is having a birthday sale of 80% off everything through tomorrow at midnight! (Also included are all furniture, bikes and cars.)
  4. -----⇢ △▽ ÐUPĿΞX CĿUB PRESENTS △▽ ⇠----- ✴- Duplex Club, united by friendship for the love of live DJ's -✴ ᴡʜo : ↁj Deepert ᴡʜᴀᴛ : Soulful House ᴡʜєη : 12:00 - 2:00 pm ʜosᴛ : Crystal ᴍɴɢ : Wide da code Facebook ↘ https://www.facebook.com/Duplexclubsl/ Locαтιoɴ ↘ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Waves/35/217/22
  5. You have AND, OR, and NOT, (in that order). So you could search for green OR blue AND sunglasses AND mesh NOT demo - should get you all the blue and green mesh sunglasses without demos. You can also use quotes if you know the specific name: "Red Super Sunglasses" - will only return anything with that exact name in the product title, keywords, description, or feature list.
  6. Pissing people off makes you happy? And yet here you are, insulting "old people" just for a laugh. Tell me: what do you regard as "old"? I'm genuinely curious at what age you consider people to be unworthy of respect.
  7. We are Celebrating this Week on The Beach and Tonight is The Same !! Come on Over for a Tunetastic Time !! 4 pm Tunetastic Beach Party W/ Dj Kate and Cersei 6 pm Tunetastic Tunes W/ Dj Leigh and Host Jade 8 pm Tunetastic Tunes W/ Dj Guest and Host Randa Lets start the Weekend Early !! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Molina/65/66/3601
  8. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Poll it! Instead of coming up with ideas of why "I" should be allowed to have ban lines, or free movement, etc... All of which are, to a certain degree, subjective (it is, after all, a personal point of view), just poll it within the community. Whatever the result may be, implement it. And end this. Otherwise, it will just be a never-ending discussion where, unfortunately, both parties have some reason. This will go on, and on...
  9. @Qie Niangao thanks for the answer. So here is my calculation: premium bonus: 1024 sqm current land 4096sqm Total: 5120 sqm If all the lands donated to a group, then 10% bonus: 512 Total mainland land I can have for 22USD by donating to a group: 5632 sqm One more question: To get the 10% bonus, do I have to donate all the lands to same group or can I donate the new 1536 sqm land to another group? - Thanks for the answer. The only group owner of that donated group also me. So I pay the 22USD for the group owned land too. So what you say is I can have another 5120 sqm for free of tier? If this is true, the above my calculation is wrong.
  10. Well being a lover of small houses, I decided the Winchester was too big for me. So I switched to the Adams. I adapted the pergola patio to the front porch on the house and replanted my flowers. I walk right into my living room when entering the front door. Just beyond the doors is the bedroom and bath. On the other side of the living room is the kitchen and dining room. I decided to make the back door come from the bedroom rather than the kitchen because it was a much larger space so dividing that room for a bathroom was easy. Through the back door is probably the biggest reason I downsized because I wanted something special. An ode to my childhood if you will! I still have a lot of deco items that need to be placed. I have 110 prims left so I think it will work out nicely.
  11. There's general agreement that we need more rez areas, both land and water. Beyond that, we might give things some time to settle down. For now, my own place allows rezzing. Rez boat here on the sand. Push or edit to water. A temporary measure until we get some docks with rez zones. Free motorcycle rezzer if you need wheels. The bike will disappear when you get off. (In response to noise complaints, these free bikes run at 15% sound volume instead of the 100% my regular customers get. It's suburbia.) Valerie, my animesh NPC, will say hello if you visit, but she's harmless and will mostly stay out of your way. I like that the new continent has activity. In the last 15 minutes I've seen a boat and a horse go by.
  12. We made a Bellisseria Flickr group! https://www.flickr.com/groups/3163720@N23/
  13. Next to beautiful, historic Sandy Shores in Bagworm. Lovely view and only L10250 firm. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Increta/246/95/24
  14. Hi! I am not that much of a serious RPer myself but I really like living in the family community/town type places. Right now I have a small cabin in the town of Cedar Creek, just by myself. I was thinking that it might make sense and be much more fun to have a roomie to live with. I would love to stay in Cedar Creek, though I would be open to other similar family communities if the person or family lives somewhere else. Ideally I am looking for either another single person, friends, or a family, that already has a house but has a bit more space than they can use and would be interested in having another person move in. Of course I would expect to help with a fair share of the rent. If it happens to be a family with little kids I'm also happy to baby sit when I'm around! If anyone thinks they might be interested please let me know and we can see if we get along!
  15. It's the fault of DesCartes, separating mind and body...hence we have the mess of today. Native consciousness (and others) do not seem to contain this separation.
  16. The moles did that! Edge of the world! Do not go beyond here! When you hit the edge of the world, you do stop, with a little bounce. You can't fall off or get autoreturned.
  17. Besides the Account section of the dashboard, look down at the Land Manager section. There, under Group Land, you should find the 4096 of group-donated tier that's your "Peak square meter usage" above. (A little confusion here, though: did you donate 4096 to the group, and the group only owns 4096? that should give the group a little spare tier corresponding to the 10% group bonus, in which case you may be able to withdraw some of that group tier donation and use it for yourself.) The $22/month you're paying can cover more than 4096 because you also get 1024 Premium bonus, but you will pay more than $22 if you buy all that's shown as "Available for purchase." That's because, at some point, you raised you allowed tier to 8192, which is $35 per month. You might start by going into the land fees page and updating your tier down to 4096, then see how much land you can own with the current $22/mo tier payment.
  18. I had picked up the pergola gift (thanks so much @Blush Bravin ) even though I decided not to use the Winchester house that it was originally built for. It was mod, so I was able to retrofit it, and added a lower level patio around it. And I built a prim wall, and inserted a full perm door, frame and script that I already had in inventory, to separate the upper bedroom into a bedroom and a bathroom. (This is one of the most ambitious building projects I have done )
  19. The Fairelands are open and this year’s Fantasy Faire is steaming full of Merchants who are donating a portion of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Check the vendors to see which items are exclusive for the benefit of the American Cancer Society. As is clear in the name, this event is all about Fantasy - from dragons and fairies, to any other majestic creature you can imagine, this is the place to fulfill your flair for the fantastical. Costumes, masks, and other delightful wares line the booths in each gorgeously built and decorated portal. You can shop, quest, dance, and frolic across each Region between now and May 5th. 2019 This week’s Destination video takes a glimpse inside the Fairlands. Don your fantasy looks and head on over. Don’t forget that your purchases will benefit the American Cancer Society. Fantasy Faire 2019 Celebrating its 11th year, Fantasy Faire 2019 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. Held April 18-May 5, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, a Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. More at fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com. Visit in Second Life
  20. 1. it's only the current level of tier you are in, when you want more you simply can do so by setting the selection up ( at the btm of that page) or it will level up when you go over that limit. 2. donated tier isn't land , you did only give the tier to the group, and the group is owner, it will show up in group owned land. 2.2 with the current setting as you show, you can buy additional 5120 sqm more land without going up in tier. ( taking the mentioned 4096 is the donation)
  21. Eu gostaria de ter uma nova casa da linden eu ja sou premium qual o procedimento?
  22. I do enjoy map making actually. I've done it before for other games. I'm on a vacation visiting my SL Partner in RL (we're one of those sl to rl love stories) but when I return home I'll have more time to do so before we make our move in together in July.
  23. As is often the case, I didn't think about setting a higher graphics quality until I was almost done taking the pictures... I decided to stay with the Continental style. LI goes really fast - I generally have more 'clutter' type stuff, pictures on the walls and more landscaping. Though it is a big improvement over what could be done with the original linden homes This is what sold me on this style of home - the little landing area at the top of the stairs that was just the right size for a home office:
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