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  2. This detailed response actually help me as well; as I am currently in the same situation. Looking to upgrade to a gaming system but wanted to be able to carry second life with me. After reading what you said I guess i'll sacrifice the portable factor for something long lasting. Thanks!
  3. I reserve the right to not be Peeved if the IMer is really hawt 😛 /me oggles
  4. great sim still available you wont find a full sim only 10 sims from Blake !! Come grab it !
  5. Hey Girl.... You left yourself wide open... something I can't resist.
  6. I Sooooo feel your pain 🙂 I’m amazed you weren’t asked to Voice just to prove things 🙂
  7. Trying to develop better habits, like not being half naked and exercising.
  8. Oh, and make sure you can live with the HUD. There are some heads that look great, but the HUDs are like using a rotary telephone. Just unbearable.
  9. It was from my dash cam.. Its on video I just did a capture.. Oh yes. I had to pull over and it took me about 5 minutes to stop shaking. ** I highly recommend a dash cam to every driver. I have one I use on my RV and can use it on my car to.. For reasons like this. In accidents it is proof I was not hte idiot in the situation. I honestly do not know HOW I did not connect with her car. (oh also she flipped me the bird)
  10. Whoa! And you still managed to get photos? I'm impressed. I would have been shaking for the next ten minutes.
  11. Any IM that starts off with “Hey Girl....”
  12. Photography within Second Life is what inspired me to find out more about Second Life. Art is sometimes a better advertisement than professional advertising.
  13. Heh ... If that's the worst that anyone says to me this week, I'll be fine. I don't do drama, so I just figured you must have had a rough weekend. We're cool, Tarina. 😉
  14. you are not wrong. There is a significant majority of jurisdictions in the world where homosexuality as an act in itself is not illegal. General equality (non-discrimination) rights still have some way to go, but as time goes on the world as a whole is also getting there on equality https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_by_country_or_territory
  15. I’ve been away a while, but there used to be a problem with people dropping replicating items on open-drop land and griefing the landowner. Really, thats more of a “take care of your Land Permissions” issue; but I guess it could make some folks testy....
  16. Today I reaffirmed that the Welcome Areas / Sim Down Redirect Areas are STILL the best free show in Second Life......
  17. It hard to tell from the image but it looks like you are trying to use viewer preferences to adjust for height on furniture. It doesn't work that way. Use the menu in the furniture to adjust.
  18. I've been on for almost 13 years and my look is always changing but I love how I look right now. Maybe you should visit a shape store and pick a look that you like. You can always tweak it here and there as long as it's mod. It would be a good starting point for you.
  19. oh , my bad, sorry Rolig my apologies I was snarky to you.
  20. @Rolig Loon wasn't the person asking for any help. She is not the OP
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