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  2. I recently asked a similar question, but I think I worded it poorly, resulting in few responses. I wear a Lelutka Simone head and a Maitreya Lara body. I recently changed to BOM for both. I am not completely satisfied with ther skin I'm currently wearing and want to replace it. I know that I can try demos, but I want to avoid spending hours or days blindly trying demos that don't work well. Are there any characteristics that I can look at that indicate which skins are more or less likely to work well with my head and body, so as to narrow the search? Thanks for any help.
  3. Let me summarize: If using a mesh avatar without BOM, you need one alpha, to hide the classic body completely, and, if you're also wearing a mesh head, the mesh classic head as well. To hide parts of the avatar to keep them from showing through clothes, you use the HUD that came with the body. If using a mesh avatar with BOM, you have to first turn on BOM using the HUD for the body. You do not wear the body-hiding alpha. You can use alphas to hide body parts that show through clothes. Alphas are fairly easy to make yourself. I have not made any yet to use with BOM, but before I had a mesh body, I made many for use with my classic avatar and mesh clothing.
  4. I feel for you. I don't know how many false starts I had changing to a mesh head. I would mess with demos for a few hours and then get so discouraged that I would give up, over and over. Two things really helped me. I posted frontal and side views of the classic avatar face I was trying to duplicate here. I received invaluable help from a very knowledgeable and generous member, and useful advice from several.. Even so, I spent a full day tweaking sliders. I got on a posing stand wearing my new mesh head and the shape to go with it, with the body sliders all set to the same settings as before I added the mesh head (but different ones that had been suggested by the person who helped me for the head). I had an alt wearing the same body and my system shape, with a classic head, an identical twin to my classic avatar, get on and identical posing stand. Then I moved the two posing stands to exactly the same coordinates, so that the two avatars were superimposed. Then I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked the sliders for the mesh head shape to try to get it as close as I could to my old classic shape. When I finished, my new mesh face wasn't exactly the same as my old classic face, but it was close, and people easily recognized me.
  5. Me too, and I'm thinking that this is a question best directed at Lelutka's customer support team.
  6. Bento is not what people use to rig things to the body sliders. That's a much older (relatively speaking) Fitted Mesh feature. 2013: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rigging_Fitted_Mesh 2015: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/BentoSkeletonGuide P.S. 2020 is making me feel older and older...
  7. Just away to put this vic back if anyone's interested. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wimple/232/232/0
  8. Special Raffle : 500$L GIVEWAY !! It’s Party time at Media SL Shopping District ! What are you waiting for ? Take the taxi and come party with us ☺ ★ıllı★ Dj ANTONIO DEEP ♫• ★ıllı★ DEEP TECH•♬ ★ıllı★ Tuesday July 7 ♫• ★ıllı★ 12 - 2 PM SLT •♬
  9. No, I don't think they are forcing that. My guess is that the creators liked the heads that they are offering, and they have a free dev kit in their mainstore for 1L, so I think it's easy for everyone to grab it and start creating for Genus
  10. The teeth being no mod would definitely not cause what you're describing. The head itself is no-mod too, but that doesn't seem to be breaking the HUD, right? But out of curiosity, are the eyes/teeth attached to something on the head? (Like skull, left eye, mouth, etc.) All attachments on the head are hidden during mouselook, not sure if rigging counts, but if they are not hidden in mouselook, they could possibly block the HUD even though they're not "on" the HUD. For example, zooming into the edge of a prim shows it "cutting through" HUDs because of the math involved in the rendering.
  11. I know this thread is old, but it's the first thread i found when googling, so it might help others in the future... Also had this issue, where it would open FS although i had just recently installed Black Dragon. To fix it i had to run regedit, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\secondlife\shell\open\command and edit the path to the viewer it has to use. It works without restart and is applied on the spot. You can also check if there is a key present under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\secondlife\shell\open\command and edit that but that wasn't the case for me. Normally going to the Windows Settings and choosing a default app per protocol should do the job but yeah...
  12. I can't confirm what you're saying. What Wulfie Reanimator has written works with the Alt key. I would not write that it is a LeLutka problem if I had tried it with different heads. That's the point. It all works until the teeth or the eyes are added. A suspicion of mine would be that the rootprim blocks something or because the eyes and teeth are no mod.
  13. I always wondered, if Genus is forcing this extermination of diversity. Even during the reign of Catwa it hasn't been that bad.
  14. Today
  15. There are some now available... https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php
  16. We still have pitchforks? I thought we all broke those off in M Linden’s ass.
  17. Hello I applied for an application yesterday, i'm waiting for your response
  18. Something to remember: adding RAM is locked to that motherboard, even through 8GB will make a big difference. A video card can be transferred to a new machine, and the nVidia 10xx series is still pretty recent. It's not a dead end. And a 1030 is an OK card. One caution: nVidia stopped supporting VGA with the 9xx series chips. There are several different digital standards in use. These days an LED TV makes a fine monitor, with a 20" to 24" screen diagonal and HDMI input. And for ordinary sound you can use the TV speakers via HDMI. That's also the game console standard. Again, not a dead end. My computer is pretty old but decent for CPU and electrical power. More powerful GPUs might need a special adaptor lead to provide electrical power on an old machine but the 1030 avoids that problem, it's designed for your situation.
  19. Genus is clearly the best mesh head out there. I got the free head when they reopened and I can say that I'm in love with the look I tried to accomplish for a long time. Nice animations (some of them are buggy but that's fine), pretty easy hud to use and they respond well to sliders Before Genus I used a Lelutka evolution head because I felt that they were a little bit similar (even tho I wanted a Genus head so bad, but sadly they were closed down when I wanted to buy a head from them and I had to buy a Lelutka one). And no, I'm not saying that Lelutka is bad, they are both high quality heads and I love them both, but with Genus.....you can accomplish very many looks. I like that many many creators are supporting Genus, I think there's no store that doesn't have a Genus only skin, or makeup. Since Genus is ''dominating'' the marketplace for skins and makeups, I couldn't find something for my Lelutka and that was frustrating because every gorgeous skin I ever seen was for Genus only
  20. Sure they can. People on this forum do it all the time! I use “give” to mean arrange a time to abandon it to ensure the other person can roll for it, that’s all.
  21. 🚨 Sacred Heart Medical University SL has opened enrollment for the summer/fall semester. Enrollment ends on July 16th... 🚨sᴇᴄᴜʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴘᴏᴛ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ! 12 ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴅᴀʏs ʟᴇғᴛ!! 🎉 Oᴘᴇɴ Hᴏᴜsᴇ ɪs Fʀɪᴅᴀʏ, Jᴜʟʏ 10 @ 5 ᴘᴍ sʟᴛ ♥️ Always wanted to be a Obstetrician/Gynecologist or a Pediatrician??? Well here’s your opportunity! ♥️ If you would like more information about us and the courses we have, contact Destiny C Shaw on fb or Destiny Brongniart in world, Sakari Amirra Simunyé on fb or llkvrma Resident in world. You can always check out our website below for all information. ♥️ Go ahead and enroll in our classes and don't forget to contact me about your enrollment 🙂 All pricing is located on the application Facebook: Sacred Heart Medical University SL Ride to the school: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glenn/229/116/27 Application... https://forms.gle/ffp8ySHXpwqGpZGeA Our Website... https://flmbc2011.wixsite.com/shmusl
  22. You can hold a button to gain control of the cursor while in mouselook. I believe it's Alt. There's also a setting to either keep or hide the HUD in mouselook. I'm not sure what the exact issue/cause is, though. From what I understood, attaching the eyes/mouth makes the HUDs break, but work if you don't have them attached. If that's correct, I'm clueless.
  23. What Ceka @Ceka Ciancisaid above Plus intelligent marketing. It was Ceka's look which drew me in to the beta Classic. Early adopters were then given Baby Face at no extra cost. Genus gives me the look I want which is all that matters. My whole family of alts use Genus. For me, so far, no other head gets close in my look. The rest of Genus, ... hud and anims I can live with. They are plenty good enough for me.
  24. Impressive that it took them only 3 months to come up with the start of their mobile app.
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