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  2. I had someone come do some landscaping for me once. I had never had that done before and didn't know what was typical. When she was done, I was then expecting her to sell all the items to me, but she said that typically the landscaper did not do that - transfer ownership of the items to the client. I then asked "Well, what if I want to move things around a bit?". She replied "No worries, just contact me". I did not like that option at all - I'm a total control freak and don't want to have to rely on someone else to come move some items around. Additionally, I had to leave her in my land group so that the items did not auto-return and I sure as heck didn't like that either. Ultimately I left things as they were for a short bit until I had managed to either buy the same items or replacement items. I didn't realize until later that she was using copy/no-transfer items, which is why she couldn't sell them to me. To this day, I still never knew if that was actually normal for landscapers or not.
  3. Totally enjoying the process- slowly but surely my plot's coming together! Will share more pics and location once ready =D
  4. when you started SL your content access Preference settings were set to General. That is the default setting for all new users To access what you seen, then you changed your viewer settings in your Preferences to General, Moderate and Adult. If you do not want to see this stuff then change your settings back to General
  5. I was just at the airstrip and there were about 10 people there roleplaying a scene in voice and it was awesome! I didn't snap a pic because I didn't want to be all stalkery. 😁
  6. /me runs before the heavy guns arrive
  7. Mollymews

    lindons home

    i agree with this part. It is not ideal at all for travelers i just put out here again for Somebody Linden who has nothing else to do one day somehow maybe hope so. What I would like is that when an avatar on a vehicle hits a banline or hits a no-object-entry parcel then the vehicle is bounced off. It doesn't get stuck in the fence
  8. Dirty people...need not apply...get rid of all the sex junk and make all SL a safe decent enviroment. Filthy sexbeds we don't need them here Anybody trying to have sex on SL or talking dirty or starting a sex club should be banned
  9. agree 100%. There are still 1,000s of people currently in the old 512s waiting for their new 1024s
  10. I spend my stipend also - and the stipend of my Premium alts. I justify the yearly because I save $42 per year over the monthly rate and that adds up across multiple accounts. I just ensured that the yearly fee for the alts was staggered so I never paid more than one in a month.
  11. Did you respond: "I'm not interested in someone who only needs a minute"?
  13. It's true. You can't find in Barrow a sailable parcel for that price.
  14. Cost of living in your area is apparently higher than mine. Every morning on my way to work I get a large vanilla latte with an extra shot and an extra pump for $6 - only $5.15 without the extras.
  15. This is completely adorable, and absolutely perfect. (As is your name!)
  16. I had the old deluxe body and got the free bento hands update even though I hardly ever wear this body anymore. Which really is a shame because it is actually one of my favorite bodies due to the shape and like you mentioned, I can resize the feet. I personally won't be spending anymore money on this body just due to the frustration, lack of support and no clue if they will disappear.
  17. You can't buy abandoned land for that price... you must join the land action and if the land is really valuable the price will rising...
  18. @belindacarson Do you know the prices around that place...?
  19. Half of it SOLD. Parcel with sailable water access. SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/235/212/21 1024m2 Remaining. Prims: 351 Price L$ 5000 (L$4.9/m2) IM claireneon for any questions.
  20. good on you i think is okt when people post their opinions about anything. If someone else then comes along and shows there is no actual factual premise to the opinion then its thanks and on to the next topic
  21. Today
  22. Quiet Mirabella


    decorate your home and put a sign in your yard maybe ?
  23. Mollymews


    probably be simpler to set the parcel to group. Then invite people to join the group
  24. Spezcer


    Hello and ty, yes I would like to share my home with residents on a 9 day period at no cost (100% refunds). I was hoping to use a system to help automate and immediately end misuse but perhaps need to rethink, purchase an alternate system or learn/try corrade bot 😱
  25. From your third picture (good to upload screenshots for sure) it looks like you have two extra triangles that need to be deleted. If you go into wireframe mode (edit view - Z_key) you should be able to see what needs to disappear. as an alternate you could delete an outside face or two to see the inside. NOTE that your right and left sides don't really match. That part doesn't rally matter -- just sort of shows how you may have found a way into trouble example although there is no face here that ACTUALLY NEEDS to be deleted. It is a very easy fix. Likely to happen again so now you know.
  26. Tarani Tempest


    I must be having the same blonde moment then Seems like they are wanting to rent a room of their LL home? Or.... 🤷‍♀️
  27. I get your excitement, I truly do. I just don't see the competitiveness in the body. As I said before, there are already a bunch of established bodies, that have tonnes of support. The price on average for the already well-established bodies is on average 50% cheaper, give or take a few percent less or more. So please answer the question, If Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and Signature. The four established and well-supported body companies. Let me add, you can buy all three Belleza female bodies for a little over 4k I think. I could be wrong, and please tell me the exact price. My question is. If there are already 4 big and well-established body brands, whose prices are lower and have way more support. How does TMP top them in competition? The points you made, aren't solid. Support, sales and prices, are a better establisher of competition in the market.
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