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  2. Okay, I know you guys may not be able to offer the help I need per-say, and I am aware that Radegast is a 3rd party, but this has legit freaked me tf out and I need some guidance if possible. -------- Since my PC is in the middle of upgrades, I'll use a text-client for Second Life called "Radegast." I've used this program on and off for years without an issue. That changed last night. I went to get a drink from the kitchen and just as I came back there was the familiar *ding-ding* of an instant message. Since I don't get messages a lot from my friends I was curious to see who this was from as I was active in a group chat moments prior. He starts off his message basic, "Hi. How are you?" I go to reply and before my fingers reach the keyboard, my name pops up, "Hello. I'm fine thanks. How are you?" Usually I'll have auto-response on so naturally, I checked to see if it was because sometimes I'll forget what I have done in settings. #noshame I return to the message window and he's asked another question. Again, I go to reply and there is my name again... But it doesn't make sense, this reply. It's almost like a chat-bot replied (Mr. Spanky - for those who know this bot in particular.) He replied, but around that time I closed out of Radegast and uninstalled it and for good measure I uninstalled Firestorm as well, followed by updating my password and e-mail. After all this, I ran several scans, looking for anything remotely suspicious. All my scans came up negative. In my 30 years of using the internet, this has only happened ... Maybe twice. The first instance logging into my AOL handle and starting ***** with my friends; the second time my PC would randomly shut down before I could run any sort of scans on it to find the culprit. So naturally, I'm in the midst of freaking out and calm. My search results are damn near difficult to get a straight answer, what with the dating terminology that defines GHOSTING as someone suddenly dropping all contact with an individual.
  3. Hey! I feel kinda weird saying this aha, but I've recently been back on Second Life and as much as I love playing, I don't have any friends to hangout with :(. So since this is a forum for making friends, I'm shooting my shot! If you like shopping, exploring, fashion and enjoy today's pop culture. Let's be friends! I'd be happy to share some of my craziness with you. I'm also really into photography/photoshop so if I'm ever getting tired of seeing my face, I'll probably use yours. Here's a pic of me!
  4. Well now, that makes sense. Glad you're keeping an eye on the SSP's You cannot hide from us! We also have pitchforks and torches. 😉 I would lay money on that eventually becoming "Belliseria City" with an airport and marina.
  5. Thanks for the link, yep i've already read it, but unfortunately there is no concrete answer to a solution, or even just information from LL about what it is today. so, the new question is how a salesman who creates his own products can promote his shop next to thousands of re-sales shops when everything is mixed ..
  6. finally got a Genus head, now that you can take the demos out of the store. which also meant I needed to buy new skin, makeup,piercings and hair. lol
  7. Hiring: DJs and Hosts @Club Addiction A Tropical-Themed Dance Club, playing EDM Genre (Techno, House, Trap, Trance, etc). DJs and Hosts get 100% Tips, and all new staff qualifies for shift bonuses! Ask a Manager for more information. Must be at least 30 days old, and have some experience. Hosts can be trained if needed. Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 2 pm - 12 am SLT, but we can expand adjacent shifts Can't wait to hear from you Please contact jayden420xx OR tamiqua.cheng OR nicoleyanis
  8. systemd strikes again :) (Jessie introduced systemd to Debian)
  9. Note to mods: Feel free to move this topic to another place if need be. My challenge is simple, make an avatar that most resembles this character from a video game I play: I'm just curious how well people can design avatars. Who knows? I might be thinking about giving out a prize....
  10. 1. I somehow haven't lost interest in SL at all. 2. How I feel? I feel fine. I'm actually slightly addicted to SL, mainly because of the people and the games. I'm somewhat frustrated with the unnecessary complexity of setting avatars and clothing nowadays, though -- and by the lack of funny facial expressions on my fancy new Bento head. I mean -- look around in events and on Flickr. Everyone haz teh Botox. (Cataract eyes have been quite fashionable too, over the past years.) 3. What do I think needs changing? Adjusting avatars and outfits could be a lot simpler. And I sure would like to see livelier facial expressions in this forsaken botox world. Come back to SL. Learn a skill here and create something and share it with the rest of us. That's what keeps me here too.
  11. Ah well - t'was a lovely dream while it lasted.
  12. I must ask, what does she feed her dog to get agility of that caliber?
  13. The thing is, whatever was rolled yesterday to the whole grid didn't fix the issues. Only made it a bit less bad, maybe. We'll see how it goes till the end of next week. The funny thing — not — is that teleports seem to be working better and crossings got worse, at least for me.
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  15. Just a little reminder - today is the 19th, so tomorrow I'll be going through the threads to gather up the pictures for March and April. Again, I will only take pictures where people have clearly stated that they are for use in the magazine! As for voting for a new theme, the location of the suggestions thus far has been a little spread out - I'll glance over the threads later today and try to put them together, but if you want to make sure to get your suggestion through, send a note card to me in-world or a PM with your suggested theme, and we'll see about getting the votes going ASAP. If everything works out the way I hope, to have the magazines out at the end of the month - but RL has gotten crazy busy as of late, and unfortunately there are some things I'm going to have to prioritise over this. So some delays may occur.
  16. So generous of you to open this to the public because I adore the reading room and peaceful out door area. Thanks!
  17. Well you’ve nailed both, so better get to it. 😀 ETA: was that thread removed or was I imagining the whole thing?
  18. What great angles. Especially love the tulip one - very dynamic.
  19. I wish there would be an upgrade to the registration process as at the moment it works the same as the old one and throws you randomly wherever. It would be nice to be able to have an impact to which home you are offered. Ideally you could choose which area by the sea or on the river, or by the beach, does it have a road, near mountain etc. Failing that would be nice to have a choice between three or four random homes. So many wish they could be near their friends and family. Some people want to make new friends, others want to keep the old ones close. Wish it would be possible to land in the same neighborhood as your friends. Public transportation system with busses and bustops would be great. Think how cool it would be to take the bus to the beach with your family or to the town square or even to the church. Bicycle rezzer would encourage people to move around and explore! Thank you LindenLab for this amazing development, please hurry up with Building more of these houses !!! ❤️
  20. Because people can bypass windows and doors by zooming directly into the home and sit on furniture in sl. Virtual worlds have alot more limitations then the real world. Some objects are still operatable from a distance so griefers can still access menus from afar and don't even have to be in the home BTW windows and doors can be set on the the linden homes to only work for the owner, meaning if they are closed only the owner can open them.
  21. Y'all saw this, right? It's the theory that the new Linux version recently rolled-out includes a subtle race condition that can cause teleport disconnects. I can't vouch for that one way or another, but I've done enough system updates to know that they can uncover bugs deep, deep in the code, undiscovered by the original programmers and QA. (I'm also just assuming that the current increase in sim crossing troubles has the same root cause as the teleport disconnects. That may not be true at all, but in lieu of countering evidence for now it seems parsimonious.)
  22. Love your calming colour choices and I lust for those fantastic flowers! Which designer made them?
  23. Just don't buy rigged mesh clothes that don't respond to avatar physics.
  24. Not my parcel, but I found a parcel with this issue while exploring, parcel belongs to KeyundreCarter Resident. That should be enough for LL to find the parcel and help the owner.
  25. Slow down, fashionistas! I'm right with you, I have longed for cloth dynamics and collision detection for over a decade now. Major animation programs like LightWave have had them for over 20 years. But doing this in an animation program that can take as long as it likes to render each frame is something very different from doing it in a simulation that has to run in real time. Darn it.
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