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  2. I don't remember exactly how I found out about the forum, but I do know that it was around the same time that I joined SL in 2014. It may have come up in search when I was searching for official SL information right before I joined, or perhaps I got here from a link on the web dashboard. I mostly just read the forums in my early days - especially the Answers section. I have learned so much from the discussions in the forum. After seeing enough references about "across the street" I finally figured out what to search for and found the SLU forum, where I also spent a lot of time reading. Just like when I've moved to a new place in RL, I wanted to find out all about this world and about its history. I didn't really start posting until this version of the forums, because the prior version did not exactly seem like a very friendly place. I still am more of a reader than a poster, but I do 'talk' more here than I do inworld I think, and I did finally make it over that magical number of 500 posts eventually. I know that there are many who have become active in the forums after I did, yet already have a higher post count than I do. However, I feel that the post count I have achieved is a victory for me.
  3. You can also join the group Builders Brewery. They have multi-platforms for members to build or rez on. So long as you are there your objects wont be returned, and you can be there for hours or all day if you'd like - I often am. It is a primarily a place for builders, yes, but I've also seen many photographers there setting up scenes in skyboxes too. BB has restarts every morning at 2:00a.m. SLT for a few minutes, but even then providing you are back to the sim before the top of the hour then your objects should still be where you left them. Anyway, it's worth checking out. I thoroughly recommend the place for that, and their various classes too.
  4. Would be useful to know what browser you use, as every browser has sort of its own way to link certain urls to applications... anyway a clean install should fix it, and if you don't want to do that.. please inform us what browser you use.
  5. Just saw one now; 6:14 p.m. AEST/1:14 a.m. SLT. Gone.
  6. None of the above is acceptable and that Niran is describing this as "ifinitalely better" than previous versions is mortifying. Where are the residents who were asking for this? How many resident have pushed LL for something like this? I am not going to come right out and say that they don't exist, but it is not a stretch to consider that to be the fact. I have yet to hear from a single one of them on any forum. It truly does sound like a wonderful idea on paper, but it also sounds like a horrible nightmare when actually tested as something that can actually enhance the Sl experience. I would love to hear the process that went into deciding, "yes, this is definitely a project that people would want and that we should invest SIGNIFICANT time and resources on? Are ideas just thought up randomly at a meeting and put in a hat? This is not sarcasm. I think it is worth explaining the process that went into deciding that this was something anyone wanted and deciding that it was worth disregarding all the negative effects it will place on creatives who rely a lot on (pause) good lighting and good shadows. LL has a fairly small staff for what they need to do, so I can't help but think of the things that people actually want, that would be much easier to do, that have been tossed aside for something that , based on what is being said by the people creating it and using it right now, will likely change everything as far as graphics in world, and not in a good way.
  7. Previously second life's online map links opened up Firestorm (if it wasn't already open) I downloaded second life's official viewer, now having two viewers on my system. The map links would then open up in the official viewer. So I uninstalled the official viewer, thinking the map links would now open Firestorm again. They don't. I have an error message suggesting I look for a microsoft app. How can I restore the link between the maps and Firestorm?
  8. Gave the latest 6.3.0 another spin. I'm positively surprised, first look looks infinitely better. Lets go through my buglist. (strikethrough is fixed, bold is new) Overall i'd call this some good progress at least the first thing people see is almost the same to what we were used to now. There are still quite a lot of issues to work out tho, all the details and a bunch of fundamental flaws and showstoppers are still in there.
  9. It gets pretty complicated, because it saves all of the coordinates of your items. If you set it up in the sandbox, it will store the placement of all of your items based upon the coordinates in the sandbox. I can take my skybox rezzer to a sandbox, for example, and it will rez everything, but it seems to rez everything in accordance to the coordinates to the parcel rather than the location of the rezzer itself. So I have to go searching for my rezzed items 🤣 The problem would be, if you wanted to create a scene in the sandbox, then move that rezzer to your parcel, I don't think it would rezz everything in place correctly. You would want to setup the scenes in your own parcel. For experimentation, it would be fine, but I don't think it would work well for moving it to different parcels. Edit: I created a video, to better demonstrate what I am trying to say for you or others considering using a rezzer I took a copy of my skybox rezzer, and brought it into a sandbox. When I rezzed the items, they no longer rezzed above the rezbox itself, but to the coordinates the items were saved to. I had to do an area search to locate where it had rezzed to. This is why I say I don't think it would work for saving your work in a sandbox. This is more of a precaution to you or others that may want to save all of your work from a sandbox using a rezzer such as this one. For experimenting around, it is fine, which is what you said you wanted to do I just want to make sure you don't lose any work that you put into it.
  10. Phew! Lot of catching up to do on this thread! As a vehicle creator and the organizer of the naval community it's good to see lots of love for vehicles up there. Though now i'm tempted to make some automated water taxis but y'all might kill me >.>
  11. He used to have there a pic of himself as a crude troll avatar, dancing with a man in London City. That’s why someone else commented on his appearance that he’s now denying. He probably took out the picture when forum moderators deleted his previous troll thread in which he proposed that all women should be voice-verified, then when someone asked him if men should be voice-verified too, he answered, “why should we?”. It’s also where he said that it would be a “good” idea if “all Jews were verified” too, before thinking that that was risking too much and ended up editing “good” to “bad” (though not before several other members saw the original and quoted it). Which, I suppose, is why he’s had to start this one with big, bold mock-disclaimers that “this isn’t a troll thread”. It is, of course, but I reckon he wants to stretch his run as much as possible, as trolls do.
  12. I can try and see if I can have 2 scenes in a sandbox. I can always delete the sandbox - rezzer before I do the real thing? It was really good that you warned me about the placement. I was thinking to set it under the mailbox. Phew, accident avoided.
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  14. Just be careful, because each time you rez a scene it deletes all of the other scenes. So if you wanted two scenes available at the same time, I'm not sure if it is capable of doing it, the way I use it I have never needed to do so. Each scene, as far as I use it, is independent from one another, and rezzing one always deletes the other.. with the exception of rez all, which seems to rez everything you have setup in the rezzer.
  15. I thought it would take a lot of time to put in 200 objects in a rezzer, but after learning that I can put in linked objects all in one go, it looks very smart. Almost all my items is linked, only the ones with sitting animations is unlinked. I don't like empty rooms, but I can live with deleting the contents of the bedroom and bath, to have a BBQ set up in the garden, just an example. Wish I had bought that BBQ set at half price for group members earlier this week.
  16. I would think that the main things to avoid would be Local Lights (you can turn this off in Preferences), Particles (same), and moving around in Mouselook mode (the latter is enough to make even me start to feel nauseous). On the whole though, SL is not like other games. Here in SL you're already in total control; you can divert your camera away from anything that causes you problems, you can change your preferences and Windlight settings so that things which bother you aren't rendered the same way (this will make a big difference). Don't allow regions to enforce their own windlight settings on you. One last thing, if you're not already using Firestorm, give it a try; it has the ability to de-render and blacklist individual objects, which means that you won't see them at all. If certain flashing or rotating objects are giving you problems, this feature will literally make them invisible.
  17. Oh no, I wish I did. I bought this one off of the marketplace, my level of knowledge for scripting is very limited. I mostly just hack away at LSL code until it works 🤣 The rezzer I use is this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Multi-Scene-Rezzer-Multi-Scene-Erazer-Pro-V5/16425760 I should have included the link earlier. I like it, because I can copy it. I have two on this parcel, one up in the skybox and one at the ground level. Each copy is capable of generating 11 scenes, independently of one another, but they use the same channel to erase everything, so I never end up going over my parcel limit (unless I select rez all 🤣) I also have a parcel on mainland, where I have two set up, one from an alt, another from me, and they don't interfere with one another, so there are no worries about other people erasing what you have rezzed. Edit: As a side note to anyone using this, you want to try to use this in the center of your parcel, because it rezzes items from the location it is at. If you put it at the side of your yard, it might not rez anything because the rezzed object will be out of the bounds of your property.
  18. You won't get anything back. And the fact that you have an account at all proves that you said "yes" to the TOS that tells you that you won't. IF the reason for Second Life closing is because they made something better (not Sansar, 😅), they might, if they were feeling generous, allow you to transfer any existing US$ or L$ balance on your account over to the new thing. But they don't have to. In this scenario, Tilia would likely continue trading. What's more likely is that Linden Lab would close down due to debt, in which case any US$ balance held by user accounts would go towards paying off their debts, or be simply written off. In this scenario, Tilia goes down too.
  19. I didn't realize you wrote your own rezzer! You clever, clever lady! 👑 Didn't think it possible, but my respect for you has even increased. ❤️
  20. You never know https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2018/07/kim-kardashian-second-life-avatars.html
  21. How does the Linden Home door access list work? I added someone, just using their name (that is, "username", not "username Resident"). The box accepted the name, it shows on the list of allowed users, but they still could not open doors. They don't have a separate display name; new user.
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