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  2. I've encountered quite a few 0-10 second orbs in my traveling as recently as yesterday. So the banlines have been gone but I don't think the true effects have been felt yet by those who object to having their privacy options curtailed. I know of several people who moved to a new Linden Home because of my excitement which I shared in various groups I'm a member of or moderate. Since the removal of the banlines I've had a couple contact me to say they are very upset with the turn of events and have abandoned their Belliserian homes. I think the jury is out until we actually get one of the LL provided orbs to see what they will do.
  3. No one said its no ones cup of tea. We just said, its not ours, and thats what a forum is made for, too.
  4. Aw, my 30-like pic didn't make it? Nice job though, I don't think I could ever be bothered to go through this thread post by post myself.
  5. Remember that scripts are only a part of simulator performance and in many ways are one of the least important or there would be no system of "scheduling" them to reduce the number run per frame at all. I've been visiting extremely crowded regions lately (i.e. Truth Hair during a sale, etc.) and have found that even in a regions at maximum avatar load I can move and function quickly after arriving (dodging swarms of floating nametags and clouds as I do so.) This means that the simulation itself is pretty healthy under these conditions. One of the things I'm suspecting is that the script engine has been modified to load scripts gradually instead of all at once as quickly as possible. This would help to keep the simulation running at a consistent rate, but would also mean that it would take longer for all the scripts in a region to begin running after a restart, which seems to be what some people here are describing. I've been visiting some of these regions and they seem to be running about as well as I could expect when I arrive, but if scripts are loaded gradually it would mean that it's more likely that scripts run would be much lower than usual shortly after a restart, and restarting logically enough would cause the same thing to happen again. It's also possible that the scheduling to make things run more evenly would reduce overall scripts-per-frame consistently. Whether that's really a problem outside of having a lower number showing up in a dialog box is a good question.
  6. If so many ppl want an SL viewer on android. Why not find a professional coder how would do it. Make a go found me page then everybody can chip in with 1 dollar or more. The only thing it's need one person how is willing to show his/her real face to make the page and negotiate with the coder. Then the source code can be put under GPL and stuff.
  7. Ah very useful! I had seen somewhere on the forums about Lumae having all of the major appliers available. I think we should likely start there first as we run around checking out the demos. Thanks for that tip! And thanks again @Skell Dagger for the explanations! It's making my searches on the marketplace make a bit more sense!
  8. After how they shut down the first time, and still have no support, I'm not sure why anyone would trust to spend 5000 Linden with this company. Their reputation is not the best because of that. They would have to offer something truly amazing, at that price point, and epic support before people I would trust him with their money again. They would have to show that their servers won't go down, they have 24/7 support, and that they fix issues in a timely manner. That you can only demo while in their store is a big negative for me. That is why I did not buy a Genus head earlier because I could only demo it in their store. once they changed that, I was able to get the demo, take it to my home try it there and then I went back and bought the head.
  9. Land for sale with a luxurious mesh house (furnished) 2048m for 5999L in the sea region. (water and sand) All objects will remain with you as much as you want. All mesh objects. You can also swim in your sea right) Dip the camera under the water and right-click on the ground and get information about buying land. Follow the link to enjoy the region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fieldfare/41/154/22
  10. Bonjour C0ralin3, Je suis toujours dans l'impossibité de faire du SL en 4G data et toi, as tu progressé ? Pourtant la panne SFR dans mon coin a disparu de la liste, elle doit etre résolue.... Mon ticket chez Linden n'a rien donné, il me renvoit sur les mises en garde qui disent qu'une connexion fixe est préférable et qu'en 4G rien n'est garanti.... Et pourtant ca marchait avant en janvier, février et plus rien maintenant ! On se sent seul dans un tel cas....
  11. Precisely. Just because {bad thing} happened before is no reason to attempt (by overkill) to prevent it's repeat because the possibility of a repeat is amazingly negligible. In the case of ban line, the way I see it, it's to punish the many to protect the few against the almost-none. TPs can happen, and I'm willing to bet 50% of the time it's by accident: clicking on the map and accidentally double-clicking (which causes the TP - happened to me a few times). The real question is whether they actually griefed you or not or just pop back out as soon as they could? (Rhetorical question). As for the shared bit and ban list, etc, I will go out on a limb and presume the forthcoming LL Orb will allow you to add "managers" just as the house control panel allows it.
  12. So why not put a simple game in the viewer what is activated when the grid is down or rolling restart. Like one in the Chrome browser.
  13. *jumps up and down excitedly with her hand waaaaay up in the air* Oh wait, here I am! Here I am! Hi!!! Ok, well actually, I'm Socialist Feminist. Marxist Feminist was busy this morning (arranging for mass indoctrination sessions on the evils of the p*nis in elementary school health classes), but she asked me to come here and scream on her behalf! She sends her warmest regards, though! Here's today's Interesting Fact about Feminism: almost all of us are actually very pro-sex. Did you know that the term "sex positive" was literally invented by feminists (some of whom may have even been Marxists!). Did you know that a lot of us -- I'm pretty sure a big majority, in fact -- actually like men? And most of us even have sex with men??? And enjoy it? I myself have a male partner in RL of whom I am at least reasonably fond. Every night I tell him, "Good night, Male Partner. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely castrate you in the morning." But every morning I don't. Because ick, really. Who wants to do that? Anyway, it's been lovely talking to you. And thank you for your vigilance in the service of Oppressed Men Everywhere!
  14. /me gets ready for her date this morning while popping back and forth to this thread
  15. Bahahaha! Troll threads are so much fun (and effective, too.)
  16. I love this so much! Would it be ok if I visited sometime and took pictures for my blog? The new continent inspired me to start blogging again (it's been years) so I'm exploring and taking pics!
  17. /me notices that the OP hasn't returned and has a post count of one. /me reads the post history of the other troll and chuckles /me grabs some of Selene's popcorn and takes a comfy seat Oh, and IBTL
  18. One little negative thing I've discovered is that because you can't deed the parcel to a group, it means only the parcel owner can actually eject and ban intruders... not an ideal situation if you share your home. Is the forthcoming orb the only way to fix this? I've had 2 intruders in the first few weeks, but interestingly neither "wandered in" off the street, both arrived via TP at the landing point which was set. That seems odd to me, like they saw my dot on the map and just tp'ed to it 🤔
  19. The *ancient* 7Seas fishing system is still available and maintained (even oif not actively developed any more). A freind has the server system and all that stuff. Well, if I recall correctly, you can buy a fish tank add-on (server system not required) - and any fish you catch with it and be put into that fish tank. I sad all that to say this ... LOL — With the fish tank are also "tank boxes" specificaly designed for places like these houseboats: it's a transparent phantom box you put into the water where you want your fish to swim around (they stay within the box) - it works exactly like the fish tank and, if I recall, can hold up to 15 fish in eash box. It is super-low lag because of the design and you can always go catch more fish and add them (you can set it up to newest-in=oldest-out so it always remains "fresh"). Anyway, just thought I'd mention this baed on OP question... and it reminded be of this system (I still have my 7Seas pole and stuff) and now I'm thinking to go get that aquarium so I can do this at my houseboat
  20. It is the only pic that show the bottom, the buoy in the back is at the end. The land is 64 m long, but only 16 m wide. The houseboat takes almost half of it, I think. It would be exiting to heve deeper water, but hey, at least I have a boat. I scavenged off the bottom plate of something I had. I textured it with a sand texture with pebbles and small shells. So the ground will be more interesting. No way that I could scatter small stones out over the whole area. The cost was high, but the fish is really interesting. And low LI. I am used to old prim fish where an animated fish with details would be 5-10 prims. I used up my Li fast thee. I have a piece of 30- li furniture that I can replace with something else, so I have a few more LI.
  21. No. I absolutely hated being alone that is one of the reasons that I din't logged in around two months now. I wasn't alone because I can't make friends. I never had problem going out saying hello and making friends. I think I have a good sense of humor even it is a bit twisted sometime. Even some ppl rom here was on my friend list. My problem is that sadly I'm not really ok in the head. I have a mental breakdown quite often, and that is the time when my self hatred, paranoia, lack of self-esteem kicks in. IRL I learned to pretend that everything ok even when a voice in my head constantly repeating what a worthless peace of sh!# I'm and nobody want me around. But in SL didn't real had time to and somehow it is stronger then in RL. So what's happen I have one of my episode of sh!# storm and I remove everybody from my friend list because "Nobody want be your friend!" "They don't like you just laughing behind your back!" " Seriously you thought that they wan your company?" "If they tolerated you then they want something from you!" . After when the storm is over I realize it's not true but then I feel ashamed and I don't want to explain or offer friendship again. Then for a while I wondered around alone. What sorted the friend list problem. But in the end I just gave up uninstalled Sl and that's it.
  22. HAHA Yes! This i so classic. So much confidence coming from these guys.
  23. Two houses came up this morning and I wasn't lucky enough to snag them. Send me some house luck everyone! I'm having another surgery on Monday and I'll be super sad if they release the new houseboats then and I miss it. Would be my luck! LOL!
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