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  2. When I looked at it it did say $6000 USD, not $6700. Now it shows $6,707. So it got changed at some point.
  3. That's great to hear! This and the recent Epic Games $1.2 million grant to Blender is really showing how the progress from both the developers and the community put into the Blender software is getting noticed. Important points to really think about.
  4. How to find log files: LL viewer: Firestorm: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/file_a_jira#how_to_give_us_your_logs After your session ends in a TP disconnect, before relaunching the viewer, zip up the logs folder & attach it to your LL JIRA issue using More Actions -> Attach Files.
  5. Nah - I can as well post it now And rather post a better one in september
  6. now hiring Darling dolls! we are hiring dancers and escorts must be at least 30 days old and have a mesh avi.. we offer awesome incentives and great working environment. contact: demonicrob1 or rayne336 for empoyment! or come too the club were in the directory!
  7. The plant world is not easy to figure out these days! Perhaps the "old gardens" created with sculpts in the gardens you cited were discounted because she believes sculpts aren't as desirable these days, and for many that is true (they want mesh). But as you've discovered, there are still lots of lovely sculpted assembled gardens that have great value in terms of beauty, and in fact many of these gardens created with sculpts are as pretty, or prettier, than certain mesh ones. I think gardens, really, are timeless in terms of appeal. Whether the material (sculpts vs mesh) is the most optimized can be a different matter though, according to who you ask, and in my experience it's really a specific sculpt vs a specific mesh that needs to be the debate (can't really make the argument that either sculpts or mesh are better generally). To confuse matters further, I create some flowers out of mesh planes -- they might look like the old style but they are mesh -- and the reason I do is because they are lower in prim/LI count than 'true' mesh. And to make things even more complicated, even 'true' mesh is usually created with lots of small planes with a graphic on them and not a solid object. If each leaf were totally solid instead of a graphic on a plane, the prim count would be astronomical. When it comes down to mesh vs sculpts in the garden world it seems most people just choose what appeals to them over whether it's sculpt or mesh.
  8. now hiring Darling dolls! we are hiring dancers and escorts must be at least 30 days old and have a mesh avi.. we offer awesome incentives and great working environment. contact: demonicrob1 or rayne336 for empoyment! or come too the club were in the directory!
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Promissa/196/24/28 Promissa is a beautiful region with lots of cottages and rentals (i.e. keeping tidy and in-theme, no eyesore). This plot is on the water and is a wonderful place to call home. 1536m2, 527Li, 2 sides protected, 2 other sides region-edge and underwater-dweller i.e. no eyesores to mar the beach love. Promissa is filled with navigable channels for small watercraft. Objects photographed are not included in the sale. Photographs really well, derendering all around: In reality with everything rendered, below: Promissa is filled with water plots and sailable protected channels:
  10. It appears counselors and divorce attorneys are now needed in Bellisseria...
  11. Not sure if this one of the last two words but: Anne Frank
  12. People said all the same things about Blue Mars back in the day, and Sansar has made the same blunder and put the engine/graphics first.
  13. After a break to do something productive in RL, I went back and waded through this entire thread again and simply could not find a coherent quantitative exposition of the going-forward business plan. Same (in spades) for the indigogo page. The best we got are these recent posts by @AyelaNewLife which are most helpful indeed. The helped me understand the answer to my question (how could they be this far underwater? easy: all this is not in addition to the existing cash flow, it's to completely replace the current rental income. Which is kinda obvious when I think about it. And now I think I may be starting to understand Ayela's point with these posts: Is the new business plan based on the rental regions continuing to get the non-profit discount? I don't think so. Those four surrounding regions are currently Homesteads while the centerpiece is a Full region.The undiscounted monthly fee for a Homestead is US$109 -- pretty close to the US$115 we are using as the discounted fee for a Full region. So I think the numbers work for one discounted Full region (12 mo * US$115 = US$1280) plus four undiscounted Homesteads (12mo * US$109 = US$5232) for a total of US$6612 which seems pretty close. I don't know how many current rentals there are, nor how they're currently arranged; it would make sense if they're already all on those Homesteads to reserve all Land Impact for the elaborate builds on the central Hangars region. And I don't know the intended arrangement of the new rentals, perhaps each of the four Homesteads gets one of the big, 500 LI penthouses plus fifteen of the 60 LI apartments. I have no idea whether that's within the "low-density rentals" guidelines, but that's presumably knowable. It certainly leaves Land Impact for other content on those Homesteads, so that seems plausible, and for all I know it may be exactly how it is now.
  14. I would hope they would handle it like any grown adults should in that situation. On a more positive note, I hope there aren't a massive amount of breakups in the community. I hope people remain happy in their relationships no matter what world it exists in. Edited to add...what I typed out sounds grumpy. It wasn't meant that way at all. So I'm sorry if it came out that way. I really need to stop posting when I have a migraine. I'm gonna go be quiet now. 😊
  15. There are no laws in the US prohibiting the return of a donation to the donator. Under certain circumstances, nonprofit organizations can refund a donor’s contribution. However, under other circumstances, returning a donor’s gift could result in a review by state authorities. Whether or not a situation results in state review will depend on a given state’s regulations, the impact returning the gift would have on the nonprofit, and the size of the gift in question,. Different states have different laws and regulations governing nonprofit organizations. However, most, if not all, state rules are vague on the point of charities returning gifts. What states do recognize is that when a donor gives money to a nonprofit organization, that money is no longer the donor’s once accepted by the charity. Instead, the money is, in effect, owned by the public interest. Because nonprofit organizations exist to benefit the public interest, regulators will be concerned that gifts are used to further the public interest. Returning a donor’s gift could be contrary to the public interest. That’s the issue for regulators.
  16. I'm really surprised that one made it by the censors... lol!
  17. Yes, it's called patience. Beyond that it helps to read up on the forums. There's a multitude of threads and topics to wade through, but the general information is this: Releases happen regularly but without any set time. They can happen any day (except for weekends and public holidays). Regions used to be released every Mon, Wed and Fri, now it's any day during the working week. Hours vary but expect releases during the work hours (for LL employees). Some people use Auto Refresh plug-ins (you can Google if you don't know what they are) that help give some the advantage in that they don't need to manually click all the time. But there is a restriction in place meaning you can only use auto refresh on average once a minute. See here for details: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/439900-refresh-limit-reached/. The average time for a region to be taken/all houses claimed can average anywhere between 3 to 7 seconds; that means you need to be very quick (and lucky) to catch one. Most of the houses people catch are abandons; other houses people are letting go to generally try their luck getting a different house. Abandons happen at any time, day or night, including weekends. You just have to wait for someone to decide to abandon their homes before you see one show up on your dashboard page. A larger release is speculated to happen in the coming months with the release of the trailers/campers. At that point we'd expect to see more homes available as people abandon their current homes to secure a new trailer lot - but that remains to be seen as they haven't been released yet. If you join the Bellisseria Community and Bellisseria Citizens Groups in world you may be lucky enough to see Patch Linden announce warning a region is about to be released. That doesn't happen always. Sometimes other residents will announce that a region has been released instead once they have caught themselves a house. That may be the only "warning" you get. For region releases there is no official warning. For larger releases Patch will update his post here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435708-the-new-linden-homes-update-post/. Beyond all that it's a matter of patience, keep refreshing your page on the dashboard, keep an eye on the forums and the groups in world, and be quick enough to click the appropriate buttons when you do see Bellisseria show up on the drop-down menu in your dashboard style selection (the same page, and same means you see older style homes right now). Bellisseria will only show up when homes are available, so if you don't see it on the drop-down menu that means there's no houses or house boats currently available. Here's a good thread to watch: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/439050-when-did-you-last-see-a-bellessarian-home-available/ as well as this one: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/426577-ssp/. A quick tip to save time; whether manually refreshing or using an Auto Refresh plug in, go to your dashboard, fill in the name field with any random name and select the NEXT button. Once the page shows up asking you to agree to the terms and conditions return to your dashboard (do not agree to the terms!). Then click the yellow "get your home now" button to take you back to where you were. You should now see that the name field is already filled in so you don't have to manually type it in every time you refresh the page. This is crucial because when a Bellisseria house does show up it can be gone in a split second, so every second counts, and it's time you can't waste on typing in a name. This method has helped me and others in the past. I'm sure others have advice but that's all I know. Beyond that, good luck and hang in there. It could take a while but you will get a house eventually, you just have to be patient.
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