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  2. What's this "links that change your appearance" thing? I haven't come across that. How does that work?
  3. Hello everyone.I am selling mesh store for the 50% of the cost that cost to be made. Very high end quality. Dae+rig+psd file included https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/187689 Reason of selling- Can't run store no longer..
  4. Weird fonts...as a multilingual person I can`t help but read those names as they are supposed to be read considering the letters used, sure, I do end up laughing often so ok...maybe that one is not so bad after all... Bitchy profiles with a number of do-s and don`t-s any sort of wish list BDSM test results SL is SL /RL is RL empty profiles disclaimers (the IM thing) voice, pic etc verified any type of statement implying the person is superior to others overused quotes links that change your appearance not to be all negative, I appreciate witty content, even rants as long as delivery seems intelligent and original....
  5. Few problems. The major one would be that you need a plane that could take off in less than 30mts (probably 20-25mts, realistically speaking. Maybe even less, depending on the size of the given aircraft.), since 32mts is the max distance most 1024 párcels have available. Not all aircraft can do that. Also, for those that appreciate flying, takeoffs and landings are a very important part of it. Being able to see the scenery apparently has a huge impact on immersion. Finally, most people that enjoy flying also enjoy doing so while being able to see whats happening around you. 2000mts takeoffs would probably impair in a 1800mts crazy dive immediately after it
  6. File a support ticket so someone can come reset the box for you.
  7. So nude sunbathing, or just being naked in general are things I do. Now, lets all say that being nude on your linden home parcel is well within the scope of Moderate-rated land and I'm sitting on my deck with a friend or two who also enjoy being nude. Lets say that I don't have parcel invisibility enabled (because its nice to have a body to one's radar message that "XYZ Resident entered chat range) and along walks a group of people, one of whom is playing as a child. I am fairly sure that this group will AR myself and my friends for just existing, on land that they happened to see. I could almost guarantee it if myself and my friends were at the public beach that is just outside of my linden home. LL may not act upon the AR and the point is that I have made people uncomfortable enough that they took the time to not only whine and complain but they've also probably taken better pictures of us than I ever could. lol *note to AR-senders: send me a picture too!* My desire for adult rated linden home land is a double sided street. People playing children make me exceedingly uncomfortable. Just as they do in RL. Child-playing avatars generally tend to stay off Adult sims/regions (whatever we're calling them now) and that is why I also desire the ability to choose the maturity rating of my linden home's location. Sure, I could AR the child avatar 'for making me uncomfortable" which, in reality, would be the reason THEY would AR me, for not having clothes on. The reality of it is, I don't care what you do with your SL. You should also not care what I'm doing if it doesn't directly involve you. The only time I do care, is when you attempt to smother me with your beliefs. If "AR what you don't like looking at" becomes a fad or solution to this, then I fear we're all missing the point by a long shot.
  8. The Monarchy is a role play focused strip club and brothel, with an elite member’s – only, intimate environment catered to individual attention and fulfilling any fantasy you could possibly imagine. Our girls are the sexiest on Second Life, intelligent, exhibitionists at heart and dangerously beautiful. We're open access on Tuesdays - the perfect time to visit the club and apply if you're interested. AND WE'RE HIRING! The Monarchy - Hiring Loft OPEN POSITIONS: * Playmates (Escorts) * Sirens (Dancers) Applications can be found on our Hiring Loft! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FOLLOW US: * Website: http://themonarchysl.com/ * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMonarchySL/ * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themonarchysl/ * Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/themonarchysl/ * Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/themonarchy/
  9. ... and is it true what I've heard about these Linden security orbs? That they send any trespassers to The Corn Field?
  10. Well... - Linden-supplied security orbs will be distributed via the Linden Homes Content Creation Packs early next week I know, it's Wednesday. But if there was really any concern, they would have been released with the change.
  11. It would be possible to test it more or less properly if the new code had been rolled to RC Magnum, at least for me, as there are quite some contiguous Magnum regions I cross daily.
  12. The Lindens have already replied, 19 hours after creating the ticket and minutes after updating, saying they have "run a script" to fix it. I was directed to a low lag sim (Welsh) where I appeared with a default avi. Following their directions I flushed the cache and relogged, then stayed logged in for about 2 hours. I am able to change my looks again and right now everything looks good. Will have to test everything, though.
  13. RC channels ... to the extent they are seamlessly attached to the main grid and are scattered as it were they are 'production' sims for all practical purposes. In most places you cant sail on "just" RC channel or "just" main channel (Blake Sea aside). Code released to production should be tested.
  14. hi Violet, i had that too and after a few hours my house suddenly vanished Filed a ticket on Saturday, LL said today a specialist has to review it .. hope, yours stick with you!
  15. Sorry I mis-interpreted - thought you were making a distinction but you weren't really. For the sake of clarity, my scripted TP are just about always into different sims (and as I say they are nearly always successful even now). The connection (haha) between regions crossings and TP is that, according to what I was told, a region crossing in fact involves a TP, the agent and the vehicel cross separately and then reattach. But no idea of the credibility of my sources. Until now, region crossing disconnects were VERY rare for me, unlike falling off and cam dislocations which were more common. I wonder if somehow the latter problems have turned into the former. ie the underlying cause was always there, but with some new code somewhere its being handled differently by the servers / viewers, and so a different symptom for what is in fact the same cause. Finally - Heisenberg is alive and well!
  16. Today
  17. Greetings all! We appreciate and understand that this issue is a royal pain for everyone and is causing many users upset and irritation, but taking it out on each other is not appropriate. Linden Lab IS working on the issue. If you believe you have found something that you feel is pertinent to the issue, please submit a Bug Report. Please play nice, and if you believe you cannot, then please refrain from posting to the forums. Doing so may result in your own account being suspended, and that is never fun.
  18. Hi! I am having issues changing my Linden home. I click on the mail box, and I do not get any home options. Is there a limit as to how many times you can change the style of your home? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
  19. I'm available to record a version of "Chicken on a Raft" (Furry on a Raft?), "Blood Red Roses" (Bloodlines Posers?) or "Drunken Sailor" (Drunken Linden?) for vol II of Blake Sea Shanties
  20. What makes for the best or that is the most intensive feelings of arousal are often for both genders the feelings of at least some passion being present before the more intimate physical visuals even begin. What is passion? It is when there is some emotional connection that often may have been initially ignited by a more simple intellectual chat or understanding. From more chat and flirting the emotional connection can deepen and some romantic or erotic feeling may already be in the works. Passion comes when this build up is then paired with the physical. It is the frosting on the cake and so very sweet. It is the celebration of what is already present. The physical pleasure is greatly magnified (by some only enabled) by this connection that is typically filled with attraction and some caring via the understanding or emotional connection. Before however we get to the best or 'the hottest', gender differences to seem larger and well sometimes there seems to be a gulf. A man may experience plenty of basic arousal ( though void of passion) from his visual experience far greater than the typical woman. This distraction or low level enjoyment he may run with and not make the efforts for more connection. He may simply not see the reason for it or he may not be emotionally available-often already having a very close relationship. A woman wants to feel arousal and greatly enjoys it but to get there, the visual does not quite serve her enough and she thus seeks more knowing or connection or simply something more. She may also have discovered that should there be a great intellectual and emotional connection that the passion is so intense the physical erotic acts are robust. That is she is aroused even with the guy fumbling about or well less than optimally sexually compatible. The connection motivates both to make more effort in the bedroom as well there is desire to do so via the caring/concern present. She doesn't want to settle for playing around with animations which would be empty, and often maybe even only 1% of what she can experience should there be even a bit of passion. In their voice exchange or video chat they pick up quickly on the others complimentary traits, the ying to the yang, the strengths, the vulnerabilities, values, interests quickly related to, validation and compliments given and already some romantic flirtation. The fun is already begun. How is this connection, important for both genders attained? Well communication of course. What is the most efficient communication? Well that would be in-person chat where the help of non verbal communication is present. What is second best? That would be video chat. What is next best? That would be a voice chat where at least intonation, emphasis, cadence and other qualities of the voice greatly aide. And lastly email, instant message and other text chat -this is composed only of 7% of communication in a person to person and takes far longer and may never reach the quality attained by the other means. Interestingly there is communication with only the visual and/or tactile and void of verbal and written speech which could potentially be more connective also than the text only. What are the pitfalls ? One person maybe avoiding or not open to a component necessary for this passionate romance and/or erotic experience. For example, he sees this beautiful vision of a woman and imagines her in his bed. While there is not much deep feeling (how could there be there's been little communication) the feelings of arousal are pleasant and he wants more. He approaches her and before there is much connection via voice and perhaps only nominal text they attempt sex. She doesn't feel much connection, he cares only for the sex and doesn't bother asking about her preferences. She is only responsive to the singular animation or maybe none and does not put out much emote or anything as well she doesn't feel much. She does not wish to be his passing entertainment. Its just a visual play as well there's nothing else that is built up. He may or may not be disappointed with the pixel sex he just got, but oh my, it could have been much greater. She could feel used or bored and he has a 'meh' experience. The potential may have been ruined or these two could use the experience as fun lighthearted way of getting to know each other using visual play. They may then continue likely including a good voice chat to actually get feel and understanding. Should positive feeling emerge and optimism with compatibility exist, next time they come to the bed with bit of passion, they far more likely some erotic feelings and arousal and maybe even that all elusive precious romance. How exciting!
  21. No, I mean they are lost because I do not know a name to search for them. I forgot the creator's name or the object was named a bizarre name. And, I'm talking about my inventory not MP nor the favorites nor wishlist. I'd have to go through a lot of pages in the My Account area to find them. And, I'm using lost not in the literal sense. I know they are there...but what is the name? I dunno. So, I write on notecards everything NOW -- creator name, name of object, name of hud because often the hud doesn't have the creator's name nor the object name. For instance, the hud was named 20 colors hud. So, if I type in HUD in my inventory search box...there's bazillion of huds there, even all the demo ones. I catalog now along with changing names if it's a bizzare named item. Such as 1. That's the object name, 1? lol It has happened.
  22. That's nice. So none of your responses were made in good faith and held the sole intention of leading/feeding your personal conclusion. Good to know. Have fun wasting your day.
  23. 04/23/1915 - The Advisory Committee for Aeronautics becomes the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the forerunner of NASA. -- and today I am reading the autobiography of A. Scott Crossfield, the first man to exceed Mach 2, flying the D558-II Skyrocket research aircraft for NACA. Crossfield went on to play a key role in the development and tests of the iconic X-15. He was featured in Life magazine and was one of my childhood heroes.
  24. We are currently searching for a mesh builder to help our mini rental community come to life! Looking for someone experienced in building that can help take our community to the next level. Contact Jayenzio in-world for more details.
  25. I have given you substance and reasoning to support their position over many hours and many hundreds of sim crossings. You are choosing to ignore that well informed advice because it doesn't suit your narrative. I am the one being objective. You are the one who is being subjective by ignoring well research information because it is contrary to your un-researched opinion. Others on here already have you marked as a block worthy troll. I hope I've managed to make that view seem more reasonable for others in this thread. Have a nice day.
  26. Michael Gove: I think the people in this country have had enough of experts, with organizations from acronyms, saying— Interviewer: They've had enough of experts? The people have had enough of experts? What do you mean by that? Michael Gove: People from organizations with acronyms saying that they know what is best and getting it consistently wrong. Inteviewer: The people of this country have had enough of experts? Michael Gove: Because these people are the same ones who got consistently wrong what was happening. Interviewer: This is proper Trump politics this, isn't it? Michael Gove: No it's actually a faith in the— Inteviewer: It's Oxbridge Trump. Gove: It's a faith, Faisal, in the British people to make the right decision. (I knew I'd remember the quote after I'd logged off!)
  27. You just love to make us all jealous it’s so mean but we 💗 love it really.
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