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  2. Check out her landscape pics. She's not "competition." She's the one the rest of us are trying to match.
  3. So something to consider, and I was too new to see it until I did some work. While this is the location I received, the landscaping changed before I got it. The nice fences and bench were no longer there - it has no bench (it's in the back on the pond now, which I like better) and two large ROCKS in the front yard. And the hedge on the left side disappeared. I've done some mods and decorating... but wish the fences had stayed. But I'm happy with it for now... happy enough to stay until things relax and it gets easier to pick up another one. Thanks to everyone for their positive response and support!
  4. Honestly, you're getting rapidly better at this at a very high pace. Your work was already awesome, of course, but it really looks like you took it up a notch, of late. ❀️ Watch out, Scylla, here comes your competition! Oh wait, we're not doing 'competition.' 😁 And, seriously, we don't. It's nonetheless heartwarming to see others learn and grow. That's kinda the purpose of this thread, isn't it?! To share and enjoy, and all come from the experience a little more enriched.
  5. Thank you so much! Yes, this place is amazing. Truly one of the best landscaped regions I've come across in years. I'll definitely be taking more pictures here, whether I post them on this thread or not. There's just something to see everywhere you look. After seeing what you can do with humble subject matter I can't wait to see what you do here! 😍 😲 🀯
  6. Aww Kira, you're making me blush over here! Nope, I most certainly am not. But I DO admit to being extremely inspired by the other pics here that play on shadows and light and thought to try my hand at it. What's that they say about imitation being the highest form of flattery? Well, that! And thank you for being so kind! 😁 πŸ€— ❀️
  7. I know Copper River! I've taken a few pics there myself, although not landscapes. Clearly I need to explore it more: these are beautiful. You have a really good eye for these!
  8. Wow! Amazing! ❀️ Artful and styllish. Are you sure you're not a real photographer?! ☺️
  9. Thanks! And probably, though you're clearly not alone... I don't even want to hazard a guess regarding the psychology behind that! πŸ˜πŸ˜† I wanted to add these pics purely because I simply adore this region. A friend introduced me to it and now I keep going back taking photos! (it's a good thing he's patient!) ^ All taken at Copper River (where the Flourish Sales event is). I could literally live here and never leave. This is the level of decorating and landscaping I aspire to and one day, by golly, achieve it I shall!
  10. @ Grumpity Linden and Bugsly Linden Internal Script Improvements may sound nice, but for technically savvy users or region owners or region managers it's just a simple generic term. Remember the old days when Oscar wrote the release notes. The information was much more extensive and informative. This should be reintroduced, even if it involves a bit more effort.
  11. Beautiful shots, but I love love love the colours in this one. Clearly I have a hitherto undetected thing for lighthouses!
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  13. I'm looking for the armor in this picture: Also, looking for the suit in this one: If anyone can please help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  14. I can't believe I never saw this thread before. There are some truly lovely shots here, as well as some very talented artists among us! Second Life is an amazing place and this thread is proof of that! Anyway, I haven't taken any new-new landscapes for a while, but these are the favourites that usually end up on my wall in world (and in this post, all of these pics are hanging in my Linden Home right now because nostalgia is real ). ^ Taken in my original RP region, Stormy Valley about five or six years ago now? ^ Not the best quality but this is old too, back before I realized I could change camera proportions. Taken at Never Totally Dead. ^ Taken at Outbreak, back when I used to RP there. Think it's since closed now too. ^ Taken looking out through dirty glass on a friend's former RP region, Consequence California. ^ Taken at Arranmore. None of these have been altered in any way, just used windlight settings.
  15. I have several RSI problems, going from my right hand all the way to my neck, from nearly 40 years at keyboards. At my low point, I was taking half a painkiller at breakfast to tamp things down until I could get engaged enough in my work for my brain to not care about it. I tried ergonomic mice and keyboards, keyboard trays, trackballs, vertical mice, trackpads, pads with pens... you get the idea. When Apple introduced that flat, buttonless Magic Mouse, I thought it would be horrific. When I replaced my soccer ball iMac with a new aluminum model, that worrisome Magic Mouse was included, along with a very flat, low travel keyboard that looked equally evil to me. I gave them both a try. It's been a decade. Today, I love my Magic Mice. I love my even flatter, even less travel keyboards. I take no painkillers. I can type all day. RSI and workspace ergonomics are highly intertwined and highly personal. I would not recommend my setup for anyone else, even though it's working wonderfully for me. I imagine I could have found other solutions to address my RSI, but Apple dumped a pair of ergonomic nightmares on my desk that have, once again, made spending hours at the computer, interacting with people who think my setup must be the work of the devil... a pleasure.
  16. I have a 20K prim grandfathered sim for sale for $1250, including transfer fee. Monthly cost is $179, due on the 10th. Available Sunday, 8/25.
  17. In most games, voice is a must. If you stop to type, you die. If it were up to me, SL would be the same.
  18. Derendering is a great way to find out which clothes auto hide the bodies under 'em, and which don't. I like the ones that don't, for lots of reasons.
  19. Not me today but Lani, my alt who got a bit of a makeover this week since she won't be living on the beta grid any longer :D. Cute new top as a gift at Wellmade. I think she is looking pretty saucy!
  20. Some guys just know all the right moves to get the ladies worked up.
  21. I can't figure out how to edit my previous post, so I will just add another (I hope that this isn't breaking some rule). I have to clarify what I mean with usability, so it makes real sense for somebody in a different situation: The Magic Mouse is very flat and it accepts finger gestures at the top surface. I have to re-learn fine movement because I hurt my hand in an accident, and the Magic Mouse lets me do that. For someone else in a different situation this might be different, and they would have a better experience with a more ergonomic shape, like most Logitech mice are. The Magic Keyboard is very flat and it has nice large keys, which also works out really well for me. There is also the connectivity and the battery life, it seems as if it lasts forever, and there is never any connectivity issues, which is not something I can say after using bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless PC peripherals in the past, where I ran better with 2.4GHz, but that made my Wifi setup suck. There was always some issue with my PC peripherals unless they were wired, and those wore down too quickly. I mowed through the average keyboard within 3 months, when all the print on the keys would be gone and things started to fail. I hate the cables, no matter if soft rubber or thicc and braided, they tie me to a desk in ways that aren't alright with me. I'm very active in front of my desk and workplaces, I need to be able to move and sit the way I want. With Apple peripherals I made due for literally years. The print stays on, the typing stays accurate, you can wipe them down, and they seem much better fortified against cervical mucus! The only real criticism I have is that I can't replace the battery in the newer Magic Peripherals. PS: Also, let's not talk about the butterfly keyboard in the MacBook and MacBook Pro of the previous generation. ✌️😁
  22. Ok, so here I go again pretending that cityscapes are really landscapes. May the ghosts of Gainsborough, Constable, and Monet forgive me.
  23. All three of these are lovely, but the light and colours in this one are stunning.
  24. Gorgeous. One day I'll have to try the EPP viewer. When will the existing viewers finally integrate EPP????
  25. I think partial blame lay with the default camera positioning. Where it sits by default there's a slight distortion at depth perception looking down instead of out, whereas positioning the camera closer to or offset the shoulder of an avatar and you start to see things more level. In this way you start seeing just how ridiculously over-sized the SCALE of some things really are and what has since been adopted as standard.
  26. I personally like this but I've been told on more than one occasion by other players (at the time as I was developing my own RP regions) that they won't RP in a place that they can't rent a home in. It's a catch 22 situation: the more homes you have, the more prims you need, the more space you need to buy to accommodate the prims. I guess this doesn't apply to all genres, but most certainly Urban RP (again, as has been my experience and not indicative of everyone at all). I'm all for smaller areas, but there is (or was) an underlying belief with a good percentage of players that small equates to small-time and full sims equals worthwhile (or "lasting" as misguided as that can be). I don't get it. If more people did maybe there wouldn't be so many regions empty?
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