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  2. Professional data center storage for your backup servers - store your CasperVend DropBox, BSM server, MD product server, Subscriber Kiosk server, and many more - making YOUR world (and your product deliveries) MORE reliable! Secure data storage in a low-lag region, with storage bays available from 1 prim to as many as 50 prims/land impact for merchants with large product lines - all storage clusters have locking doors so that only the renter may access the contents! This region will normally restart on Wednesdays - making it a perfect alternative if your main server storage region (such as your main store) restarts on Tuesdays. See the available rentals - rates starting as low as 5L$ per week for 1 prim storage!
  3. Hello there! how to make the unpacker not give animations from content? default { touch_start(integer total_number) { integer x; for(x = 0; x < total_number; x++) { if(llDetectedKey(x) == llGetOwner()) { string InvenName; integer InvenNumber = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); list InvenList = []; integer y; for(y = 0; y < InvenNumber; y++) { InvenName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, y); if(InvenName != llGetScriptName()) InvenList += [InvenName]; } llGiveInventoryList(llGetOwner(), llGetObjectName(), InvenList); } } } }
  4. I may be violating the leash laws here... but he's such a good dog! Taken at Uphill VIllage.. it's a small city build with a lot of detail. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cayanan%20Island/202/96/1495
  5. If I remember well, they accidentally made the demo deliver you a box you need to rezz in world again and from that get the demo. If that makes sense... been a while, and I had some wine.
  6. The Trads have 1 room too little. It is not strange that add-ons sell so well. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and livingroom. Trads only have 3 rooms, so one has to buy a new room or a bath insert. I like how I made my Winchester now. But I don't need to buy or make add-ons for the Victorians. Plus that colorchange walls is the best! If I am forced to have just one Premium account, I think I would take Victorian, for the reasons over.
  7. For me it’s Victorians Houseboats Traditionals Campers/Trailers If you are having trouble decorating a Victorian (but like them), do keep trying! I’ve lived in 4 RL and even though they are always more challenging, it’s a really satisfying house style to conquer with a mix of historical and modern pieces. I’m telling myself the same thing for when I do a houseboat, that will be completely new to me.
  8. They seem new to me, too. I've been watching the area, because I have a boat in Saltmarsh, and have been curious as to what LL will be doing up there. I TP'd into the lower of the 2 regions last week when it was empty, looked like they were working on a very fancy mansion build. Didn't look around much, but did TP out to a shop where they got some of their furniture So, yes, possible northeast boundary.
  9. Have you considered just getting a different friend?
  10. "Before I can talk about the grand opening of the HGMM venue, I need to tell you a bit about why I opened it in the first place." Read more on the blog.
  11. cool, you are riding a water horse? bento or animesh? could you give me an advice about which one is better? thanks in advance
  12. Your profile shows you have payment info (used) which means you could buy the L$100k right now (if trading limits allow) at best buy rate it'll set you back $373.24
  13. Yeah Torley as noted above. But that got me to look around the edges: Top is skin shop 'Pink Fuel' - one of the very first 'paid' things I ever owned in SL was a plushie from them from before they became a skin shop. Most of my alts use skins from them... I had been assuming LL would force their region to relocated as Bellisseria grew, but the two regions below it... I've never seen before. Did I just miss them or are they new... If new - I guess we now know where the hard northern end of the western eastern border for Bellisseria will be.
  14. My suggestion is to walk away from SL and never look back.
  15. https://secondlife.com/destination/lastdove really bare, certainly not Garrigua, but I like the desert even if I found a lot of avi there
  16. AFK is somewhat like watching porn where no social interaction is needed, but with interactive options. Control of what the "actors" are doing. And it creates a sense of you taking part instead of watching others in pictures or movie. I can definitely see why people enjoy it.
  17. Okay, good to know. I just need to remember to try on many of my favorite hairstyles, checking the ears, when I do finally start to demo mesh heads.
  18. The best results I’ve gotten with that card have been creating an entry for Firestorm in the gaming section and letting the driver auto tune performance. I have never been able to get usable performance out of it with shadows on.
  19. 100 K is a big number lett me help you out a little bit. K Here you go I just gave you one K.
  20. I really need to know how someone gets L$100K in debt. At least I really hope it's L$100K and not $100K. Is it gambling debt? A nasty SL drug habit? Are there SL loan sharks? Do they carry mesh bats?
  21. I'M CRANKY, TOO. ... and I love handcuffs...
  22. I fall asleep sometimes listening to a police scanner app on my phone for white noise. I once heard a call from a parent wanting the police to come because their stepdaughter refused to go to bed. America has some serious... and serious isn't a strong enough word... issue right now with schools and children and parenting and behavior and teachers (and freaking ARMED police officers in the schools). I don't know what the answer is. No, actually I'm just arrogant enough to think I do but it would involve actually spending a lot tax dollars on education, training, resources, salaries, and a whole host of things those who are currently in charge of our country believe is less important than spray tans and golf.
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