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  2. Yes, there really are two typists here. But I was rolling on the floor laughing about the town clerk and Mount Molly. Still . . . I did officially recognize the name. But I note that LL has not recognized the official, correct names of Mount Molly or Lia's Airstrip. How disappointing. The good news is that Molly and I don't even know each other and we're really not organized in any sort of organized roleplay. Just two people doing their thing and having fun at it.
  3. Where is that on the website? or is submitting it through fax the only method anymore? this should be changeable on their site too. but I'll pass along the answer to the person that asked me or I'll have them reply here. why am I a relay -.- lol
  4. My attachments won't detatch and stays on when I add other attachments. My animations and alphas for my mesh bodies don't work. What should I do? Is there another free app for Android tablet? Like Lumiya?
  5. I don't remember for sure, but I probably searched them out. I always go looking for forums associated with my online activities. I found the forums in the first month of my original account.
  6. LL rescinded the change in the number of groups for Basic accounts -- it stays at 42. The number of saved offline IMs does drop to 15.
  7. Let's share some photos of all the fun and happiness shared in our beautiful community! I'll start- I love my horses and always delight in taking Majesty out to jump and frolic in the open lands. Since they won't be around for long, we like to find large expanses of open space to ride. 🤩 What's one of your happy moments? Feel free to tell us about it or share photos!
  8. Looks like its gonna be a good day for surfing!
  9. People do tend to forget that in G regions there are those 16 - just under 18. Granted, old enough to know but still not of legal consenting age in the US (over all, each state has it's own but average is 18). So really, it's best not to because irate parents. Whether or not it's AR worthy... each of us has to decide that for ourselves. What is AR worthy for one, may not be for another and vice versa. https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions Not correcting you Lindal, just posting for those who don't know or believe differently.
  10. I love this. The lighting is great, and your avatar is gorgeous! ❤️
  11. RaeLeeH


    You can also try Seraphim.com and search for hunts, they have a weekly Survival Guide that lists them. Not sure I was allowed to post the link, but easy to find regardless.
  12. It doesn't even give out a freaking condom. Its just an image that rotates on your screen, same as the can of peas or plastic bottle or one of the various fish. Should the vegans be offended because of a game catching pretend fish? It's not real in the context of SL. It's implied garbage. It's not a prize- nothing goes to inventory. I for one, knew what a condom was before I was an "ADULT" simply by going fishing! Holy cow, a realistic experience! Noticing used condoms on the ground at the lake. Imagine that. Better yet, I knew what they were from roadside gas station bathrooms... That & french ticklers, tho those took some imagination to figure out. At that- prophylactics are sold at retail stores & pharmacies that don't require you to prove your age before entry to the premises. **on further thought- if anyone who is playing the game, looked at the game at the website, or looked at the billboard on the machine as they buy the rod/or game- they can see what is included in the random "prizes" that do not go to inventory- such that they would have to be looking at the vendor image before making their purchase- they can't see the fishbowl, or dock, or ship or whatever the "fishin' hole" happens to be and blindly purchase the item on the spot- they have to do so after having access to the information- so if it's going to offend them, or cause worry, they don't have partake.** Honestly, I do not see a reason to file an AR over this game.
  13. At the very real risk of doing what this thread is about, what's the generally acceptable time that should accumulate before a thread is considered dead?
  14. I went to look, and I couldn't find a giant squid. There wasn't one in the region called "Giant Squid" either. I would like there to be a giant squid somewhere.
  15. Do you like to roleplay? Are you into the poly lifestyle? I'm looking for women to roleplay the part of being in a poly family. This is strictly for roleplay. Must be able to act with some realism. Must be fun and enjoy doing it. This is for a film part in a short film I am creating about the poly lifestyle. "The story line will be about a man who brings multiple women together to be in a unified family. He will treat his women with honor and respect like no other poly family has ever been created but then to build the climax of the story, conflict will arise and he will have to find a way to fix it or lose the family he created." If this sounds like something you would be interested in role playing please contact OsirisJamel inworld. We are currently putting together a team to start organizing and putting the full script together. Thanks you for your time! OsirisJamel
  16. Today
  17. I see your point @Lindal Kidd, and I did laugh at what you said. Then I felt bad for laughing and second guessed my emoji reaction to your post. This is what we've come to; a culture of stepping lightly lest we offend someone, and offending people anyway. I think maybe I'm just old fashioned. Not that long ago we could laugh and joke about just about anything and there was a degree of apathy to it; look at TV sitcoms from fifty years ago, or twenty years ago. Shows like 'The Honeymooners' wouldn't be allowed on TV now ("One of these days Alice! Pow! Right in the kisser!"), but it was a different time, and values were different. Things are far more... sensitive now. And an edit to my post: Age doesn't equate with maturity. So while these child avatars are adults behind the keyboard there's no guarantee all of them are developmentally aware? (Is that the right word for it? How do I say that and not offend anyone either? Egads!) So I say AR to play it safe more than anything else. (But if anyone's going to teach my kids about condoms it should be the poor teacher in the class room with the plastic banana and... yeah, never mind... Australian Sex-Ed classes are a joke for another time XD).
  18. I've just been reading on thefashionlaw dot com about Harley Davidson suing a company called Urban Outfitters for copyright infringement in January 2017. On there it states '' In addition to federal trademark protections for its full name and various logos, Harley-Davidson has several federally registered trademarks that extent (sic) to the word, “Harley,” on its own ''. So I would assume that it is indeed down to the use of the word Harley as that is a trademark of Harley-Davidson. That doesn't explain of course why the segways were removed.
  19. Exactly. Personally, I would see absolutely no reason to report such harmless stuff, even if that were given out in "General" regions. Now AR me, too, if you want. 😈
  20. Same with me Blush. But not just mornings with coffee, its any time during the day I get a break at work. Its nice to take myself away to a quiet corner and read. I came across SLForums very early in my life, as a noob wanting to know how to do things. I think Google sent me here first.
  21. Oh, for pity's sake. OK, I'll be the one to downplay this situation. The "kids" we're proposing to protect here are all adults in RL. I think it actually provides an interesting opportunity for some (non sexual!) roleplay. Kid: "Mom, what's this? A balloon?" Mother: "Uh...not exactly sweetheart. Give it to Mommy, and I'll give you a cookie instead." Kid: "OK...but what IS it?" Mother: "Er...Dear, you explain it to her." Father: "Why me?" (Y'all can take this as far as you want. I think I made my point.)
  22. Club Addiction is looking for -Hosts -Djs (we spin EDM, TRAP, DANCE) -Shift Managers 100 % tips. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oahu/89/12/3903 For an application Contact - November Rainfall Jayden420xx Resident or Stephanie Northman Available shifts are as follows - Tuesdays 10am - 12pm slt Dj, Shift Manager, Host 12pm - 2pm slt - Dj,shift manager 2pm - 4pm slt - shift manager 6pm - 8pm slt - host 8pm - 10pm slt - dj, host 10pm - midnight slt -Dj, Shift Manager, Host Wednesdays 10am - noon slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host noon - 2pm slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host 10pm - midnight - Dj, Shift Manager, Host Thursdays 10am - noon slt -Dj, Shift Manager, Host noon - 2pm slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host 10pm - midnight - Dj, Shift Manager, Host Fridays 10am - noon slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host noon - 2pm slt - DJ 2pm - 4pm slt - DJ, Shift manager 4pm - 6pm - Host 6pm - 8pm - dj 8pm - 10pm - DJ 10pm - midnight slt - DJ, Host Saturdays 10am - noon slt - DJ, Shift Manager Noon - 2pm slt - Dj, Shift manager 2pm -4pm slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host 4pm - 6pm slt - Dj, Host 6pm - 8pm slt - Host 8pm - 10pm slt - Dj 10pm - midnight slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host
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