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  2. It is what it is. Did ya happen to see Dead Pixels on E4 last nite? Takes the peas out of the pixel pumping, shows what really goes on behind the avs.
  3. Hi everyone I'm the new designated owner of a private region that is used by a university. There is a huge phantom rotating world prim - not a full globe, just a one sided texture on a curved mega prim (I think) that was previously used in a project concerning a space station. That project is long gone - as are the people behind it. The only thing that remains is this giant prim, which casts a shadow over most of the island. I've tried several times to right click it so I can return it to its owner, wherever they might be, and off our island but I can't get a hold of it. I can't click edit on it to move it - it's as if it isn't there. Would anyone have any ideas how we can be rid of this blasted thing? Thanks Orion
  4. They do not need a witness as they have access to the chat logs and other tools to look into the matter so there is nothing new that a witness could tell them. If your friend feels they were wrongly banned, they need to open a support ticket and explain the issue in a polite and cohesive matter. Bans have been reverted in the past, but if the facts are there and speaking volumes it's very unlikely that your friend will be unbanned. Bans are not issued lightly, there is such a thing as temporary bans. If your friend received a permanent ban it either means the offense was a drastic one that warranted immediate removal from participating in SL or they received previous bans that culminated into the permanent one.
  5. @ Mollymews.. thats not quite what i had in mind ROFL..😃
  6. I'll counter Aquaman with an equally appropriate Murk:
  7. it may be that the number of regions hasn't changed. It may be that another region that shares your server has now gotten a new enthusiastic script-loving parcel owner. How server time is allocated to each region I am not sure, but it could be something like this
  8. As a test earlier today, i flew up to just over 2000m altitude in my region then increased my draw distance... and i was surprised by how many skyboxes and sky platforms were up there. I am glad we can't see them from the ground, but I guess it shows that even with a nice home, some people still like living in boxes 🤣
  9. It's funny that this person seems so affected by all the adult things in SL. I don't encounter it 99% of the time because I don't seek it out and I don't test random beds in people's homes to see if the owner bought the PG or Adult version. The only time I do run into it is when I do a hunt that leads to an adult place but that is few and far in between. So one does not even have to select "General only".
  10. Thank you, what I was thinking is perhaps like witnesses providing the evidence that could change the mind of the matter perhaps? I do understand that it may be all just my wishful thinking, but I need to find out for sure.
  11. First off, only the person banned can dispute a ban. The issue is between that person and second life and has nothing to do with anyone else. It's a private matter, logically and legally speaking. A petition to get someone unbanned will not do anything safe for perhaps making you guys feel a bit better. All your friend can do is to contact support.
  12. I want to ask how can someone petition a ban on sl? What happened is someone I know got banned from sl and from what I understand the reason for it was something I believe me and others could dispute. I fully understand that ll don't make these decisions lightly and that this might lead to nowhere but I also feel like I owe it to my friend to at least try and help them out. So any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. I wondering if Pussycat Catnap is going to post any more pics...(refer page 1 of this thread)
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  15. the Brendens were part of what was referred to as the 5/9 bots. Although it was never conclusively proven ( because the RL owner of those accounts never came foward), the Brendens were linked to then FindMyFriend scheme, or if not that scheme then something similar it may be that some other RL person has now obtained the code to run the bots and is experimenting with it. And your name (for some unknown random reason) is on the bots target list from back in those days in SL's past there have been lots of these kinda bot programs with all sorts of capabilities, made by all sorts of people, for no reason at all really other than that they could on a previous account I was on the Insult Bot list. How I got on there I dunno, just that I was. Two or three times a week, one of the bots would IM me with a random insult. If I replied it would then parse what I said and try to response. Like have a conversation. Which would get even more insulting. It was kinda interesting in an academic - how good are the skills of the programmer of this thing - way, but after a time then meh! not very good at all and block further info from other users about the Brenden 5/9s can be found on google. Like here for example: http://cassandrakestrel.com/2015/08/introducing-the-59-bots/
  16. OK Billy , you make the valid point that there is no logical reason for LL to stack more regions per core. So then what IS causing this very real performance hit to script run? Please understand that I am clear about the use of the in-viewer admin tools and the performance drop was very sudden with a set of quite well integrated and understood items. Nothing else had changed. My question is and always has been: since I had changed nothing, why did script performance drop so drastically?
  17. I was 35 when I joined, but that was five years ago.
  18. Ok lets start with parcel settings. Yes I know that Firestorm has a workaround to use parcel settings by having text in the description field but let's be honest - that's not really a very elegant solution. The solution provided by EEP is far more elegant. You mention a massive UI that covers the whole screen - well I guess that depends upon what resolution you run at. Also that UI is only needed for when you are setting up the environmental settings - once you have set them up then you apply them from the "My Environments" option that opens a tiny little window. You also mention marketable objects for EEP - yes you can create environmental settings and then share, sell or give them away. However that does not mean people will suddenly create environments and hold you to ransom in order that you can obtain them. Every current windlight setting can be imported so you have hundreds of them out there free to import at the moment. I seriously doubt anyone is going to make a big business out of selling EEP settings. The most important thing about EEP is I think progress. It ties together the client, parcel, sim and server without the need for workarounds and hacks in clients. All clients will see the same thing (assuming they adopt support of EEP). It is as much a step forward as windlight was when it was introduced - I'm sure you can remember there were many of them who complained and said windlight itself was not needed and caused problems. Is it perfect - of course not. Is it better - in my opinion yes.
  19. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TheMeshProject/128/128/0 You can get the bento update to original TMP still here, and I think still get the super low price on one. if you look at TheMeshProject Resident profile it explains more.
  20. Google analytics. You clicked on something or searched for something SL-related at some point between 2005 -2019 at least ONCE using an ID on a machine that also used a Google service in a browser that was not in private mode and had connected cache / cookies between the two instances of conduct... thus allowing Google to realize that the ID that views youtube also has an interest in SL... And now you will be spammed about that... forever... until the Analytics finds some other data-metric about that has a stronger tie to your shopping habits, or to the shopping habits of people with like interests... I get spammed Daz3D ads all-the-time... but youtube pretty much doesn't spam me for anything else. I haven't bought any Daz3d products in a while, but over the years I've likely dumped a few thousand towards those guys, so they're thinking I'll need another sniff of that line at some point... Good luck trying to avoid their metrics figuring you out... Google's AI might not be as good as Teslas at guessing 'WHAT' you will do next, but it's pretty good at guessing 'WHO' will do it...
  21. 😂 holy moly, oh boy I need fix this cause one am now 31 still single sure I still want a boyfriend in second life and I am going edit this later today better grammar and tell you men later
  22. I have a script that has been continuously running since some time in 2010 or so. It shows the current population along with the highest and lowest that has ever been seen. Most of the time, it shows a number that is about no more than 10% off for that time of day, plus or minus, from what that number has been the entire time, for that time of day (as in, the value at 3am can be a tiny amount of the value at noon, but the value at 3am in 2019 is about 90-110% of the value at 3am in 2013...) It then gets low when folks here in the USA go to bed, and gets high when we're awake but not at work... It's a pretty simple script so it doesn't show detailed data, or even an average. If I had thought in 2010 that I would manage to still have un-reset copies of it 9 years later, I would have written in an averaging function... But the highest ever is currently 73,721 - I think that number is less than 3 years old, but exactly how recent I don't know. The lowest ever was 5762. That is also less than 3 years old, but for years the lowest was about 5800 or so... since 2010. I believe the low just means that SL did a 'check' right after some major crash took down most of the grid... which is an uncommon event, but something that seems to happen about twice a year, give or take. It's 12:37am PST as I type this - right now it says: 29,581 - about typical for this time of day, back in 2010 I often saw values like that in the late evening. In the day it might hit up to 57,000 on a weekend, maybe 45,000 on a weekday peak time. And that's kinda the same thing I've been seeing all these years... Of course it would be nice if I had thought to track an average... You can get a copy of the thing I put the script in, all those years ago, here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strugatsky/179/46/4087 - It's a sculpty vase... because we didn't have mesh back then. It's there right now, and as long as you don't reset the script, it'll keep on going for you. I can't say it will always be in that spot though, I have a habit of tearing my builds down and making new ones. That script did at one point spend about 6 months in inventory, but since it doesn't record an average, that's not a major loss - there is a small chance that at some point in 2017 the low got lower or the high got higher and I missed it... but the real value is just seeing the current and realizing that it looks like a familiar number. My larger purpose in this post is that... I have been hearing SL was dying since the first time I logged in, on my first account, in 2006. Yet from my experience, the needle has only moved the tiniest amount. A lot of people have left, almost every venue I knew when I started is long gone. But a whole lot of new stuff replaced it. But the one constant... is that there is always a set of people telling me SL is already dead...
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