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  2. If your parcel is correctly set, that person would have to literally guess when you are changing clothes. Then approach your parcel, which takes some time, and then, after entering, take the pic in the few secs he/she has available to do so. Meanwhile, you could be changing in your skybox. Or tp to it as soon as someone gets too close. Or tp elsewhere. Or avoid changing clothes when other players are in the vicinity. Oh! And ban list that person for eternity, so he would never be able to approach your land again. Look, I get it. You want total control of what you are doing in your land. You want to be able to do things exactly as you could in the old Linden Houses. That's all fair and square. But here is the thing: The older Linden Houses were a huge failure. The word Ghost Town comes to mind. Now, LL is trying to avoid that. They are going for something new. Making a much better looking place is an important part of that. As is making traveling a possibility (hence why anything that hinders that becomes a liability). Giving us more options than previously is another as well (we get actual land with our Linden House, instead of just the house itself; the possibility of a skybox, etc). And making a community that actively interacts within it is another important part, which LL has made abundantly clear. They want us to interact in Bellisseria. That's the price we currently have to agree with in order to have a house there. When you sign up for premium, the LH Covenant is the price you must agree with, in order to have access to the premium houses. It was exactly the same thing with the older ones as well. They just changed some of the rules there, in order to try a new concept. Will it work? Who knows. Is it for everybody? Sure hell it isn't. It never is. But, as a community, we must agree that there will always be a part of it that won't be satisfied with something. As long as the majority of players get what they want, it is working as intended. It's why I proposed to poll it. So we know what the majority wants, and act accordingly. I believe that the community as a whole is pretty happy with how things are now, given how quickly the land there became unavailable, and how rare land abandons currently are right now, even after the ban line change. But a poll would surely put this discussion to rest. The majority gets what they want. The minority gets to deal with it, unfortunately. As any other democratic system. Square and fair.
  3. Love this pic! And your breasts. *coughs* What I mean is, how you managed to get a realistic shape on your breasts! Did you just use the shape sliders?
  4. Tenage congratulations, you really got it right, but how did you build the bathroom? surely you built the walls but for the moldings how did you make them the same as the default ones of the house? I also like making furniture and objects, if you want to go on MP and look for Adri De Luxe, low impact, low cost. See you soon
  5. Yes, that makes (second) life a lot more fun, doesn't it?
  6. Thank you ☺️ I submitted one under the Linden Homes option. I hope that was the right choice
  7. Sounds like a script error. I'm sure if you submit a ticket they will get to it asap.
  8. Thats what I've been doing. but I just get LH - Traditional Mailbox 5.2: One moment, please, while I ask the remote server to deliver a LH - Traditional Content Creation Pack to you. Then nothing happens πŸ˜•
  9. Hi Miakis you just click on the mailbox and when you get this menu chose option 6
  10. Oooh, you'll hate the method I used to escape from one of those rooms a couple years ago. While my drunken friends misunderstood all the clues, I sat at the dining table in the middle of the room and read a book on my phone. By doing nothing at all, I was able to escape the room in 55 minutes, which was exactly how long it took for the staff to let us out so the next group could enter.
  11. My little piece of the American Dream. Thanks to my friends who helped out with decorating.
  12. because these are the Linden starter homes removing the banline capability says that people who buy premium and get a starter home must be exposed to random wanderers. That when a premium member is standing naked on their pose stand in their own home trying on outfits, then it is ok for any random person can wander in and/or over and get an eyeful for some Linden-decided 10, 15, 20 or 30 seconds or however long, and/or take a snapshot of that premium member in that state it is one thing to be photo-snapped naked in a public place, it is quite another to be photo-snapped in what we would assume to be the privacy of our own home removing banlines from the premium starter homes is a lazy response to a perennial issue directed public travel is solved by the LDPW dropping withies/beacons in the water, and transparent ones in the sky to mark the public boating and airspace channels. Beacons that are ping-able from a radar script that listen for the beacons, helping the driver/sailor pilot to stay in the channels. If LL are going to spend staff resources and time on scripting stuff to help users then ping-able beacons please, and have the Moles drop them all over the Linden mainland which leaves the new premium starter accounts with the expectation of preemptive privacy that banlines coupled with visibility ensures, which should be the default for a Linden-provided premium starter home
  13. Today
  14. I love that the ban lines have been removed and the security orbs were painful. This has made exploring the new continent soooo much nicer!
  15. those crabs are so creepy sliding around on the sand lol
  16. I tried to join the group but its not set up for anyone to join .
  17. You've been to New Babbage, of course.
  18. Happy Easter everyone ❀️
  19. Hanging out at a nudie beach with a friend 🀐
  20. The brick fence, gate and matching textures came in our LL pack and the sign is within our parcel border. We would swap the sign for a LL fence so we can get extra prims though
  21. There isn't a definite date, as far as I am aware. I believe that post by Patch Linden is supposed to provide the most up to date info. I am also waiting and hoping for more to be released quickly (have been updating the homes page in the meantime, with no luck).
  22. Thanks Maddie. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, but we are planning a trip to Universal Studios on Wed. Who knows what will happen there. We did a 2-hour escape room this evening. That was definitely the toughest one we have ever done, but tons and tons of fun with lots of really good puzzles. Which part of FL are you in, Hippie? We are currently in the Orlando area, but popping around to different parts to meet other friends for lunches and dinners.
  23. Is this the pack you get by clicking on the mailbox? I've been unable to get one for some reason 😞
  24. The new continent does offer a prim advantage over your own land elsewhere on Mainland - your home on the new continent does not count against the 1024 prim/LI amount. Not quite double prim, but definitely 'more prim'.
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