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  2. Here's another one from the book of dumb: You meet a guy, you chat a couple of times. One time you're occupied with something else: working on something in another program, making dinner, don't want to be bothered...whatever. *Ding Ding* Him: Hey You: Hey *you become occupied or go back to what you're doing* Him: Are you busy? You: Yeah....I'm (insert what you're doing here) Him: Are you with another guy?
  3. I wonder how many times I will tell myself: "Well, I think I am finished with this room, time to move on".
  4. In which server release? Nothing like that was mentioned in the release notes or at Server User Group.
  5. Very much so. I read a really interesting paper a while ago that used Kuhn precisely in this way, to contextualize the development of the social sciences in American universities at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. The way in which paradigms are constructed across the disciplines is fascinating. Unfortunately, too many people seem to be imprisoned within their own. Occasionally one runs across a third variant: someone who wants to sound like an egghead, but really shouldn't try. I was hit up by a guy (at the same blues club, coincidentally) a few months ago who, I swear, must have had a thesaurus open in front of him while he tried to chat me up. He clearly believed that the key to sounding erudite was using a five syllable word where a monosyllabic one would have sufficed. It was a painful experience enlivened only a little by his occasional misuse of words.
  6. I'll keep my opinion of your affliation to myself. But....you did give a honest opinion and I respect that. Good Luck to you all!
  7. Some food for thought... As mentioned previously in this thread lots of services have been migrated away from the legacy UDP style way of transferring content and is being handled differently. They are also doing some other stuff with all of the cloud things we all have been buzzing about. This would give them more capacity in their datacenters rather than less. The hardware is there. It makes little sense to try to do more with less when they have more than enough hardware laying around doing nothing. Datacenter space does not just shrink or expand on demand so increasing the sim/core ratio would not benefit them with all the spare cores sitting idle. The hypothesis does not make a lot of sense when you consider all of the costs it takes to operate physical datacenters. How exactly does that work? Pay for the hardware and the space and then let it sit idle to save a few cents on electricity? What? How does that benefit them? I'm with you here. I think that people who think they are stacking more sims onto the same amount of cores is way off base. They have put some significant effort into a lot of recent changes we have seen. For a 15 year old product that's pretty amazing. Why would they put forward that engineering and developer effort only to try and pull something sneaky that would ultimately make things worse? For those of you complaining for the love of all that's good in the world learn to use the estate management tools and get rid of those resource robbing scripts sitting there doing nothing on your sims. Rather than conspiracy theories which aren't going to improve your performance spend that time actually optimizing your sims. The edit tool and Firestorms Script Info tool is amazingly useful for identifying useless scripts and turning them off. Scripts aren't the only game in town either for improving performance. Render lag is a thing too. I once went to a region with gatcha vendors that had so many poly's that it made my 5ghz gaming desktop take notice.
  8. Thomas Kuhn is another one. I suspect that people searching for good pickup lines fall into two groups: (1) those who have never read in the philosophy of the disciples and (2) those who have but fear sounding like eggheads. That pretty much narrows the field to "Come here often?" and "u wanna fk?". (OK, a little cynical, but there's a truth in there somewhere, along with the house elf.)
  9. Well, I have time for one more post. That's it. I have not much more to say than the OP. Other than I added: Have 3-month, 6-month and 1-year retirees.
  10. So 1 linden is too much for the body but 5000 linden isn't? How are you not implying the body is overpriced here? Have a seat. I'm not here to fight. If you read my replies to this thread from the beginning you'll understand where I'm coming from. God, shower me in accusations of being affiliated with TMP for this one, but: I believe many things make this body competitive. I feel like the look of this body alone should make all body creators out there feel uneasy. The body offers a unique look, it works great for both skinny and thick women, the body has realistic curves that doesn't act up when you're using an animation (like Syn Anatine's L$300 read-a-book animation) and whether you like TMP or not you can't deny the fact that they've always had some of the best skins. As for the price, I honestly can't come up with an argument as to what justifies the price. I don't believe they have any reason to play politics with their prices unlike Maitreya (who honestly updated her body free of charge to keep it relevant, and in turn cash in that way, because that's really what it was) and so they charge what they feel their work and time is worth. And because the body is adjustable and allows you to wear anything you please, you shouldn't have to be concerned about creators take on it, I actually wouldn't count on creators support for this body, since this feature doesn't benefit them, it benefits the user. In short, they could be charging the same price as Maitreya, but my guess is that they're trying to get as much as possible for this and chances are they won't sell anywhere near as many bodies as Maitreya has, and therefor they have no reason to try and cuddle with us consumers. We see it, we like it, we want it, we got it.
  11. With heads: 1) Humans are naturally programmed to recognize faces and pay attention to small differences, and the Bento facial bones aren't adjustable enough to create an extremely wide range of appearances. 2) The accessories that may be used with a mesh head are generally not rigged and there's greater chance of interoperability from one head to another. This means that there are more advantages than disadvantages to having a large number of heads on the market. With bodies: 1) Most bodies in Second Life, including this new body, are designed to represent a young, commercially attractive body and basically don't have extreme differences in their shape that can't be overcome by using sliders. 2) The accessories used with bodies generally are rigged and the makers need to rig to the proprietary weights used by that body maker so there's less interoperability. This means that a large number of body choices won't be supportable long-term.
  12. I did read the op obviously I still dont see what you think the problem is nor why you think your idea is a solution
  13. Read the OP. I addressed it there. I'm out for the day.
  14. If you dont like how the gacha market works the answer is simple, dont sell gacha's or buy gachas its what many of us do. Having read this thread I dont see the following: What you think the problem is Why you think your proposal is a solution
  15. most Linden sea areas are too shallow for submarines. find myself bumping along the bottom unable to fully submerge.
  16. I think what you really need to do is to change the culture of how creators use Gacha machines and get them all to buy in to only having their machines out for use for some specific limited amount of time.
  17. Oh thank you! And yes it is way over the boundary on two sides well three actually. But think it' s worth fighting for. And it is mainland, have never bought into estate. Thank you all, your the best!
  18. And, another thing. What is the transfer option for on Gacha if it's not something that can be resold by the buyer? Gacha created a resale market it doesn't know what the bleep it's doing frankly.
  19. A-greed. How in the world do you manage to sell anything if you don't understand what I'm saying?
  20. Not that strange; my newer alts have some of their own things. It saves logging my main on in order to rez stuff for them.
  21. I have no idea what you are saying UNLESS those Gacha listing on MP don't really have an object there. And, if Fenton or 1928 Jewelry Company retires their items for a season, they don't pull any items from the stores. Those are the last available for that year though and what the stores have left the stores have left. And, btw, I am a creator, too.
  22. ok I dont do gacha so dont really get affected her however as far as I can see the op boils down to this If we get the labs to enforce a time limit on gacha items I will make more money Did I miss the point if not the answer to the op is go multiply
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