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  2. My waterfront parcel at Miru with a sweet little building by 8f8. I haven't put too much out on this property because it's where I have my sky platform and I need the prims for working on stuff. I have a dock with some cute little bumper boats by Culprit. The area is actually not bad for boating because it's next to The L-Shaped Lake and there's a ton of other Linden waterways surrounding it. Land never goes up for sale in this sim, I've had the same neighbours forever, it's pretty great.
  3. SO, I went back and took up most of what I had put out. I nixed the idea of an indoor bathroom and am opting for one in the great outdoors. I will still have an outdoor kitchen/dining which will be located on my covered patio I built. I included underpinning as well and the wheels are covered too. It ended up being a total of 9 LI for it all. I am sure I can get it down further in blender but I have to learn how to do that Anyways, a pic of my progress...
  4. Until fairly recently, I was what, a few years back, would have been termed a "climate change skeptic" and these days is called by the highly negatively-charged term "climate change denier," or the even worse "science denier", as if a person with a contrary opinion is one who simply refuses to recognize the Truth. Like Kanry, I felt that there was more hysteria in the apocalyptic predictions of the climate change crowd than real, solid science. I have changed my mind. I now believe that there is enough solid, fact-based evidence, and enough corroboration from different directions, to say that human-caused climate change is real, and that it is a danger.
  5. I think you answered in your first sentence. If they make the thing look better, use them, if not, don't. Ambient occlusion will never look natural because it doesn't exist in real life. In RL they use something called the Fresnel effect instead and that's exactly the opposite - things tend to look lighter, not darker towards the edges. Sometimes you need a bit of accentuation to bring out the shape of the object though and besides, AO is necessary to give that lovely "hand drawn" feel that is so popular in SL.
  6. Henry tossed me and moseyed back home but thankfully we’d made it to the lodge and Jolene and I were able to snag a boat ride. She flew the coop (faithless faux pheasant!) during a rough region crossing, and I finally found my way back to the trailer where Jolene and Henry had hacked into the access panel (I suspect @Quartz Mole taught them how), locked me out, and were snuggled up in my bed. I had to bunk down by the campfire but somebody’s dog started howling and it startled me and I rolled down the hill into the river. All because YOU were watching Big Brother. #trailerlife
  7. Those characters are sexy? I've seen better looking system avatars from 2009. If Sylva was alive today, I'm sure we would have better content to work with. There's only a handful of people making decent animations now, enough that I can count on half a hand.
  8. I have been trying to upload a small but detailed object from blender 2.8 but keep getting a "failed to upload: MAV_BLOCK_MISSING" Error. With a bit of research I think I have it narrowed down to the fact that there are a lot of tiny/thin triangles and firestorm can't envision the default physics properly. I've been doing tri's to quads to fix some of this but still get the error. I've tried the decimation modifier but lose my smooth lines in the process. I am not sure what else to try. Any ideas?
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  10. If your logo is trademarked, it does have legal protection, in Second Life as well as elsewhere. However, it's important that you recognize the limitations. The main limitation is that THERE ARE NO LAWS IN SECOND LIFE. No, really, I mean that. There are no laws, only Linden Lab policies. LL has a policy to protect their OWN trademarks...but not yours. You have no protection under LL's policies, and they will not help you. You also do not have protection via the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA applies to copyrighted material, not to trademarks. They are different forms of intellectual property and are governed by different laws. So, while LL has a DMCA procedure by which you can compel the removal of content that infringes your copyright, this route is no help either. But...you CAN protect your trademark, even in SL. The catch is, it's going to cost you a lot of real world money. If someone infringes on your registered trademark, you will have to hire a lawyer and sue them, in real life. This is a long and expensive process. The first step will be to find out who's behind that thief of an avatar. Your lawyer will have to subpoena that information from LL. And that's just step one. (Note, this does not invalidate what I said above, about there being no laws in SL. These trademark laws will be applied in REAL LIFE. Your dispute may be ABOUT Second Life, but it will take place in the real world of laws, lawyers, and judges.) Not only will fighting for your rights cost you thousands of dollars, it will also almost surely cost you your Second Life anonymity. In the process of your legal back-and-forth, not only will you find out the real life identity of your opponent, they will find out yours. Only you can decide if the game is worth the candle. If it were me, I'd come up with a brand new logo for my SL fashion line and not even try to link it up to my RL business.
  11. You can try something like Revo uninstaller that lets you uninstall a program, then it hunts around for anything related to the program remaining anywhere on the system. Looking for registry lines individually is a nightmare. You can also try a normal uninstall and then using a program like piriforms ccleaner which has a built in registry error tool that can find registry entries that have no program affiliation. That might not get everything but it'll usually find a lot of stuff.
  12. Your gpu likely wouldn't be handling any of the scripting. The GPU use in SL is primarily texture and geometry related. Even lighting is mostly CPU bound. If you are experiencing actual overheating you have a hardware issue you need to take care of. Your components are designed to and should be capable of running at 100% usage without thermal throttling or causing faults due to heat. This could be as simple as a dusting or a bit more in depth.
  13. I am sorry if my post was taken the wrong way, I wish I could have deleted it but it had already been quoted. I did not intend to insult anyone or call their parcels sub-par. I will not attempt to post on the forums again and have lost my desire to read them.
  14. I would've tapped out of this mortal coil. Did she explain the meaning of the spiders in your vision?
  15. the locked door issue only occurs on the first time that the Chesapeake is rezzed. Its locked even for the parcel Owner. When as Owner we cam inside and set Access to Owner or Anyone then the Access open door permission holds. Holds meaning, rez another type of trailer, then re-rez the Chesapeake basically the Access Door permission is not set to the Owner as the initial default setting
  16. No harm (no fowl 😄) Don't go. It's fine. We good!
  17. Love this pic! Makes me wish I'd try more steampunky-fantasy types stuff, but for now I'll just admire your artistry.
  18. i am the same really, I just like the outdoors. Have mounted houses and furnished them at times. Skyboxes also. Doing it is quite fun, but when is all done then within a few days I delete it all, and go back to a outdoors garden-y setting when I do have any building structures in my gardens then I am most happy when its more open. Like no roof or at least one big side open
  19. As usual, whether or not I'm wild about any specific look itself, I totally love the artistry in all of your looks.
  20. I was watching Big Brother! (Doesn't Henry realize he can be the vehicle for you and Jolene? lol)
  21. In fairness, he does have the backing of a really solid 2% or 3% of the scientific community actually publishing research on the subject. https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus
  22. This is why so many of us are still here, it was awesome, shopping was because you were actually doing something, as in you ran to a store bald in a formal gown to buy new hair because you were going to an event, an event then was actually something social not a shopping location...we called them MALLS. The interactions with people were amazing, people made lifelong friends waiting for lucky chairs, they camped, they met people working, my partner rang my bell in the store I managed for assistance. People would come in and spend time exploring regions that were mainstore locations but were landscaped and providing social areas for customers. When something big happened everyone knew, when something bad happened everyone knew. I met one of my closest friends in the middle of a protest against a store that was selling copybotted skins. I miss those days, the social aspect of Second Life seems to have spread outwards to Social Media instead of inworld, I hope that that changes, but I do understand being able to communicate with thousands over the limits of a region or a group.
  23. I don't think looking at Object Updates is very useful. Those are network related, as in how often the sim tells your viewer that something has changed about an object (even if it isn't visual). Lots of updates wouldn't cause any GPU load because all objects are drawn (basically, for the sake of brevity) from scratch every frame, regardless of updates. There are things in the hidden Developer menu that can be used to analyze what exactly the GPU is doing, but it's... really only useful for developers. There's probably way too much information to parse through for a random person to even begin to understand any of it. Show Info > Render Info Consoles > Texture Console Consoles > Fast Timers (all stuff that gets done, including rendering) It's more likely that, somewhere, there's some ridiculously high-density mesh causing framerate drops while it's in view. It could be the farms, something near them, or just everything in their general direction that just collectively gets too heavy to render quickly.
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