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  2. One issue with mirroring is that the "revolution" prim setting only goes clockwise if i recall. Unless there is a trick I'm not aware of.
  3. Yup, if SL is a PITA bear to use, fewer people will use it. Hope this is not a sign of disinterest/disinvestment on Lindens part. I still do believe most of us will leave more for our own internal reasons than the interface... But... if you find yourself like I did (unable to log on AT ALL with the native SL viewer - for well over a year [yes, i filed a ticket with LL]) some will give up. Fortunately, Firestorm was already my primary viewer and I log on fine with it (though I have all the problems most people are complaining about right now) Major problems do cause people to quit trying. Most still want to, they just can't find the right SL v*agra to make to work!! 🙄
  4. Egmont Overture... because who doesn't love Beethoven?
  5. I have a few of those too. This is going to be fun!
  6. I think I suggested that? In my opinion LL has provided what many people have asked for in the new continent and perhaps it is just that this request has been answered first because it's unique. I don't believe LL will ignore the needs of its many happy existing residents and maybe their needs for updated houses with ban lines will happen soon, too
  7. There are just as many articles out there saying there is a separation. The fact that people are still talking about me kind of indicates the question isn't settled at all.
  9. The angle of the snapshot makes the tower look much higher than it is. It barely passes the peak of the gable. 😉 I had also tried different sizes and locations for this decorative, non-functional architectural element, but none look as authentic as the current configuration, unfortunately.
  10. Please feel free to message me. I am looking for some new friends as well and it seems we have similar interest.
  11. yes i know that, but it's not solving where i'ts about, why on earth should people go live in a skybox at a Linden Home sim, .. I want a home on the groundlevel, for a skybox i'd better go to the mainland, there is all allowed to keep privacy. Even in your LH skybox you'r not allowed to use your own privacy tools, LL goes distribute orbs to use, No thank you very much.
  12. Greetings everyone! If you are into artistic photograpphy of Second Life Avatars. Share here 🖼️
  13. I have to say... not sure I see the problem. I mean this: Attention/interest in hobbies and entertainment changes over time -- it can change because the hobby changes, or because it doesn't. We also change. Our other lives, and even other games can take up our time and effort. SL for most people is social. If the people you enjoy most being social with aren't around any more or you have become estranged from them, there's a reason right there for why you might have lost interest. Maybe you're simply 'done'. Most people find that when they've gotten as far in a game as they want to go -- won all the levels, or just explored as much as they can -- they feel their interest wane. They may not see it, because often they've found a new game -- but the truth is, the new game only gets space because the old game no longer holds their fascination. SL isn't a win-lose/complete/adventure quest game, but it's an artificial world and some of the experience is exactly the same. SL has a significant learning curve and requires effort in order to be really enjoyable... whether that effort is in learning how to use it and to keep your avatar and built environment up to date, or it's in developing relationships/finding activities or learning stuff, it can get to be a lot of work at times and if you're not getting something significant from it, then the work doesn't feel worth the trouble. SL can be addictive. For whatever reason, some of us finally break that addiction and we feel able to stay away. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I find sometimes I come on and I end up wasting an entire day I should be working, if real life doesn't force me to get up. I am seriously thinking that taking time out is not a bad thing. For one thing, it is physically almost as damaging for us to spend hours sitting as it is to overeat or smoke. SITTING is BAD for us. So... not being here... Is not evil. If you want to rekindle interest (and it totally sounds as if you do, or you wouldn't be writing about it here) taking time away is a good way to miss the things you liked. As long as you don't stay away so long you have to start over when you come back b/c things have changed so much! Of course, maybe that's just what you need... to come back to it refreshed and eager b/c so much is new, it's a whole different experience. I often find myself helping 'oldbies' -- people who are returning after 5 or more years and have NO clue how to function in the new 2019 SL. Many of them actually enjoy 'remaking' their new/old selves. Finally... Yes, SL absolutely has issues! When things don't work (as they are massively not working for many people at the moment - [please do file reports with Linden so they have as much info as possible]) it gets to be seriously annoying just trying to get on and stay on and move around. Most of us stay for other reasons than the 'lovely' interface cough:hotmess:cough that is SL. I do think it does have a big advantage over a lot of social media (for one example). At least, LL isn't monetizing us, selling our data and forcing us to use our legal names in game, then exposing us and our info to hacks and other madness. It is far from perfect, but I don't believe that it's primarily the imperfections that are making you want to leave... though I'm sure they do not help a lot of people stay, especially newcomers. But... I remember the days when my computer was much slower than the one I have now and I was constantly getting booted, or things weren't rezzing... and I was always trying desperately hard to be here... because it met need, despite the hassle. Maybe SL no longer meets whatever need it met before? Maybe you're just ready to move on or to take a break and come back refreshed. Whichever it is, feel free to let go angst free and come back just as angst free if/when you decide you want to be here. And if you're just bored... find new things or people in world to explore. There's a ton more stuff there than most of us are even aware of, much less participate in!! Good Luck! Blue
  14. As others have said, if you feel uninspired by Second Life then simply get away from it for a while. Log off, plug back into the real world, and find other things to do with your time. I don't mean this negatively. I'm speaking from experience. Pretty much once a year I take a break for a few weeks, maybe longer, just to recharge the proverbial batteries. There's nothing wrong with that. I'd also like to repeat the advice; find something that you enjoy. If you simply cannot find a single thing at all that you enjoy about SL, or you find logging in feels more like a chore than enjoyment, listen to what your brain is telling you and step away. But if there's still some small inkling that makes you want to stay, even if you don't know what it is, get out of your usual routine. Go to places you usually wouldn't frequent. Find events that you've never considered before. Talk to people if you're usually not the talkative type. Basically step out of your comfort zone or keep repeating the same history. If you truly have been everywhere and done everything, kudos to you. You've lived a very full virtual life. If after all that seeing and doing you still haven't acquired any intention to do something productive like create or mentor, then maybe you've reached that point of no return where you can log out and not look back. Only time will tell. But you can't miss something if it's not gone. And one last point: make sure you're not just burned out. Again, it's very easy to log in daily, nightly, for hours at a time, and lose yourself to a virtual experience. It can be addictive, less for some, more so for others. If you spend more time online literally doing nothing, are you here out of habit or because you actually want to be here? If it's habit, deal with it as you would any other you'd like to break. If it's boredom, go find something else to distract you. Regarding what I feel and what in my opinion needs changing; more than I probably have room to type here! Honestly, I'm a flighty person, so I will be either extremely invested in something or walk away from it. I took a five month break at the end of last year and the start of this year and have recently come back to investigate all these changes LL are in the process of implementing. I think for the most part these are great and overdue. But what I most think needs changing LL cannot fix. It's us; people. The collective online mentality. For the most part most people are nice enough, but there are and always will be that element looking to ruin things for others. Personalities like that thrive in an environment such as Second Life. There's nothing I personally can do about it, but I'd definitely be a lot happier if said people were gone. The TP issues lately aren't helping. Sometimes I crash so much I just stay offline and return an hour or two later. It's not ideal, but there's not much I can do about it. I'd love to see costs on land lowered further, technical issues fixed, the poisonous trolls permanently removed, and I'd love to have enough Linden to buy whatever I want whenever I want and basically live a perfect fantasy virtual life. Since I can't have any of that, I'll get off my soap box. But for now I'll stick around and enjoy SL for another day. I'm not bored enough of it again just yet.
  15. Welcome back. If you need any help or just want company feel free to message me.
  16. Feel free to message me. I am always open for new friends and unfortunately since coming back to SL most my friends don’t get on as much.
  17. They can't do that because water level is set and determined on the Region level, not parcel. I wish the latter was the case, then they COULD do locks. This is one of those cases where the infrastructure decisions they made come back to bite them a little, though I understand why they did it. So there'd be "some" regularity instead of every parcel owner setting it different.
  18. These are only suggestions for allowing everyone to have what they would like to have (see below)
  19. That statement is what one would refer to as an appeal to authority - argumentum ab auctoritate - "I have my grades to back up my claim to being proficient in English - therefore, you must accept my English as proficient". It could also be argued to be a false equivalence, as your grade and your performance aren't actually the same thing. Either way, it's a logical fallacy. I don't doubt your ability to form complete sentences - you just did - but how does that change the fact that some people (as evident by the thread) find slothful negligence of communication unappealing? To be honest, it feels as if the focus of the topic is going somewhere that usually leads to a thread lock; you're taking it personal, people start applying emotional filters to what is being written, argumentation being reduced to ad hominem. Like, what exactly do you think you would achieve with that blatantly ignorant statement? Which, by the by, is yet another logical fallacy. Whether I, or anyone else, is 'old' is wholly relative, and again, irrelevant; it's just your prejudice against old people.
  20. As amusing a bit of humor as that was, Alyona ... There actually are users on Linux. We have to wait on TPVs to update.
  21. for me the work around with slamming the bandwith to the max has solved it, but indeed, past weeks after 2 or 3 craches... push the button, Neflix on and will see you tomorrow SL.
  22. Wait no! that's not good. These people that want privacy options still want to have a community. They want the Linden homes on the ground too. Just they'd like to be over in a courner where they can if they are in the minority for the secured areas. They want to be able to walk over to their friends that are in an access list or in a group that's shared. It's not that they don't want to have a community they just want to have these lovely landscaped areas that are private too.
  23. My add on Pergola Porch is completely mod and easy to mod. I purposely didn't bake shadows on it so that people could do as they like in adapting it to their needs. I've used it with three different models of house and it's fun seeing how you can switch it up to still use it. And by the way, I adore your little closet .... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
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