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  2. Bennetts Cove Houseboats most likely released, if they are ready.
  3. The circles on SSP83X in the middle relates to one of the winter expo 2019 regions shown below...
  4. Tell him to light a fire. I have to leave work in 15 minutes 🙀
  5. Patch Linden is posting in a group! He has not said he is releasing, but I think it's closer now.
  6. Many many many different ages in sl . That is what makes sl a treasure . Looking for my shoulder pads and mink hairspray.
  7. Come see why we have won multiple landscaping awards. Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/54/193/57
  8. It was in mine, lol, not sure it's still there....over grown yard and coke bricks in the kitchen. lol
  9. My guess: They release Gentle Grove, and they do it after 2PM SL time. Let us have a round of wild guessing.
  10. Awww... where'd you get that cute little video of @Abnor Mole? And yes, I know it's different but I'm reminded of Marvin every time I see him...
  11. Does that Home still exist? I saw a video SL blogger took of it. It had boarded up windows and graffiti walls on the interior. Looked dirty inside, it was funny to see. I never knew what region that Home is in.
  12. This is only if you truly aren't sure if something crosses the line from erotic to pornographic. It's a thin line and it will be viewed differently by different people.
  13. Another thing I’d like to add on the generational pile. Yes, younger people tend to text someone else while in a meeting or in public. So I could see how it’s can be viewed as sneaky, because sometimes it is! However, a thing to consider about local: when you’re dealing with a group of 5+ people, local can be much harder to follow and exponentially so the more people that get involved in the conversation. You tend to see this in large group chats as well as local. The conversation will shift because someone will jump into it with something completely different. This can be especially problematic in a help group, because while someone is in the middle of explaining something, someone else or the same person (!) will be trying to explain something different to someone else, plus the tangent that is now going on...a large group chat can be like a word salad sometimes.
  14. Everyone seems to be focussing on the "Treat" - I'm all for the "Trick" - so gonna ask a riddle. If you get it right then some nice, *useful* freebie sent to you. if you get it wrong then you will be shot with my 2006 Cage-Deformer-Orbitor gun and be sent to 50,000 meters into the sky instantaneously. The two-hour fall back to ground level will give you plenty of time to figure out the riddle you got wrong. Edit to add: I am not kidding. I am really going to set this up.
  15. Lol I once saw a drug house, LMAO I think that look was intentional.
  16. I think one rule I could make an argument for is no sculpties. It would solve all the bad looks, but it would solve a LOT of them AND free up the lag. Personally I'd want a rule about high polygon statues / gatchas (like the ones I bought recently and had to remove from my Zindra build for lag)... but I can't imagine ever being able to win that argument...
  17. For me, group chat is a non-issue. I can't recall the last time that I was in a group chat (as opposed to sitting with a group of friends and talking in local chat). I don't use groups as a way to talk. Like you, I am much more comfortable in small groups than in a large social environment. The difference for me is that I love the sort of free-for-all that happens in local chat when several of us are talking at once. I am a poor typist, so I have long since given up all hope of typing out anything without loads of typos. I just type as fast as I can, hoping that others will see my stumbling mistakes as nothing worse than mumbling or stuttering in RL. That also means that I am also very tolerant of other people's typos and verbal faux pas, and of the sort of clumsiness that comes from talking all at once, with delays. It's all rather funny, and leads to humorous side conversations -- metaconversations -- about the chat itself. When I am with friends, we often end up commenting on each other's typos and unintended double entendres as much as we do about the actual topic of conversation. While it's true that we could have the same sort of experience in IM, it's less likely. IMs just don't have the right level of flippant gaiety.
  18. Ah neighbors, you gotta love them...lol! I have seen some pretty icky things here and there throughout my travels in Belli..to each his own as they say.
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