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  2. And why should the flying community get the best of SL and those who wish to have security be confined to the so-called rest of SL. We all know that mainland isn't anywhere as nicely done as the new Linden Homes. How about this. You all can go to the old Linden Homes and remove all the ban lines and orbs and everything ... and you all go there to fly... would that be fair? Of course not. Please stop this mentality. This is only driving the wedge deeper. This is not going to help anything.
  3. Were not sure they would be popular? are you kidding..the stale homes are just that stale. I been a premium member for a while and in SL for years and can't get one after I abandoned my old Tahoe house. I am not amused at all.
  4. Can you please stop flaming me every chance you get ? Thankyou
  5. At this point, it doesn't really matter, it's not going to fix anything. The lack of rez zones already created a gap between the "Haves & Have-Nots" and this latest move drove a big wedge into the gap and has created a division in the "community" that isn't going to go away. This is just the way things are at this point in human history.
  6. Make it silks, then take her to Gor and go around submitting to everyone and begging all the free for sexual release. It'll be great fun. Ask me how I know.
  7. Or even just a full alpha except for two eyes...…………
  8. SOLD. I have another 1024sqm close to that one if another person is interested. Same price Taxi to parcel
  9. And now for my houseboat. I haven't done much with the outside yet so I'll take you right inside the front door. As you enter you can go right into the bedroom area or down the stairs into the living area. Right across from the stairs is the study area. Turn toward the kitchen and you find the lounge area. Standing in the kitchen looking back at the lounge area you see the door to the new bathroom. The bathroom is very spacious with a good size window. But the most spacious area is the bedroom. I decided to make it the best room in the house since entertaining in SL seems to center around bedroom activities. I've yet to really furnish this area. It will be a nice space with clear views to the water and a nice balcony overlooking the ocean. I still have an amazing 195 prims left and I've not done any meshing yet. All my walls are made with standard prims. It will be interesting to see how much I can reduce by meshing.
  10. The NOT operator has already been mentioned in this thread. In the original two year old post, actually. Which explained how to eliminate most demos from a marketplace search. Two years ago. And I'm pretty sure it was around for while before that.
  11. Doesnt't matter. I signed up for Premium a couple weeks ago so my gain cancels out your loss.
  12. You don't have this up in your MP, yet? Because I'd buy one.
  13. Posing in the studio... BTW, these shoes are from Moda which is having a birthday sale of 80% off everything through tomorrow at midnight! (Also included are all furniture, bikes and cars.)
  14. -----⇢ △▽ ÐUPĿΞX CĿUB PRESENTS △▽ ⇠----- ✴- Duplex Club, united by friendship for the love of live DJ's -✴ ᴡʜo : ↁj Deepert ᴡʜᴀᴛ : Soulful House ᴡʜєη : 12:00 - 2:00 pm ʜosᴛ : Crystal ᴍɴɢ : Wide da code Facebook ↘ https://www.facebook.com/Duplexclubsl/ Locαтιoɴ ↘ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Waves/35/217/22
  15. You have AND, OR, and NOT, (in that order). So you could search for green OR blue AND sunglasses AND mesh NOT demo - should get you all the blue and green mesh sunglasses without demos. You can also use quotes if you know the specific name: "Red Super Sunglasses" - will only return anything with that exact name in the product title, keywords, description, or feature list.
  16. Pissing people off makes you happy? And yet here you are, insulting "old people" just for a laugh. Tell me: what do you regard as "old"? I'm genuinely curious at what age you consider people to be unworthy of respect.
  17. We are Celebrating this Week on The Beach and Tonight is The Same !! Come on Over for a Tunetastic Time !! 4 pm Tunetastic Beach Party W/ Dj Kate and Cersei 6 pm Tunetastic Tunes W/ Dj Leigh and Host Jade 8 pm Tunetastic Tunes W/ Dj Guest and Host Randa Lets start the Weekend Early !! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Molina/65/66/3601
  18. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Poll it! Instead of coming up with ideas of why "I" should be allowed to have ban lines, or free movement, etc... All of which are, to a certain degree, subjective (it is, after all, a personal point of view), just poll it within the community. Whatever the result may be, implement it. And end this. Otherwise, it will just be a never-ending discussion where, unfortunately, both parties have some reason. This will go on, and on...
  19. @Qie Niangao thanks for the answer. So here is my calculation: premium bonus: 1024 sqm current land 4096sqm Total: 5120 sqm If all the lands donated to a group, then 10% bonus: 512 Total mainland land I can have for 22USD by donating to a group: 5632 sqm One more question: To get the 10% bonus, do I have to donate all the lands to same group or can I donate the new 1536 sqm land to another group? - Thanks for the answer. The only group owner of that donated group also me. So I pay the 22USD for the group owned land too. So what you say is I can have another 5120 sqm for free of tier? If this is true, the above my calculation is wrong.
  20. Well being a lover of small houses, I decided the Winchester was too big for me. So I switched to the Adams. I adapted the pergola patio to the front porch on the house and replanted my flowers. I walk right into my living room when entering the front door. Just beyond the doors is the bedroom and bath. On the other side of the living room is the kitchen and dining room. I decided to make the back door come from the bedroom rather than the kitchen because it was a much larger space so dividing that room for a bathroom was easy. Through the back door is probably the biggest reason I downsized because I wanted something special. An ode to my childhood if you will! I still have a lot of deco items that need to be placed. I have 110 prims left so I think it will work out nicely.
  21. There's general agreement that we need more rez areas, both land and water. Beyond that, we might give things some time to settle down. For now, my own place allows rezzing. Rez boat here on the sand. Push or edit to water. A temporary measure until we get some docks with rez zones. Free motorcycle rezzer if you need wheels. The bike will disappear when you get off. (In response to noise complaints, these free bikes run at 15% sound volume instead of the 100% my regular customers get. It's suburbia.) Valerie, my animesh NPC, will say hello if you visit, but she's harmless and will mostly stay out of your way. I like that the new continent has activity. In the last 15 minutes I've seen a boat and a horse go by.
  22. We made a Bellisseria Flickr group! https://www.flickr.com/groups/3163720@N23/
  23. Next to beautiful, historic Sandy Shores in Bagworm. Lovely view and only L10250 firm. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Increta/246/95/24
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