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  2. That was pretty much what people thought (at least all the people that "I" talked to and of course ME) but that doesn't appear to be correct. I am not going to change more lindens into USD just to solve the mystery after all the time and "money" I spent Saturday. I am HOPING someone will eventually confirm or deny that you can CURRENTLY process USD credit dollars out to Paypal WITHOUT having to fill in your SSN (this for US folks). So far I haven't seen that. Thanks to anyone that can TELL US :D. This process COULD simply be broken in that the devs couldn't figure out how to open the voluntary information collection page without making it mandatory for the folks that DIDN'T want to put in information. Or The Lab may be the just hurried the timeline along. Either way it would be VERY GOOD to have some word on what is really going on. It is just adding the the huge amount of confusion already and still piling up.
  3. The first photo was taken in March 2009 and by the look of it I may have just discovered windlights. The other was taken a couple of months a go.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this .. but here we go, Does anyone know of an Screen Door add-on for the Linden Homes? Or has any creator on these forums thought of such an add-on to build/offer?
  5. This is very true, I caught many first releases, but almost all let them go. Just wasn't the right fit. I did keep the perfect houseboat and stayed on the look out for the perfect home and I just got it! Waterview both sides, cornerplot, grassplot, rocks, stairs to my house, green fenced in garden and even butterflies! Also a full view @Beth Macbain houseboat So also a thank you to whomever left it ♥
  6. You really told me something new there. Leora owns all the furniture, her alts own houses. She usually just decorates the homes and that's that. We all have marked on our friends list that we can move each others items. So the alts can move or delete the things too. I thought that was the common way to handle it even if not the same woman behind the keyboard steered the lot of them. What good is setting furniture to a group and how can I do that? - especially if it is NoTrans which most things are.
  8. This is really good news .. but then it's also Ubisoft, so will probably just add mandatory fun dependent happy beige loot crates and then blame you for buying them.
  9. I have to agree with Ayela on this oen Kira. This isn't about just HL, it's about all 'art' regions in SL and it is setting a very important precedence. Hopefully LL made the right decision for SL. Yeah I know, wish in one hand and boop in the other and see which one fills up first.
  10. Moles live all around the globe and some may find it easier to do their share of the work in THEIR business hours instead of LL's
  11. When I looked at it it did say $6000 USD, not $6700. Now it shows $6,707. So it got changed at some point.
  12. That's great to hear! This and the recent Epic Games $1.2 million grant to Blender is really showing how the progress from both the developers and the community put into the Blender software is getting noticed. Important points to really think about.
  13. How to find log files: LL viewer: Firestorm: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/file_a_jira#how_to_give_us_your_logs After your session ends in a TP disconnect, before relaunching the viewer, zip up the logs folder & attach it to your LL JIRA issue using More Actions -> Attach Files.
  14. Nah - I might as well post it now And rather post a better one in september
  15. now hiring Darling dolls! we are hiring dancers and escorts must be at least 30 days old and have a mesh avi.. we offer awesome incentives and great working environment. contact: demonicrob1 or rayne336 for empoyment! or come too the club were in the directory!
  16. The plant world is not easy to figure out these days! Perhaps the "old gardens" created with sculpts in the gardens you cited were discounted because she believes sculpts aren't as desirable these days, and for many that is true (they want mesh). But as you've discovered, there are still lots of lovely sculpted assembled gardens that have great value in terms of beauty, and in fact many of these gardens created with sculpts are as pretty, or prettier, than certain mesh ones. I think gardens, really, are timeless in terms of appeal. Whether the material (sculpts vs mesh) is the most optimized can be a different matter though, according to who you ask, and in my experience it's really a specific sculpt vs a specific mesh that needs to be the debate (can't really make the argument that either sculpts or mesh are better generally). To confuse matters further, I create some flowers out of mesh planes -- they might look like the old style but they are mesh -- and the reason I do is because they are lower in prim/LI count than 'true' mesh. And to make things even more complicated, even 'true' mesh is usually created with lots of small planes with a graphic on them and not a solid object. If each leaf were totally solid instead of a graphic on a plane, the prim count would be astronomical. When it comes down to mesh vs sculpts in the garden world it seems most people just choose what appeals to them over whether it's sculpt or mesh.
  17. now hiring Darling dolls! we are hiring dancers and escorts must be at least 30 days old and have a mesh avi.. we offer awesome incentives and great working environment. contact: demonicrob1 or rayne336 for empoyment! or come too the club were in the directory!
  18. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Promissa/196/24/28 Promissa is a beautiful region with lots of cottages and rentals (i.e. keeping tidy and in-theme, no eyesore). This plot is on the water and is a wonderful place to call home. 1536m2, 527Li, 2 sides protected, 2 other sides region-edge and underwater-dweller i.e. no eyesores to mar the beach love. Promissa is filled with navigable channels for small watercraft. Objects photographed are not included in the sale. Photographs really well, derendering all around: In reality with everything rendered, below: Promissa is filled with water plots and sailable protected channels:
  19. It appears counselors and divorce attorneys are now needed in Bellisseria...
  20. Not sure if this one of the last two words but: Anne Frank
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