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  2. Emilianes Real Estates Land for rent at Erika Paradise Island at promotional prices! IM: MarlenaEmilianes http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erika Paradise/131/128/21
  3. Honestly, I have never heard of a group of that nature until Matty commented on it earlier. Sure did give me a giggle though, Beth! lol
  4. Pancake posse? THAT Pancake (person)? I'm not one of them if you mean that, i just had to note that merely noting that something such as drama is going on is usually the actual starter for real drama.
  5. What? No. Of course not. Nevermind. Done with the special snowflakes. Done with being accused of things I haven't done or said. Pancake posse strikes again.
  6. It doesn't refer to anyone and wasn't intended to be answered. Its sole intent was to be amusing before it got too deep in here and the thread gets locked.
  7. Pet Peeve #69 Not knowing whether i should answer to this or not. Curiosity tells me i should ask you who's this referring to?
  8. Yes. If you're using Firestorm, try using the Websearch tab, People category, rather than using the "People" tab in Search.
  9. Now that's an idea... i'm currently working on windlight stuff... maaaaaybe i can squeeze this in somewhere. Detecting other viewer's appdata windlight folders should be easy (your custom presets) they are usually always in the same folder, detecting their system presets however is tricky the moment the Viewer is not installed in its default folder on either the same drive or C
  10. Now there's a feature that would be sweet -- a way to import settings (windlight or otherwise) form any other viewer currently installed with just the click of menu option.
  11. Yes, @ClariceRose. That looks like the Match Game I've always seen on TV. It's silly fun!
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  13. Pet Peeve #1 That quoted #14 is actually my number one. I find it incredibly frustrating to remind people over and over that feature X is not coming from TPV Y but actually from LL. Pet Peeve #2 People not simply asking me for help on a matter regarding my Viewer...making me rage all day... leading into: Pet Peeve #3 People saying something along the lines of "i dont want to waste your time" or "i'm sorry to disturb you" or "sorry for being dumb". Just because i'm sitting on a powder keg doesn't mean i'll blow up the moment you waste my "oh so precious" time. That's what i'm here for after all. Pet Peeve #6 Having to tell people that Windlights are not a selling point of any Viewer as they can be easily moved from Viewer to Viewer and having less starting Windlights is only a sign of some organization rather than what people often perceive as "missing" or "lacking" features. You can always fill any Viewer with as many Windlights as you want (that is until it explodes, if it ever does) but don't make a smaller selection of presets a Viewer problem, it isn't. --- Pet Peeve #4 Having to explain people in a lengthy and very techy explanation why the back of their head is flickering through their front because they otherwise think its the Viewer's fault. Pet Peeve #5 Patch Notes. Specifically unreadable ones, unreachable ones or otherwise "missing".... Linden Labs is pretty good at that... not allowing a vast majority of people accessing the corresponding Jira's... There are probably a million more...
  14. "If I only had some coffee cherries pooped out of a civet, I could really make this coffee tasty...what's the deal with clam juice mixed with tomato juice?"
  15. We do try our best to include everyone at the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life, although with the limited resources we have it's not possible to provide, eg, professional transcription services, although you would be welcome to bring your own transcriber. We do use both text and voice, but certainly could do much better. I have a hearing loss myself but I would be certainly interested in working with a profoundly deaf/Deaf user to find ways to improve what we offer. Anglicans are known in some parts of the world as Episcopalians. We form a sort of halfway house between Catholic and Reformed denominations, but our worship is based around the cycle of daily prayer that Christians have been praying for many many hundreds of years. It's very difficult to nail down what Anglicans believe, because, frankly, there's a huge range, from the very liberal to the extremely conservative. We have prayer once a day - twice a day on Sundays, and run a discussion group and a bible study. At any time you can come and light a candle, submit a prayer request (they get instantly forwarded to our prayer team), or sit and think. Or just play with the cats. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epiphany/109/130/2003
  16. I think if they were doing that, it'd be best to bar access of anybody but them. Let people watch, but they can't get in the way.
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