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  2. But here is the thing, we are questioning your logic. It has nothing to do with the scripting or scripted appliers. How is it gonna totally screw up your avatar?
  3. Ah ok. I havent seen Black Dragon so I don't know if the numbers are different.
  4. I am not sure why it is so important to convince me in this topic. If it works as advertised when delivered then my scepticism here will not matter.
  5. I tested it out, when they initially put out the beta viewer and I had to use Omega thing from Cute or Die. It didn't mess with my avatar at all.
  6. No you don't hope that at all. That is a lie.
  7. Hallo ich weis nicht was ich machen kann seit einigen Monaten landen neben mir (und das egal wo ich bin) fremde Leute die schrieben mich mit "Hi" an und verschwinden wieder. Anfangs habe ich zurück geschrieben hab gefragt wie geht es dir usw aber ich bekahm nie eine Antwort die ersten tage war es für mich normal das mich jemand anschriebt und "Hi" sagt aber mir ist aufgefallen das sind immer die selben Menschen jeden tag ich fühe mich nun belästigt was kann ich dagegen tun? Ich habe schon report gemacht da ich es als Stalking empfinde aber ich bekomme keine Antwort ich habe auch versucht herauszufinden wo die sind wenn sie wieder meinen Platz verlassen aber das klappt nicht kann mir da jemand weiter helfen wer sind diese Leute oder ist das ein und der selbe? Mir geht es seit tagen nicht mehr gut habe angst online zu gehen. Es ist fürchterlich weis jemand rat? Ich habe mir da mal so online boards gemacht das ich sehe ob die online sind ich möchte hier keine namen nennen. Kennt jemand einen davon kann mir jemand sagen oder vermitteln das ich mal eine ahnung davon habe warum die das machen? Kann ich etwas dagegen tun? Es ist sehr merkwürdig trotz bann auf meinem land können die zu mir auf meine Parzelle kommen. Liebe grüße.
  8. My...I wondered when Oskar's name would resurface, Miller! Considering how much better Wirtz seemed to run for the hours that the second set of script run changes were in place (530270), granted after a further restart and how much WORSE it is now, some sort of explanation for the "rollback" would be welcome and reassuring that LL actually were "on it". It's not that I don't think that Rider knows what he's doing, I just don't understand the logic of the past few days' changes.
  9. I've been using the BoM viewer every day on the main grid for months. Haven't seen a single problem with any existing mesh avatars, either mine or anyone else's.
  10. Forgive me if I don't take what you or Theresa say at face value. I will believe it when the BoM changes go in and the viewers work as intended.
  11. As per title, we have 4 full regions for sale, all with 20k prims 3 x Grandfathered 1 x Standard Please contact me in world to express interest and discuss price & terms of sale.
  12. This will not affect existing appliers, a lot of bodies and heads are updating their heads and bodies for BoM. There is nothing that will mess with your applier scripts. You won't logon one day, and find you have all the default appliers on, or that your applier scripts don't work.
  13. Why, bakes on mesh is literally for avatars and their appliers. So you can have 32 layers, like before the days of mesh. So you can plop on a skin, and not have to worry about having to take up one of your very few layers on your mesh avatar. This has nothing to do with animesh.
  14. That is what I am hoping but with software surprising things can happen and there is no such word as "can't" when it comes to breakage.
  15. You need to make clear first which viewer you talk of. OP said she was quoting Niran and his Black Dragon viewer has different counting complexity compare other viewers. So thats not "completely wrong" - thats just not same number as complexity shown in Firestorm. Not being creator myself Im also not sure if the numer you get in Firestorm as your complexity is the real number of polygons the mesh has. So I would be really careful to say thats "completely wrong". Its wrong if you talk about complexity in Firestorm, then yes, sure - but is that how many polygons the mesh bodies really have?
  16. It can't. All Bakes-on-Mesh does is replace certain texture UUID's with the avatar bake. Any other texture will be completely unaffected. It may make your appliers obsolete for new bodies eventually, but they'll still work with the body you have now.
  17. @Kylie Remsen ah i see, then it's a inherent issue with quaternion rotation curves in Blender, that in theory should not be present but that 3d apps deal with. When a rotation reaches 180 degrees, the direction of the rotation motion inverts (the object rotates the other way around) . If that rotation stays below 180, I'm pretty sure this glitch would not show up. This is a problem i addressed in my animation plug in, where the animation process relies on euler rotations and only upon export there is a quaternion extrapolation. If you open the side panel with N key, I'm pretty sure you should see rotations being set to quaternions. Delete all keyframes and change that setting, then animate again: the glitch should be gone
  18. It's very unlikely we would change the landscaping or decoration on a region that's passed QA (which, by definition, includes any region that's been released) other than to fix something that was broken. I can't easily think of any circumstances in which we would have removed a bench from a public area, though I'm not involved in region decoration.
  19. I found a really photogenic place called Lost Unicorn Forest - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Unicorn/128/128/2 Here are some of the snapshots i took:
  20. Today
  21. This is completely wrong. I have the Maitreya body and I am usually under 50k total, including mesh head, hair, clothes and shoes. The body alone is something like 7k, plus a couple of k for the separate hands and feet, though I can't check it exactly as I am on mobile right now.
  22. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/147/94/42 https://collarseum.blogspot.com https://www.flickr.com/groups/14625596@N20/ DJ Masters 2-4 pm slt You Can Keep Your Hat On Wytchwood After Dark gift cards DJ Elle 4-6 pm slt Best in Purple House in The Sun DJ Talya 6-8 pm slt Super Cute & Kawaii Princess ***** & House in the Sun gift cards
  23. Your point is well taken; more information would definitely be welcome. Just in case it's of interest, this specific change was discussed at the Tuesday Server User Group. When asked which script events are involved in the improvements at this time: Now, as far as I know, no RC version with these improvement is currently running on the main grid (Agni); rather, it appears the RC regions have reverted to the release that was installed on the main server channel. That's another opportunity to improve communications: when the announced server installations need to roll back or change, it would be helpful if there were some information about the changes. I get it that there may be some reluctance to announce where new vulnerabilities may be exposed, but I'm guessing most folks who read the release notes and these threads are motivated to help, and would benefit from knowing better when, where, and how to participate.
  24. For hero-sized objects such characters, it's the most common setting It works only for rigged meshes, whatwver they are (avatar, clothing, animesh). Static objects don't really need such complex management script, since there isn't skinning involved. No, there won't be a Blender version. I develop stuff on Maya only, and even if i can script in python, Blender API and its internal structure represent a big headache for me. Not going to use any of my time on that. However, what i was showing was the result of those settings, my script accepts user input to define how much reduction to perform on each LoD. Mine was just a test.
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