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  2. It is a wonderful article. The highlight of chouchou is written down thoroughly. I love picture too<3
  3. My cat seems to have run off lately... I wonder if they’re running together?
  4. But I guess the warning is sufficient if they see you raising a shotgun and hear you growl “Get off my land!” But seriously, you do make a very good point. I have to admit though, if I ever stumble on a region that has the heart monitor active (the symbol that denotes that safety has been deactivated) I don’t hang around.
  5. For sale beautiful land with mesh house near the water 1024m for 4700L in the maritime region (access to water) all objects will stay you as much as you want. the house is ready for living. land is fully editable. right click on empty land and get purchase information. Follow the link and enjoy the view of the house and the region. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Irelore/15/77/22
  6. I hope the cat doesn’t find Patch!
  7. I just love her "Year of the Wolf" album, and the lyrics of History Boys…… just creases me up every time...………. There's something very powerful about a voice and piano...…………..my mother was a piano teacher, but I don't have the genes, and I can't sing, so I'm screwed.
  8. https://modemworld.me/2019/05/22/a-farewell-to-chouchou/
  9. Thanks Whirly for your comment 🙂 seems that there is no other way as the one you described in your answer and so i startet with importing some of my own windlights but there are many others waiting to import. As i told i had a great number of it which i don't want to miss now in the new released SL viewer.
  10. That's it. Regions that are not well maintained and rarely restarted often have logouts that are delayed. If it is a private region, I advise you to restart the region once a day to ensure a smooth flow. Mainland regions will be restarted on request at Linden Labs, should it be necessary.
  11. Top Dollar Job applications are now open to Dancers/Escorts using Text/Voice & Cam. Further applications for DJ'S and Hosts (must be established in their craft) We provide areas to suit clients requirements, with open and discrete areas, including various fetish rooms. Facilities available for parties, including Bachelor suite, available to Exclusive Ballers VIP group Hold monthly themed events Can achieve Bonuses and Rewards once assigned to elite and playmate positions (hours/commitment dependant) Location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tranquillita/173/89/3010 Application box is in the hall wall on the desk, the end left side or you can complete this application online https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFlELdbkwKJGlfLde7eqmrXQWT3dsqJ8Kyg_pE9TYjhTAC7w/viewform Or for more information message Rubyed2u when online or email Topdollarxxxrated@gmail.com SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TOP DOLLAR https://www.facebook.com/groups/263098847690384 https://www.flickr.com/photos/166119234@n07 https://www.instagram.com/topdollarstrip.sl/?hl=en Secondlife:///app/group/8c057866-fa1f-a701-6476-b6d633aadca1/about Discord topdollarxxxrated#8330
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  13. @Witchcrafts Wonderful job! Where did you get those knotted curtains from? I've been looking for them and every time I see them somewhere they nobody mentions who makes them.
  14. I second this! Also try Not Found. Lesser known too - several current events have their appliers at them this month.
  15. now you mention this, it's a bit strange that this isn't disabled, if i understand it right damage means possible to kill , and kill = TP home... while thats forbidden for security
  16. hooters008


    thanks for your guidance. ill put this in the appropriate forum.but there is no seperate forum for adult content that i cud find. could anyone please guide me to the appropriate forum in which i can post my query without offending others.
  17. I lie naked, except for private parts , on the floor of my undecorated house . WINNING! (But what if your parts can carry on a better convo than you can? C'mon, we've all dated one of those ).
  18. I remember I first found out about this place because someone wanted to do a video. I honestly felt like it was heaven in SL. When I did an event earlier this month, my inspiration was that the staircase leading to the event would try to invoke a similar feeling as I did when I walked up the stairs of the building. Today was the first time I went to the ground level of the main Chouchou sim, and it is lovely. I hope LL can preserve this, because it would be a great loss to our community if it were to go away.
  19. Victoria...gorgeous as always.I LOVE your hair....style credit? Rhonda... seriously great new look and attitude! So happy to see you posting so much! 😘 I just love this photo of you. Really unique colors and your skin is fantastic. Can you leave skin credit and your Flickr link?
  20. often these messages appear when a region has problems logging you out, and the sign "offline" doesn't come through. Relogging at another location mostly helps to complete the proces. ( with logging in a second time the system always will try to end the first session) the second possibility is as Cindy said, if there was a problem with your account in a way it got a suspension you possibly are banned for a day.
  21. No, I don't make stuff like that, U can see my work at marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/198486 and inworld store SSM - Southside Modeling @ Salome design, Rainbow Land (134, 176, 2001) - Moderate
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