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  2. I bet they’d actually make more money this way. I never buy those types of fatpacks, or the single plain colors, no matter how cute the item may be. Partly out of spite. I’m petty like that, and doubt I’m the only one. I would buy all of the cute patterns, though, if I could buy them separately. I do like and purchase the pattern only packs. There is one creator I can think of that offers lots of patterns and single colors and then adds additional patterns in the fatpack. I buy those, because I love everything coming out of that store. It’s more of a bonus rather than hiding the good stuff in the FP.
  3. I had a bit of trouble with that. A Mole (totally forgetting who) told me to be sure and click Done on one of those menu windows and that forces it to save the changes. Then hit the List button and see what it shows in Chat. And maybe have all parties involved relog.
  4. The only way IMs are getting around is if someone in the conversation shared it. From there it’s like Game of Thrones....everybody knows. That’s why when somebody starts telling me about someone else, I never add to it, because if I do I’m aware it could end up in a log somewhere.
  5. Have you checked no.match_? They have a lot of long styles that have both male and female versions. I would think the male version would mean flat chest, since they otherwise basically look the same.
  6. Singularity need to merge in this fix: https://hg.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/rev/5f073ce21cc1 You can work around the bug by using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+WINDOWS+B to reset the display adapter after closing the viewer.
  7. Today was the day! Home alone for a couple of hours, so no interruptions...….and the perfect opportunity to see if my two laptops can support four girls in world...……. Anyway, after a slow start, and an update on my old laptop, I got the girls over to Charleston Heights beach, where we met up by the refreshments kiosk. After a few photos we decided it would be fun to do a Baywatch session there, and just before we went off, we dropped in at Blue Water Cove beach. It was early so not very busy, which was great. It takes a lot of concentration keeping four fidgety girls in line...….haha! This really is it.....I just can't keep adding family, so I'll stick with three sisters and cousin Skye...…….. it was a lot of fun today.
  8. I was sneaky and took a pic while a certain someone was AFK...it's what I do. 😛
  9. Any pics of his place? @RaeLeeH oh I am sorry was joking and did not even see the rest of the post that you have the flu instead of water I will bring you some chicken noodle soup get well!
  10. You can also include a rezzer inside your rezzable scene. For example you could put a rezzer up in the sky with a choice of sky boxes and included with each sky box a separate rezzer for different furniture set ups. Perhaps for seasonal changes, or to chose between PG and Adult furniture so you can swap around the furnishings for when you have the local vicar around for tiffin or a more amorous engagement.
  11. it's been a while, so posting.. I went blonde because I love these braids, but it pokes through my (unadjustable) lil elfie ears, so blonde makes it less noticeable. LOGO used to have ears you could angle in and out, but now they don't. It sucks.
  12. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back, members used to get what was called "First Land". It was a free 512 sqm plot. However, my understanding is that some folks started scamming the system by creating alt accounts to get the free land, which was then sold. The program was discontinued sometime before I arrived in early 2007.
  13. They have the textures, they can just pop it on the shirt and sell it individually. I totally agree with you.
  14. It's a bit like Groundhog Day, isn't it?
  15. If someone is use a temp rezzor and it's objects encroach onto your parcel, the ONLY recourse is AR and a support ticket.
  16. No, see, that’s why it’s annoying! They have the uuid, they already took the picture for the vendor. It really wouldn’t hurt to just sell it separately. 90% of the work is already done.
  17. Lowered Price at 3000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laidly Worm/216/240/29
  18. /me erases everything she typed and just goes to have another coffee, maybe with a shot of something in it.
  19. There are some companies, that I will buy the fatpack. But usually, I will past it up. As I think they could have just taken the extra time, to put the work in and actually release these patterns or whatever as singles.
  20. Right! I’ll settle for a fat pack of patterns though. But you’re right single patterns would be ideal. I pass up a lot of stuff because of the fat pack exclusive thing.
  21. My name is Hunter Styles in SL and I am a guy looking for a girl to spend my time with in SL. Let's start slow and see how things work out. I am on late nights because of RL. I am in US EST and SLT plus three. I am not the typical guy, but you probably heard that before so I do enjoy snuggling together, romantic SL getaways and dancing the night away. I am really looking for a girl I can make a priority in SL. I am mesh and someone with mesh is great, but not important. People, usually us men, often forget about the person behind the avatar.
  22. I honestly just wish they would sell Patterns, designs and graphics as singles. Like to me, I just don't want to be paying 1299 for 40 plus colours, patterns and designs and only wear 1 or 2 what's in the fatpack.
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