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  2. I will, thank you and I suggest others do the same. But mostly I will not take anything for granted. It seems to me that LL keep's on changing things. Only time will tell us what we are up against. As my mother use to say - We will cross that bridge when we get to it.
  3. Your suggestion found me the solution to my problem, thank you so much!
  4. See I didn't know all the technical parts behind it, thank you for elaborating on that, Abnor. It was a theory up in the air and now it makes sense. It was just trying to help find space to put the houses since the scripting is pretty well known for them, right?
  5. The other thing surprising is to notice , that yesterday , all the artwork has been deleted , as she has decided to leave 1st august , in every conditions Probably the crowdfuning donations will be used for an another project . It s not really reassurrig for a donator of crowndunding to give money for something he won t see
  6. We considered that... for about half a minute. First we'd have to relocate the residents who still have homes there. Then we'd have to remove all the old houses, parceling, trees and everything else. Then there are all the behind the scenes things complications like removing the parcels from the LH assignment system, scripts that rely on the ssp region naming conventions... the list goes on. All just so we could get to the same starting point of having a new blank region.
  7. So it lets people who are not hammering the servers with auto refresh get a shot, too. Sounds more fair to me, actually.
  8. Numerous people getting locked out of refreshing when a region drops.
  9. That's just evidence of how large and devastating the Heterocea Pickle Factory Explosion of 2003 (or HPFE2003 for short) was! All these artifacts were strewn around Belliseria, landing in the seas and oceans a decade and a half before the Moles tribe came in and started to convert the area to land. All the signs still point to the legends being true. The Primitar people must have known how to make pickles!
  10. *** SOLD***** .............................................................................. Still available - 2 x 1/4 Homesteads http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forest Dreams/112/120/645
  11. Humility is not really your strong suit is it? Frankly I would have dropped the topic a long time ago if each and every rebuke you posted didn't just perspire of arrogance and a feeling of superiority. It's the kind of things that motivates a lot of people to just keep digging. A question remains: Why not tier down back to a single region? That is what many people do when they have to dial down on what they can effectively financially support. Constraints are rarely an issue for artists, they are an opportunity to flourish.
  12. Aww, aged wood textures are some of the trickiest ones. Be prepared to spend some time to get the hang of it. Sometimes you can be lucky though. This is pretty much a straight photo. I made it tilable and removed some unwanted grafitti but that's all. (Adding a "watermark" to it. Unlike the texture in my previous post, this is one I'm actually selling) Not only does it look great as it is, it takes recoloring brilliantly too: But as I said, this was a very lucky shot. Don't ask me how many wooden house walls I took pictures of before I got something I could use at all. I lost count.
  13. The Laptop is a Dell Sudio, Windows 7, the model number is PP39L
  14. Like I said, was just a theory since the regions already existed and have houses on them already.
  15. Thank you for that. Let's concede that LL could be doing a much better job of managing the communication of this than they are, and leave it at that. Btw, the video is good, but a much more accessible source of the same information is Inara Pey's summary, which I provided the link for in my initial post to you. I'd suggest you focus on that.
  16. Because that would be even more work I guess ...
  17. A friend of mine uses a windlight setting that seem to burn everything into a weird "fullbright" look that kills any and all nuances and I fail to understand how they see it as "better"... I suppose it gets rid of that dreaded nose shadow...
  18. Bizzarre thought, why not pick up the old houses off the old linden home lands and rework those continents since they already exist and put the new homes down there? Literally it'd make sense since they want to phase them out anyway, and it would help fill demand a lot faster. Look don't shoot me for asking, It's merely an idea.
  19. BYE! To get technical help one has to provide good information about their computer. If you haven't figured that out, SL is probably beyond you. Lindal's suggestion to use the viewer's HELP->About... reveals all the tech info we need to help. Paste it here and YOU have to know very little and we can usually figure out the problem.
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