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  2. @Patch Linden lol can I trade my home for a nice water front or even a home with a nice lake or pond. I really need a swap meet so I can give my property up to another hopeful person.
  3. Yes they may have been released at 9:30 EST but that is also the start of working hours for those of us that do work. So nothing if ever the best time for a release for anyone one time it can be when your sleeping next time when your working so all a gamble.
  4. Here's how Google explains it: Every device on the Internet has two IP addresses: a public and a private one. In your home, your router uses your public IP address—assigned by your ISP—to connect to the Internet. ... Your mobile devices also have public and private IP addresses. But they're constantly changing, and therefore, pretty much meaningless.Aug 21, 2015
  5. There is an inworld game seller that is closing down and currently has all games marked down to L$1. I can't remember who off the top of my head, but will check when I get inworld this evening.
  6. That looks so good and so natural...……..
  7. Off to RL! Good luck to everyone who is waiting for their new home! TGIF and all that stuff!
  8. I wasn't talking about me, rather about the artwork which has gotten a lot of acknowledgents in real life. I still am surprised with all the outrage this has caused in this forum. If an artist, either in Sl or Rl have acknowledgents, this personally makes me very, very happy.
  9. Are people who use the phone apps getting an advantage in refreshing? Possibly because they are using data rather than wifi? Does a data refresh allow constant refreshing due to not being detected as an IP address?
  10. If any of Lindal's arsenal really work...….then SL must have been so much fun back in the day when Maddie was a newbie......haha!
  11. In Barbarella (Jane Fonda), Duran Duran had an orgasmatron which he played like an organ *coughs*
  12. The SL system is being moved to the cloud. the hope is this will allow copies of SL in Europe and other places outside the USA. So, might sort of get a Linden living near you. You can troubleshoot your connection using this information: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection.
  13. How is it fair that one person gets a home, maybe two homes, when others don't get one at all?
  14. Hot in the city... Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Pixel VR: https://pixelvr.me/post/12535 Twitter: https://twitter.com/dluvsl Social VR: https://socialvr.me/dluvsl Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/dluvsl/
  15. HAHAHAHAHAA I'm also a lady and there is a funny story with that. thank you very much lovely, LOL
  16. Finally got one! Come say hi if you're in Sweetmarsh!
  17. I'm a demon myself, with an Anthro partner. If you've found a family or are still looking, I'd be very interested and would love to talk with you. Much love Xisira ❤️
  18. You're gonna break that graphic using it in every thread.
  19. I have replied to this one some posts ago. I understand it's a lot of pages and therefore not easy to spot. This is very true, Djehan has chosen (for the reasons you will find in the previous post) in the following order: to have it supported by donations, where she would continue in upgrading the artwork and maintain it, to have it preserved by LL, or to move on and proceed to other platforms and AR. I believe it is exactly the constraints you are talking about to push her to make these choices and she is very peaceful about all of them. I want to acknowledge you for bringing up very valid suggestions to the discussion, thank you.
  20. Not really. We live in a dog eat dog world. Survival of the fittest seems pretty realistic. Let me throw out a scenario for you: Like person A is sitting stuck on a lockout screen from refreshing at signs of a region release happening, they were sitting there camping the release; when person B gets a home, person C gets the sold out screen 3 times in a row, and Person D refreshes once after just logging in for the first time that day and gets a lockout for refreshing too much? Please tell me how that's fair?
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