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  2. You must be devastated, Cindy. There's no way to be ready for times like this, even when you can see them coming from far off. We beg for more time to be with the people we love and care for. There's never enough. Hold the memories that you shared in your heart.
  3. I thought Maitreya was generally considered good quality, the big brand? That's why I've got a Maitreya body. It looks pretty good to me. Crap, does this mean I'm even uglier than I thought? But I've seen other basic mesh bodies, and some have been mentioned earlier in the thread, which really don't look demonstrably better than a high quality system av with the best available hair, skin and add-ons. So if the purpose is to improve visual quality... I'm also still disturbed by the thought of a place that would penalise a woman who decides she doesn't want to go through a rape RP. That would turn me away much faster than a mesh requirement. If I saw that, I'd be too repulsed by that rule to worry about any of their other ones.
  4. Oh, and Sansar is for sale if anyone wants to buy it.
  5. I thoughy it was fantastic, kinda wish they mentioned how much Premium ploose is going to be though. I think all the giggling was maybe more out of nervousness than not taking it seriously since they are more than likely not reading from a script someone wrote.
  6. It’s a violation of both the TOS and CS, regardless of whether or not the disclosed information is correct. Intent, acted upon, IS the violation. In any case, AR it, if it’s important to you. In the end though, LL is the final arbiter.
  7. "Ok, let’s talk about a major Second Life vacation alert. Fantasy Island is open! If you remember, during my ‘All About Land‘ live stream I came across an available parcel on mainland. And in true land addict fashion, I couldn’t resist myself. It took all of a couple seconds for me to decide I wanted an awesome mainland hangout. Millions of ideas came to mind." Read more on the blog.
  8. OMG, @Cindy Evanier - I am so very sorry for your loss. There are no words that can ease such pain. Just know that I'm thinking of you and sending many virtual hugs your way.
  9. If we blocked Maitreya from every venue there wouldn't be many of us left attending. That said... I'd call a rule like this an attempt to promote quality. You can still show up to a black tie affair in a $3 dress or a Micky Mouse tie... or come to a place in a shirt, and shoes... but bottomless...
  10. To be clear, I think this was a great first step in using live streaming to help the team communicate with residents in a way that isn't a cluster like the Meet the Lindens things at SL16B. Just too many residents trying to be heard all at once in an unstructured way. This eliminated all the local chat noise and that's great. I love the idea of having couple different members of different teams each week answering questions from residents. Strawberry has many wonderful strengths, but being a professional interviewer isn't one of them. She's great for the fluffy and fun things. These should be more professional in my opinion, especially when you have Ebbe there.
  11. Now that it's over, you can replay it from the beginning.
  12. Speaking of Boomers I am grateful for the "very online" surname choice of Yeetly, if that is indeed what I heard*. It is bound to be one of the most popular choices and a solid indicator of people I can safely avoid on account of my being an old. 😂 * And I'm 99% sure that's what it was: Know Your Meme: Yeet Hats off to the winner (sincerely!) I shall now yeet myself yeetly out of the thread.
  13. i'm too young for a boomer! .... and too old for a millenial!
  14. OK Boomer. I think that's a generational thing. To me this just sounds like every meeting I have with some Millennial techies.
  15. Of course we should be taken seriously but I didn't feel we weren't. I think the giggling was simple excitement from having important things to announce, and generally being in a live situation.
  16. I'm pretty sure the unedited version was pushing the boundaries and might not truly be allowable under the Community Guidelines, based on previous pictures that have been pulled - simply because the water did not fully obscure the bits. @Ashlyn Voir - You should probably go back and edit your quote of the picture. The quote shows the bits just as the original did -- if one is not allowed, then quoting it is also not allowed.
  17. Don't let them run you out of SL RaeLee. AR, mute, block and just enjoy doing the things that please you here.
  18. The readings are weird -- but also familiar. Almost all that "Simulation Time" is booked to something called "Pump IO" which seems as if it should mean something but I've never heard an explanation that made sense to me. Anyway, this misbehavior pops up occasionally, as a search of the Forums will attest, and the only "fix" I've seen is just what was done here: restart the sim until it behaves normally again, which is not always successful on the first try. According to the wiki, back in 2011 somebody reported at a Simulator User Group that they could make it go away by restarting voice only, so maybe try that? (I didn't even know that was possible.)
  19. We invest time and money in their product. We promote it. We are why it exists.
  20. Good job on an irreverent image. But ... bit of victim mentality? Try supporting Trump to get things in perspective. And then you complain about an almost visible tiny winnie?
  21. Тут, конечно, никого нет, но для порядка я отпишусь, что теперь все тусят в клубе PizzDuk
  22. I'm going to assume that it will be available on their YouTube channel to watch from the beginning. I agree with you @Alwin Alcott about the giggling and laughing. There are things being discussed that are important to a lot of people and the giggling feels like they aren't taking it seriously and that we're all missing out on some inside jokes. This format is good, and should be continued, albeit it with someone other than Strawberry hosting, maybe. Having a place where we can submit questions and have them answer like this is a great idea. We do have questions and we deserve to have them answered. We also deserve to be taken seriously.
  23. На secondlife.com заходишь, логинишься, жмёшь Account->Delete Account. Я сам не пробовал
  24. But what about those low-grade mesh avatars that look no better than system ones? Worse, in some cases?
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