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  2. Yeah, you're right. I also did forget about the extending outside of the parcel, so that all makes sense (not online to see covenant at the moment). Thanks!
  3. With the difficulty people have been having getting one of the homes since the refresh limits were put in, I'm really glad the one of the few releases was picked up by Clover for the two of you. Congrats!
  4. And @Scylla Rhiadra these are the ones you know about. *evil laugh*
  5. No release means peeps get ready for Region tomorrow. Get eye drops and tape for eyelids.
  6. Even though you might have felt it was super cute and not obstructive, that might not have been the feeling of everyone else. Additionally the covenant does say "Objects that extend outside of your parcel can be returned without warning or notice." With the population of Bellisseria, if everyone added objects that extended outside of their parcel into public land, the public land would quickly become a maze to travel through.
  7. I live on the water on Jamesborough, but my land ends before it touches the water. I used a root prim on my land to put out a dock (something super cute and not obstructive of the open water at all), but it was returned today. I didn't know that'd happen since those objects went against my land allowance. Is there nothing that can go there? I guess I just don't understand why it was returned if it wasn't obstructive and went against my own prim allowance.
  8. From what I remember reading about their 'battles' here in the forums, is that they are not allowed to battle on the Angel & Demons home parcel, so they do their battles on other people's parcels around the grid - which has irritated club and venue owners.
  9. Hi everyone, I searched for virtual reality chat and found SL. I am still a newbie but getting the hang of it, I might be getting addicted. I am a male 44 and in the US but I am a mouse in SL. If you ever see me running around don't hesitate to say "HI!". I don't tend to sit still so I will be exploring various places, sometimes a nice walk but most times running and jumping and yeah....you get it...lol So far everyone has been great and I hope to pass that kindness on to others.
  10. Especially when they are fighting
  11. Oh ... you mean opensim as Inworldz ( Islandz ) who has shut down for "financial issues" ? Not a good idea
  12. So true. I saw them at the H&G show and was totally underwhelmed. If LL had asked me at the time, I'd have said I was giving the whole project a pass. Despite that, I went ahead and got a house the night they were released because I had spare land allowance and I was bored at that moment, but I figured I'd not keep it long. I knew for sure I did not want a houseboat, though, after seeing them at the show. Too small! Too crowded! A couple of weeks later, after seeing what people were doing with them, I got a random houseboat that someone had abandoned. Guess which one I like better now? lol
  13. I'll be careful not to run over them with my scooter.
  14. next play blitz through line and blindside the QB while everyone in the crowd is waving their terrible towels
  15. Which would probably be in Bellisseria. I can't remember seeing so many different animals and animal groups in one area before.
  16. Too late...I deleted the app already πŸ˜†πŸ˜…
  17. Now you're just trying to make the rest of us guinea pigs resentful.
  18. I've heard the same thing about fancy rats -- although not that there is a law anywhere dictating that they have company. What if one just opens an SL account for the lonely ones instead? They can make virtual guinea pig friends, in a nice guinea pig community in-world!
  19. Im basically looking for the same thing. Im not in world at this moment but will be in about an hour. Message me
  20. Your assumptions about HL breaking the rules are assumptions by a non informed person. I won't go into details as it wouldn't make any difference but lead to further off topic delicacies. Similarly, what you hear about music groups tricking the laws is not what Hangars Liquides does. HL will either be preserved or survive thanks to donations, or be gone. The fact LL has been blind to art in the past and that has coincided with an increasing amount of residents leaving doesn't mean that they need to keep repeating the same mistakes, they may well improve their strategies. What HL is requesting LL to do is not to allow them to cheat, it is to start making things possible for artists to operate within Sl, not only for HL, but for all artists. That you see artistic talent and technical prowess as arrogance and self entitlement is completely acceptable: you may have no background at all in art, or you may be be offended by the aforementioned artistic talent and technical ability. Hoping to have answered all your very pleasant and engaging posts, I will proceed to focus my attention once again to the topic of this thread, and ignore all further off topic posts.
  21. You are probably right about the rental landlords being far different than they were in my early days. So likely it isn't as risky now as it was. A couple of close friends got screwed back then. One paid a month or two in advance and the landlord bailed after her second week. Another's landlord ran into some sort of financial problems and her region got taken back by LL. We definitely don't hear very many stories of such here in the forums like we used to, so yeah, things have probably gotten a bit steadier on that front. Some old knowledge and/or experiences are sometimes hard to get past. Based on many comments about Mainland, I think I've been fairly fortunate in my mainland experiences. I have a high tolerance for Mainland stuff, but have also mostly been pretty lucky in regards to what has been rezzed near me. I always keep a skybox and have had times where I spent more time in the skybox than on the ground due to surroundings, but I've never had those type of neighbors for very long. If one gets a decent Mainland location and can deal with the occasional oddity, it can usually be done for cheaper via Premium than renting. By the same token, I was never the type that wanted beachfront property, thus my mainland costs were never super expensive. I haven't seen a griefer in literally forever. I hear they still exist in many of the newbie areas and the cheapie/freebie sex areas, but I don't ever go to those.
  22. If one dies, you have two choices: (1) get another guinea pig or (2) get a cat.
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