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  2. I noticed this, too. It gets even worse when people are building those additional add-on decks on top.
  3. No need for sarcasm. I read a zillion different opinions on that lady and her suit, here alone. And everyone fancies themselves an expert, but few really are. So, like I asked, if even half of what she alleges is true, about very sloppy, insecure IT practices, shouldn't we have reason to worry a bit?
  4. Documentation, the RL equivalent of profiles.
  5. One question: Do you use *anything* Google?
  6. There are some truths about Texas and some that are simply to narrow because Texas varies in ideas, political support and community. Here in the south side of Houston, People around the surrounding annexes tend to be more moderate and liberal. It is a cultural melting pot, and Dallas and Austin also follow that pattern. Further south in galveston is a whole different place, where it is an island community a different then mainland Texas with a wide variety of people. Suburbs away from main cities tend to be more far right, and conservative towards others. In 90% of the main texas regions especially along I45 , no one can drive worth a darn and are straight up disrespectful especially in pickup trucks.
  7. I was inspired by the pretty B&W shots but decided to do my version with colour splash and I'm pretty happy my dabble came out.
  8. What's your business type and budget? Not even going to attempt to contact you unless even that is worthwhile.
  9. My last photo was taken with a resolution of 1795x2551. So I'm interested to know the maximum allowed resolution so as not to search for it manually.
  10. I believe it is 800x800 pixels.
  11. P.S. Am I alone in thinking the photographers and/or creators of these avis are insanely good at what they do?! Little intmidating, actually.
  12. Careful. Beast of Bellisseria is in there, now we know why. ~laughs~
  13. Yes, this exactly. Which is why when the pickup line "How old are you?" my reply is usually "Let me check my profile" - and not a lie! LOL
  14. Oooh! Happy Rez day, older sis! (Mine is the 18th) - but we have one a little older (my alt was in June LOL)
  15. Ok I finally explored some more of the areas last evening found the problem with most of them expect one are that the homes that are close to the water are all obstructed by houseboats. But the good thing for people that want a houseboat plenty are on the way.
  16. Thanks. This was just a quick, non post-processed screengrab, just to show the new HD lips. As for my new avi, she looks pretty alright, so far. But maybe too much like a doll, for my taste. She lacks personality -- which I see so abundantly present in other avis posted here. I want a refined look, like Scylla, for example, but then me. I will just need to debarbiefy her a bit.
  17. And from the info that Qie provided, we can also deduce that you have less than 4 GB in hardware. Mystery solved! πŸŽ‰
  18. you can only know that if you'r part of that game. This discussion is so old, and always by DJ's it's getting a bit old. You and others may not like the vampire games, but it does really NOTHING to your avatar or account. It's a game, nothing more.
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  20. Obviously what you’re looking for with you avi is your decision, but from my point of view, I love your new Catwa head... and new lips!!! Only improvment might be to get better lighting balance on your face and crop or blur the background a bit, but all in all a great headshot! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚
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