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  2. Yes. However, the default "Thomas" avatar comes with a horse attachment. So that's a free option. Not too bad a horse, either.
  3. Speaking of gas, we mustn't forget the giant Magellan statue and the "pull my finger" thing.... was that a hint? HOW DEEP DOES THIS SCHEME GO??
  4. Awww @BelindaN I'm not out in sense of leaving thread, meant on what been discussed as still gonna post so not leaving you! *smoosh hugs your face!*
  5. Well, after leaving this running overnight, it seems to stay out of trouble. That alone is a big improvement over SL pathfinding. This is starting to look like the way to do NPCs. Keyframed NPCs have worked well in many places of SL, but they're usually stuck on rigid tracks. Now they can get some freedom of movement. Keyframed motion in SL is a bit strange. It's semi-physical; it can push or carry physical objects. Collisions with physical objects, including avatars, are detected. But collisions with non-physical objects are not. This includes other keyframed objects. On the other side, keyframed objects don't trigger collisions in llVolumeDetect, and are not avatars or physical objects to llSensor. llSensor will detect scripted objects with type "(ACTIVE|SCRIPTED) ", but that triggers on everything in range that has a script. SL's low-overhead tests for moving objects don't work. So doors don't open for keyframed objects. A useful test for doors is to use llSensor with type "AGENT|ACTIVE", then test for nonzero velocity for each object sensed. That picks up avatars, pathfinding animesh, vehicles, and keyframed motion. (Also the door, so that has to be excluded.)
  6. That thing when you read too quickly and see "swamp a**" instead of "swamp gas", both of which are very real things in the humid southern United States at this time of year, and both can be quite deadly!
  7. Yeah, it would be great if there's some way you can "catch" this shark to Select Face of the tail section while the shark is "swimming" (so only one tail position is showing) and see what that texture looks like.
  8. Something simple today; a new profile pic. Hair is Truth's latest group gift, "Euphoria". It was delivered only a couple of days ago and it's already my favourite of all the hair that I own.
  9. The fact that the additional tails only became visible after being taken into inventory then re-rezzed is curious, and lends credence to the theory that it's using texture animation somehow (since texture animation is an object property that persists after the script that initiated it is removed, but can be broken when taking the then unscripted object back to inventory and re-rezzing it). Sorry to ask a really obvious question but you do have "Select Faces" selected in the build window and you've selected the tail face and not the face that corresponds to the body rather than the tail right? It's just the texture in the preview window doesn't look compatible with any type of texture animation and it's hard to imagine what method they could possibly be using to do alpha switching on the tail given what you're describing and the screenshot you posted.
  10. Or when the builder misses his footing and comes through the ceiling. A glass topped oval coffee table makes a perfect landing strip........
  11. Yes that's exactly right. Every time I've done this, each of the positions needs at least a slightly different surface look, so I couldn't just offset the same image across the UV map... but yeah, a shark tail may do perfectly fine with that approach. (I tried to add a note to this effect to a later post, but I'm often less than clear and all this is pretty obscure to describe.)
  12. "Outdated" isn't the same thing as "broken." There are plenty of items in Marketplace that use older technology but are still perfectly good. They simply don't have some of the modern bells and whistles that might be included if they were created today. ( I have a few things like that in my own MP shop.) If something is actually broken, though, or if it doesn't match the advertised description, then you can always ask the merchant for a repair or a refund. I would suggest, though, that you're not likely to get much of a horse avatar for only L$300. If that's all you have now -- barely more than $1 worth of L$ -- it's probably wise to wait until you can afford a horse that you will be pleased with.
  13. Well review dates would give you some hints but as you say there are none. Here is a biggie as to AGE however --- " -alpha body (just wear) ONLY viewer 2". Viewer 2 was introduced many years ago so mentioning "only viewer 2" suggests it was new when this was listed. Also it is sculpt and not mesh. If you cannot SEE A DEMO, I wouldn't buy it -- that's just me. . The mantra on the forums -- NO DEMO - NO PURCHASE (chant along with me). That being said, just because something is oldish, it could still be very good. I have a lot of mesh items from five or more years ago that are still very usable and work well.
  14. I picked up a hair from Hair Fair. It gave me vibes of like a vampy demon, soooo.... yeah. lol
  15. Patch did previously confirm that they are cooling towers for their "newklear reaktor on 3 meter island" And Daniel did try to deactivate the bomb, though I'm not sure if he succeeded:
  16. I'm not sure I follow your math here Qie, or maybe we're thinking of slightly different methods. To illustrate here's an example tail alongside the uv layout and corresponding texture. As you can see each of the four tails use approximately 1/4 of the texture space (the other 3/4 being transparent). Adding a texture animation with the PING_PONG flag set would cause the tail to appear to move from side to side as that opaque section of the texture lines up with the uv mapping for each segment. Of course the limitation of this method is that you have to use the same texture and uv island layout for all versions of the tail and only modify the vertex positions of the mesh rather than having individual textures and uv layout for each version of the tail.
  17. It's only human nature to seek "approval". I don't look at who likes my pics, but i do see who gets more likes and to some extent, less likes. It really shouldn't matter. I don't see myself as artistic or creative in terms of my images. In fact I've posted less lately because it's hard to do something different. My particular favourites are the group photos, when we meet up. But it takes a lot of effort to get people together, and that's why I get such a buzz when I stumble over a forumite by accident! But this forum has welcomed me like a warm blanket on a cold night, and has given me so many friends, and I value their friendships so much. I may not post here quite so much but I will always be around. I don't give up easily on anything. I'm a Warrior Princess after all............
  18. I gave up a year ago on this feature, it will never come.
  19. i'm looking for horse avatars that don't cost much because i'm broke, and i found one that is cheap and looks like it might be good. but there are no reviews or anything on it, and you can't see the date that an item was uploaded. here is the item if anyone can help: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AVATAR-horse-sculpt-black-horse-hair-white-just-wear/2539339 whenever i do get lindens, i don't want to waste L$300 on it if it's broken.
  20. Thank you Alyona for that suggestion: I did speak with him and what he has is kind of what I'm looking for but not exactly it. With his system, I would have to put out food and actually at the table and it seems complicated and he wasn't willing to do an inventory attachment thing. But I now have another idea. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to design 1 prim/LI placemats that rez both very low prim/LI foods and drinks of various sorts? I did purchase placemats that I think were 2 prim/LI each, but some of the dishes inside those placemats when rezzed out were well over 40+ prims/LI each. That cannot happen since I have very little to work with on the prims/LI. If anyone would be willing to try and create something like this, please let me know.
  21. THIS. It is utterly wrong for a creator to require this. It's the same as a customer support rep saying "Sorry that our website doesn't't work for you, you should install XXX Browser" - and my answer is always "So that means you''ll support that browser? And I call you if anything goes wrong with my computer because of that browser? And if my identity is stolen because of that browser then you'll pay to fix that?" They tend to get rubber legs at that point. In short: if you require some third-party thing you cannot control then you have no business requiring it. I lump "you telling me how to set my LOD" into that pile. Do not pass the bug when you cannot support your own stuff properly. And if it breaks with default settings in-place, then you are doing it *wrong*.
  22. Today
  23. I have a feeling the mod squad is keeping close watch of the thread. If it derails or heads south fast, I could see it being turfed or locked. If that happens, I can understand their decision since it deals with a litigation matter.
  24. I can confirm that we are not authorized to know anything about super secret weapons systems that might or might not exist. All rumors on this matter are unsubstantiated and probably baseless. Personally, I might suspect either mass hysteria or swamp gas, but speculation is not permitted in my pay grade. Therefore, I will not comment. 🤐
  25. You're clock must be off - You post that it's10:35 AM and your post was two hours ago - two hours ago is 11AM SL Time (I live in same time zone as LL, so SL Time is RL time for me) - I vacated it at 9:05 AM this morning. And it was snagged within about 30 seconds LOL SO, even if your clock is right on - it went pretty fast, so it could be the blip didn't't even show up on your radar. And I just know it's going to be the same mad rush for Campers as well. ~Groans~
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