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  2. You're not stupid, I think it just isn't real clear right now which page offers up the new homes since they're all taken and don't show as an option. It should be this page: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php Oh, and the new houses show up as the first option when they become available.
  3. What can I use get the turret to not shoot the owner or the house, but only the target? Something that will make the turret stop shooting on the timer.
  4. Oh shoot. My bunny pic is for use in the magazine too!
  5. I meet the good doctor – Doctor Who and he seems to be a good dancer 😂 You find him in the region Capitol Springs
  6. You are right though, its now over 12 hours later and the grid status has not been updated with the all clear.
  7. I'm watching It's not that I'm homeless, lol, I do have a home
  8. Interesting project. I did at one point consider trying to mesh and texture some books off of those I make in my workshop, but it never really got anywhere. I'm not particularly good at meshing though, so, actually making a real French half-leather binding comes easier than trying to make a virtual one.
  9. It's rocks, nothing but a bunch of rocks. At least it was the other day when I went to look...now they have gone for me too. Perhaps when they did the airstrip they took them away.
  10. Compare these new homes, the layout and the shared areas to the original Linden Homes - what a difference! I can actually see people using the shared areas and all that open water! Wow I may have to consider opening a bar for all those thirsty day trippers!
  11. I'm concerned about declining performance, too. Does anyone run a benchmark in LSL occasionally? One big problem is that scripts doing nothing use script time. Not much, about 0.003 ms/frame. But if you have 4000 scripts, there goes most of your script time.
  12. Buy a plot for $X Sell it for $Z But only after you've also paid $Y in tier... As for the land barons - a lot of them work by using donated or bought excess tier... - Buy a 512m plot, but premium actually gives you 1126m after the 10% group bonus... so you've got all this extra tier... somebody else offers to pay you a tiny amount to donate that extra to a group... - That's what makes it very hard to compete with the Land Barons. They can afford to wait on that plot a lot longer. As for abandoned land - you put in a ticket for it, odds are the response is that it goes up for auction. And abandoned land tends to usually come in one of two formats: a very bad location, or too large of a cut. Lindens have a habit of then joining it together into even larger pieces before putting it up for auction in response to your request. You CAN ask them to cut a small piece and auction that separately... and if you get lucky you might win that auction (I have done this).... But to outright buy abandoned land usually requires having land next it already, or getting lucky with your choice of Linden that responds to the ticket (at least back in the old days when things were a little wild - no idea if this would work these days).
  13. If there is nothing underwater then judging by its shape I think it safe to say it looks like a large boat was moored there for a few hours. Possibly with a boat keeper Alt, possibly an aircraft carrier serving as a destination for a flight or flights to Jeogeot. You sometimes get similar big boats temporarily on Blake Sea maps being used as part of a groups activities as a destination for pilots or sometimes as a rescue ship for air lifted ship wreck survivors. If I am right it will vanish in a few days.
  14. animats


    This is not your fault. This is Linden Lab's fault. They do not know how to check identities in China. You showed them copies of your ID card and your household registration book. That should be good enough. Linden Lab needs to use a service which can validate those documents. Like this one. Or this one. This is a common problem with companies in the United States which do not do enough business in China.
  15. Today
  16. I agree, but: Is there really a need to get triggered that fast? He just talked about about a stereotype. And that stereotype is just one in a thousand. -Recently someone asked me, if i use that typical dress what is well known about my country/state. Is that sexist or even racist? Should i be mad? -Months ago i asked my workmate, if thats couscous in his food, because i knew he is from north afrika. Do you think he got offended, because it also could have been rice? No. He just nodded, told me the way to prepare it and offered me some. Close your eyes and take a deep breath... Its a wonderful world.
  17. jiaruoking


    how to delete the question plz
  18. It's not a huge deal but quite a few vehicles end up scraping the seafloor when navigating around boathouses.
  19. For some reason I'm finding it difficult to find several of the pages that have been mentioned recently on this thread; probably because I'm just stupid half the time! May I have a pointer this page, please?
  20. jiaruoking


    thank.you.but.i give.them.my bill and information about.me.but they don't know.chinese i live.in.china.so.i.no.choose
  21. lu Rae

    New Houses

    we did abandoned our lands too... and nada lol we are "homeless"😁😁
  22. Buyers market, they can sell for whatever price they want But with all the abandoned land to choose from, why would people choose to pay such extortionate prices?
  23. jiaruoking


    The point is that they don't let me cash it now.what should i do?the cash is in progress a long time and they want to froze my account can you help me?
  24. This is kind of magnificent. One day (I'm sure) I'll learn how to use light this way. It's Windlight? Or post processing? Anyway, it's gorgeous.
  25. Before I went premium I loved Dreamseekers land list for my land renting. Full rights, and at the website I used to click the word Tier at the top of the column and it would list from lowest price up. Indeed I spy a low price 4096 m plot in this very screen grab ... I used to look out for those on corner plots for a superb SL experience. Also the links are clickable for a quick visit to see if it suited.
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