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  2. Ok thanks. I did have a good look around at groups in-world and most seemed dead. Few members and therefore would assume little going on. I have created a few animations, managed to get them looped nicely using Quavimator. Just looking for a few testers now really, before comitting to sell in MP. Guess I could try Builder's Brewery?
  3. OK, thanks! I'll be sure to use the pull down menu next time. 😊
  4. Yes, that can happend when the release already gone or the Bellisseria is hidden in drop down menu. In most cases though it usually shows a new Bellisseria home.
  5. Like this: Right click to open the image in a new tab than copy/paste the url into the 'insert other media'. Don't use the url you get when you click the icon for one. They don't work on this forum that way.
  6. Wow, when I click on "select another combination" it takes me back to the Meadowbrook?
  7. I just wanted to comment on the "customer support" bit in general. I see so many store owners complain about customer support and re deliveries and all that jazz. I have had stores for eleven years and have been working in home and garden for nine now. I don't think I have had more than ten redeliveries in all that time AND very seldom do I get complaints. This is partly because I test and test and let my alts test (sometimes they spot things that I missed although I have NO CLUE why that is -- sure there is a metaphysical reason *wink*). Now and then I miss something and when I do -- I fix it. I mean it should have been correct to start out with but no one is perfect -- certainly not ME. But if you are CAREFUL, I don't think you would have too much of an issue. I think I talk to about one customer a month -- not counting folks that want to know where to see something (mostly because they didn't read ^^). That's not a lot of customer support time :D. So don't count out a little store completely. You might actually enjoy it. Little by little -- we hopefully keep moving forward.
  8. Glad you added a pic Congrats! And someone said that no one would release a Sweetmarsh home was mistaken I just saw another person get one. Congrats! to all who got a new home.
  9. Because you are not reporting a perceived problem with SL. That is a good question, though. You are reporting an apparent violation of the TOS, so I would think first of submitting an Abuse Report. A JIRA report is normally used to report a technical problem or suggest a new feature. If you went that direction with this issue, your report would probably either be dismissed or languish for years. A Support Case is typically used when you are having a problem that is probably not systemic but is affecting your own performance, or when you need assistance performing a complicated function like moving a private region. An Abuse Report is intended for alerting LL to a possible TOS violation, which seems to be the case here. In fact, the answer may be sort of a coin toss. It's my understanding that an AR is sent directly to the Governance team and that a Support Case is triaged by a team that is more like Customer Service or Technical Support in other businesses. My guess is that the Support team is larger and may be more nimble at times when a generic question comes across the desk. If a perceived TOS violation isn't a matter that affects you personally, therefore, LL may prefer keeping it off the Governance team's plate and letting the Support team handle it. That's just a guess, but it sounds like what Kristin is saying. In any case, though, a JIRA is not the right way to go.
  10. Updated roads pieces, replacements for the broken ones. Finally!
  11. I came running for the first chime; didn't get it. Was right on the second chime, so I knew there must be a live release; still didn't get it. I was staring at the screen, deep in lamentation, when I saw the Traditional House, but no chime...clicked and didn't get it. So, yes to confirm; suddenly Auto Refresh is not chiming, and furthermore, I can barely see that TINY check box to Agree to Terms! Two groups may be at a disadvantage; those with poor eyesight and those of us who are older or otherwise neurologically impaired (drunk doesn't count, haha). Then, just now, while writing this, I did get another Traditional House, with the CHIME activated, but of course, didn't get it. Smiles, it will happen, and when it does I really hope it's a houseboat (the first two this morning were) but it would really help if that agreement box were not so TINY. I mean, it's like a 5 pt box.....wouldn't it be nice to make that the size of the button?? Unlike the Name Field, it cannot be prefilled with a ✔️...
  12. It's not "rl early" for me as well, but I was so used to the 11am - 2pm releases that I didn't even start my computer before that time. ^^ But since this was the second time in a row I'll check in a bit earlier from now on.
  13. Private Peaceful Island Retreat for sale in the moderate sailing community of Maculata. Hidden rock cave with magical views atop, next to protected water. All items are for you to keep or return as you desire http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maculata/33/100/22
  14. Well, in SL it is called Cornhub - scary place
  15. This is how I felt today after eating the most delicious bacon and cheese scone in the world from this little shop down the street from my office. Randoms are fun. ETA where did my gif go? It was Nicholas Cage dammit! How does one get gifs to imbed properly?
  16. Once SL's cloud move is complete and with staff migration to Tilia, it's likely Sansar will end up LL's the biggest project in terms of active staffing.
  17. ...thanks very much, , but I´d like to place my apartment
  18. Yeahhhh!!! Finally be able to log in. Whatever it was, thanks for solving it. (firestorm and original viewer). Mesh sandbox 2 although has a terrible, really terrible lag. (no one there)...anyway. Thanks:)
  19. As we promised in our town hall meeting about Tilia and its relationship to Second Life last week, we have been working on a way for Residents to voluntarily submit additional information that may be required to process credit prior to the August 1 Tilia launch date. That option is now available on your Second Life account billing information page! For many of you, we may already have all information required to process credit from your USD balance, and you will be able to see that you are good to go from the green check mark. For some of you, we may need to collect some additional information before you can process credit from your USD wallet after August 1. You’ll be able to see that from the red X in the same location. And from there, you can click on ‘additional information’ link to proceed to the information request form if you would like. You are under no obligation to do so at this time. As registered money services businesses, Linden Lab and Tilia are required to comply with applicable U.S. laws and regulations. As part of our ongoing risk management process, we must obtain, verify, and record information about our customers for whom we offer financial-related services. We take your privacy and security seriously, so your personal information will continue to remain protected and will only be used for purposes that are outlined in Linden Lab’s and Tilia’s Privacy Policies. You may learn more about Tilia and its relationship with Second Life and Linden Lab from our FAQ.
  20. animats

    SL stock market

    Waterbank News still offers SL stock quotes, but they don't mean anything. They also have commodities quotes, on snow, sand, and catnip.
  21. There is not enough traffic anywhere in Second Life. Mayor roads like avenues and highways are just part of the themeing. If you mean in a more technical way, Bellisseria has enough homes to have avenues and mayor arteries, if we take United States as a model for calculating vehicles per household. I think i heard someone saying that there was some work being done with the ferry today.
  22. An apparently common type of skin-applier HUD for mesh bodies frequently mentions in its description, and instructions, that the user can add their own "skins". The instructions are quite clear, but the process they describe only works with "texture" objects, not "skins" -- which appear to contain textures, but not in a way the texture editor can find. What information am I missing?
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