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  2. I know wgat is a proxy . but there is absilutely no link with a proxy . People have subscribed to second life to meet people , Fionaleien . I don t care about your prims , neither your meshes . If you prefer a deshumanising word ( or a deshumanising SL ) i can t do anything for you
  3. Well I speak a lot of German but not a word of Swedish ... so I thoght Google Translator might help but HURSKE BUR DOOR HABOORSKEY. WĂśRFFEL HOOSE! is just Doubledutch!
  4. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/proxy if someone else would gamble for you that would be a proxy ... probably illegal to gamble by proxy if you are forbidden to gamble yourself - but with the US legislation you never know.
  5. I don t accept your argue : i have proven an alterantive way to not segregate people but u staying and keeping inside the law . You prefer segregation . It s in you DNA
  6. Businesses are closing all the time in SL. That's been true since people began setting up businesses. New businesses pop up all the time as well. Nobody is indispensable, though losing CasperVend/Let or Anshe's land empire would hurt a lot.
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    Hello, please create a support ticket. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  8. People from some states are prohibited from entering those sims because of their state laws regarding payouts from skill games. Residents of those states are probably going to have to find other sims that host non-skill gaming events to visit. Or maybe lobby your legislators to change the relevant law LL is basing their decision to bar access to you on.
  9. Can you see how different this is from what you wrote earlier? Really horrible format. Horde of people who are convinced. If you didn't mean to make it sound like you're looking down on use, why choose those words? There are other ways to make the point which are more readily understandable, like you'd prefer it if there were more searchable documents and that you find videos too time-consuming and frustrating. If it's related to your preferences and your experiences, it comes across as just that and much less judgemental. When it's phrased more clearly, new approaches become easier to see, like pairing a written summary of steps with a video. Would it be worth asking some of the better Avastar video makers to do that? Or maybe someone else who wants to help but doesn't have the depth of knowledge to write a tutorial from scratch could offer? I agree that the whole system could use some improvement. Shall we try to brainstorm on how?
  10. Someone , has access to a game sim . But he doesn t play well One of his/her friend could enter to hint him/her . But Linden Lab refuses because his/her friend comes from a "forbidden" country . Don t you see there is something wrong ? And you forget the main goal to come in Sl is to meet people .. I don t care to meet some prims ( even meshes )
  11. You can't gamble in SL because Florida has a law against online gambling. They want you to spend your money in their own state. Linden Lab apparently decided that blocking entry to the region was easier to implement than playing with transactions. It's not racism, it's their decision.
  12. edit the listing first and put something in the empty English name field. then save. after that you can then select and delete the listing.
  13. Music events and hunts at gambling sims? When did that happen? My only contact with those was when they put out traffic attractor games and Polenth's description pretty much hits the spot. I would wish skill gambling regions would be something worth to look at but I really cannot say they are.
  14. No there is an another way : LL could block the transaction lindens webservice inside the sim , but let the sim authorise people to enter It s really by racism that Linden Labs refuse some people from states different of California to enter
  15. The answer is pretty simple. It's because they can't differentiate between a tip jar, a vendor and a gambling machine. It's all the same pay operation. The only way to stop you putting money in those machines is to make sure you don't have access to them.
  16. Saw a traditional at around 3:50 SLT, first home I've seen after spending the weekend refreshing and not seeing a single one. It really is about landing on the page at the exact microsecond the house is available... and they still go so fast!
  17. Thank you for the feedback, it's always appreciated. The price, well, we'll see what the market does. Maybe it will sell, maybe it won't. Anyhow, as to the notion of abandoned land, it's been my experience that abandoned land tends to stay abandoned for quite some time -- especially if it's an odd size and shape. Some folks find the empty land next to them to be appealing. I've got my little 512 jungle treehouse cheetah girl lair in the middle of a region with nothing else but abandoned land as it really fits the theme well. It's fun to ride my cheetahmobile all over the place. But you're right, abandoned land isn't the same as say a protected waterway or park: There IS the risk of Linden auctioning the land. While whomever purchases this parcel would be one of the first folks to see the land go up for auction and therefore would have a good chance of putting in a winning bid, you're right. And as an honest land agent I'm happy to have that pointed out. I believe in letting folks know not just what's great about a parcel, but what could go wrong -- see my mentioning of the neighbor's sky platform being too low. But that is the nature of buying land on the mainland, it always comes with risks of change. I've heard of folks who've been on the edges of continents, only to have the continent suddenly get worked on and they're no longer on the edge. Anyhow, we'll see. Hopefully someone will want this parcel, at the price specified. Time, and the market, will tell. Thanks again for your feedback! 🙂
  18. as soon you added your paypal, you can use it, if the cashier accepts it, it normally will work. Sometimes paypal/LL has some little hick ups, but normally it won't be a problem. You'r around a while so i guess you activated the payment info by buying L$, if not you can't sell and have to activate it by buying a small amount of L$, and after 30 days you can sell L$. If this is your first pay out and a decent amount, chance you'll have to give your rl details is there all the time. Tilia doesn't change that.
  19. not commenting on your price, thats a free thing to ask, but advertising as great feature 3 sides abandoned?... tomorrow you might see skyscrapers and sphere rentals from 50 meters and up . The risk to get bad neighbours doesn't change with being abandoned. You might actually gave a great idea to some now, if they request LL for selling parts of the abandoned land there they might get it for 1 L$ sqm.
  20. I had a real life friend exchange her linden dollar for USD dollars and then process that to Paypal -- not long after the Tilia announcement and all worked fine for her (this was probably around the 7th or so of the month --- somewhere in there). Another sent all his lindens out to Paypal about a week later. They BOTH added information about credit cards and Paypal (they are both in the database business and it was a security issue for them also). But I just tried to process credit out to Paypal on two of my alts on Saturday (long post on this on the Tilia Takes Over thread) and they were unable to transfer to Paypal at all. Entering your payment info SHOULD be automatic and has been in the past, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. It isn't clear exactly WHY it isn't working and a support ticket may need to be made. On the other hand my problem may have been a "weekend" problem and they may have it fixed now. Personally I would TRY A TEST (if there is very much money involved) and trade in a small amount of lindens and see if you can process that USD credit out to Paypal. I ended up turning the money back into Lindens since I couldn't process it out. If you are trying to zero out your USD balance or move money to Paypal NOW rather than after Tilia takes affect --- then you only have a small window to accomplish this in. So not waiting until the last minute would likely be a wise move. Good luck.
  21. Scripts (read: the "equipment") cannot detect what state (or country) you're in. The only practical solution is to segregate Not-Gambling™ content into dedicated sims and handle it that way.
  22. Welcome to LODs ! As you noted windows can be -- well let's say "tough". The mullions (pane dividers) in my latest build had to be 3li in order to hold together at a reasonable distance -- and THAT was depressing (and one reason why the Mole made homes are so high land impact). It is difficult finding a happy medium -- and USE is a big part of the puzzle. If your tower was going on a house inside a skybox for instance there would be no need for long distance LODs, but it is not. Personally I would say breaking a part at 50 meters is way too soon and having it work at 1024 is way too "primmy" but we each have to decide what our methods and gauges will be. For something that big and outdoors I would say at LEAST half way across the sim at LOD2 would be a good goal. Better would be good also -- so 128 to 256. One tip on LODs is that SMALL things will break up more easily at a distance than LARGE things, so IF you were making this all yourself, JOINING the pieces together before exporting would help a lot. You can't do that in this case so -- if I am understanding things correctly, there is likely no way to fix this. As you keep working in mesh, you will be able to make your own windows and roof and then you can do a better job. It would likely be good to put a comment on the marketplace listing (assuming you bought it there) that the LODs are not good. Personally I never buy any outdoor item without seeing it inworld --- simply for this reason. This was a great lesson for you though and really good to have at the beginning of your mesh making career (honestly I mean that!). Now you know what to aim for. When the beta grid finally gets back online spending some time over there testing would be a good learning experience. I bet you can find a tutorial on making windows. They aren't that hard really and then you could test out your own -- trying them uploaded separately and as part of a single mesh object. Eventually you may want to make your own LODs and Aquila can help you with that I am sure. But even if you JUST use the setting tabs in the uploader you can get much better LODs. When I am feeling "meshy" again (currently moving builds from LEA6 over to my store plot) and the beta grid gets back up, I am going to work on better LOW lod settings for those mullions. They are an "add-on for the add-on so really not a problem in the build, just "primmy". I am hoping I can get the li count down. Keep on learning!!!! And that IS a lovely picture of your house.
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  24. Ayela said: Remember, just because something isn't illegal, doesn't mean that a business is legally obligated to provide you with that service. That’s an understatement. But still does not answer my question, why keep me out of the sim. And no I do not expect an answer, I just find it nonsensical.
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