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  2. Hi everybody! Are you looking for a special mesh object that you cannot find inworld or on the marketplace? I do custom mesh! Contact Sasha980 inworld to get exactly what you need for your sim or home You can also have look at my marketplace store for high quality mesh pre-fabricated items: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/198486 or tp over to my inworld store to see demos of all the products: SSM - Southside Modeling @ Salome design, Rainbow Land (134, 176, 2001) - Moderate
  3. You remember right, but there is a difference: the old houses are smaller, have less prims and allow only 117 prims to use.
  4. I. SL emanation experience: Your avi along with your verbal and your non verbal communication and its appearance emanates from you. In part anyway it is representative of yourself, an aspect of your mental self freed from your body a graphic-kinetic expression of yourself. Its likely not a perfect representation or expression but you may find it acceptable or even beyond what you could convey without the artists assistance. This visual is a strong aide carries or is canister for an aspect of yourself that often is not able to be expressed or appreciated by others. So when your avi along with your words probably far more expressively, your voice interacts with another great emotional connection is possible. But what is most unique here on SL unlike that of the phone with the added help of this visual, erotic or even romantic feelings are more enabled. As with the kinetic graphic that is well enable with romantic and erotic expression there is this tangible assistance. This adds to the focus and confirms any fantasy. This is a unique experience and can be discriminated from comments such as 'you are your avi' as its not a body for your full mind. It can not hold your mind. If it could it would be like you were in the 'Matrix' with full feelings and perhaps also die with death of the body. However it is this fun graphic expression and representation and with the control you do have and the combination of that and your voice carries an aspect of yourself. How much of an aspect or how accurate a representation will vary. One must choose and accept the visual and for that time and some effort and your personal tweaking of the image maybe needed for you to related and feel that what emanates from it is what is inside yourself. As an aside, an artist's drawing of you on a canvas is also maybe depiction and thus represents a small aspects. It may evoke feelings of you in another person. But there is no interplay no voice, no animation with another persons similar expression/representation of part of themselves. What does Fantasy have to do with it? Here your normal level of imagination and fantasy is already here. It need not be an more or less emanation of a part of yourself or what you wish to feel or how to connect. Fantasy can muddle that precious bit or self or can perhaps help to maximize the feelings you wish to elicit or both. II. Let's just talk already or where the hell is a real (voice) good conversation? So the above experience takes time and effort. This can be true even for half decent emotional friendship level connection. And for one to feel certain excitements such as romance or passion, one must be able to well actually have that ability or maybe have it in a way that its ripe or ready to be felt. For many its a lot more feasible to enjoy a basic connection or just socialize. At is base it is chat social platform and one should be able to come on SL and get into it with good voice chat or at least a pokey text conversation. But that often is not the experience. At least not a satisfying exchange that may be nice and direct or deep or interesting ect... Sometimes the experience is that too many are off in la la land or coupled up, not available for a good talk or just the dummies seem to be online at the moment. There is no interaction really, just blah and gibberish. This is frustrating. Some in perhaps wish for some emotional contact or something that feels remotely meaningful may attempt drama. I understand that from this frustration. Because the experience on SL can be confusing and this makes for uncertainty and anxiety in some even more fear having a real (voice especially chat) which is why i'm writing this and the other posts. So though seemingly bizarre, having a good voice chat sometimes takes some time and effort too even though on paper there are 3 thousand people on SL when you are on here and its basically a social platform. See also my post on friendship and connection and with more people seeing and clarifying how fun and social SL can be I think more will come out and get into some great voice group and individual conversations.. Please do:)
  5. Not to be too nitpicky, but 'they were a bit surprised at just how fast they went' is really just another way of saying they underestimated demand. (As anticipating demand is not just a matter of having enough of a supply, but also of estimating how many items will be requested per time unit). Anyway, completely unimportant, of course: I just need to fill the time awaiting the new homes (as refreshing doesn't seem to cut it any more).
  6. Lynn Zelin

    Linden home

    Lindal Kidd I already have a premium account and have had for quite some time. when the new homes came out I abandoned the one i had to get the new ones but they were all taken. I had tried for 5 days still hearing of folks getting theres even the day before. with no luck. now I am just waiting. I will keep my premium membership..I'm not letting go of it. I will just have to wait till whenever I guess to get in my new linden home.
  7. Lara body and Catwa head is a very popular combination. What a lot of people do is: 1) wearing your shape you normally wear with Lara, edit the shape and write down the slider values for the body, torso and legs sections. 2) put on the shape that came with the mesh head (Catwa in your case) 3) edit that shape, putting in the numbers for the body, torso and leg sections that you wrote down from your original shape 4) make any adjustments you feel necessary to any of the head related sliders to fine tune the look of the head itself.
  8. I forgot about the experience thing. That is a nice little bonus if you’re into land or having a little house.
  9. LL house prims have never counted towards your prim limit, far as I can remember (as their root-prim used to be on the Linden-owned portion of the region).
  10. I could certainly see that. Especially the longitudinal study part. The only problem is that there's the assumption that the sim remains the same over time which is very much not the case. It's almost always a moving target. People regularly add more scripted objects over time which themselves could be the very cause for the perceived performance decrease over the timeframe. It's really difficult to determine the difference between performance impact that's self inflicted and performance impact that's from outside sources without a reliable and repeatable form of data and comparison that remains constant.
  11. I think what we had our friend do (because we're blind leading the blind) was adjust her shape (Edit Appearance) of her starter av and look for system skins that worked with that. AIMI skins just weren't her jam. The terminology you've presented is very helpful - thank you!
  12. I think this goal has been successful so far in areas I've seen, and nicely done. I was marveling last night while in my backyard about how spacious the parcel felt, even though it is only a 1024 with neighbors on both sides. I think the hedges, fences and trees, along with the little open areas in-between house parcels really helps with that feeling of spaciousness and privacy. The neighboring house aren't right in your face. It is a huge improvement, actually, over some mainland or estate parcels, where the parcel lines are right up against each other.
  13. I'm sorry, Theresa but what is your point apart from suggesting that I am an idiot? You appear to be saying that moving stuff off the servers has, rather than improving simulator performance, has in fact made it worse? Even I would find that concept troubling. Of course it might indicate a cost-cutting move by LL, reducing their use of servers. So maybe it is not more regions per server, just poorer services for us users and higher profits for LL?
  14. When I first saw the announcement, I really wanted a houseboat. Took the first traditional offered me. First reaction to it? "OMG! The yard is mine, too?!" Now, a week later, I don't have the desire for a houseboat any longer. Will I reroll? Eventually. Not for a houseboat, tho, but maybe for a more ideal (to me) location. I would love to get one of the houses along water, or next to a wooded area. But for right now, I am happy with my corner lot. I am also across the street from an empty area that will eventually have houses on it. What goes there will also play heavily into whether I reroll or not. If it isn't more trads, but a jarring change between trads and whatever new style they come out with next, I most likely will reroll then. If there are parks or a river or something like that? I will stay if I like them.
  15. Hi everyone, I have a question related to mesh body parts. Does anyone use Lara body with Catwa heads? The problem is when I add catwa head, the face shape is distorted. If I take Lara shape off and add the shape that comes with Catwa head then its fine, but that takes off the shapes that come with Lara body. I like wearing Lara shapes better than Catwa.
  16. I have to say. When I buy clothing i keep the body sizes for every single mesh body out there, and sort it into my Wardrobe. Even if i don't own the body today.. i might in the future. So.... oh wait, not every body. I ALWAYS simply delete TMP. I won't be demo'ing, buying or endorsing the use of the TMP bodies.
  17. There went my desire to eat breakfast
  18. @janetosilio They actually have a collection of both. On the topic of system skins, I don't see many of the stores i look at offering them directly anymore. Most designers follow the money and the people that buy skins typically also have moved on to mesh bodies. That said Izzie's still has her system skins out and they are wonderful. I think Pink Fuel does as well. I think the better terminology would be System Skins and Applier Skins. Applier being anything that applies to a mesh body or body part.
  19. I'm curious what the reason is behind thoroughly enjoying anything of the EEP Viewer in its current state. I have been using Windlight since the beta (because it also added cool post processing glow which was absolutely amazing back then) and i do a lot of photography too but i simply cannot enjoy EEP even a tiny bit. Me as graphics fanatic should be excited to see more cool features to fancy up my pictures, instead i'm disappointed and pissed about pretty much the entirety of EEP, there is currently nothing in EEP except the new UI widgets that i'd like to use for something i don't know yet (i'll find something). I don't know if its the lackluster improvement, the buggy rendering, the abysmal UI design or the downright spit-in-your-face implementation of marketable inventory objects that make me not even look at EEP with my ass. Everything in EEP seems wasted, there is literally nothing good about EEP, nothing of what EEP does couldn't have been done without massively altering the entire windlight project and breaking it this much, nothing in EEP is a reason to over complicate this entire system. I don't know, really... when a graphics fanatic is more excited about a new UI widget than the entirety of the graphic-focused update something must be wrong. Whats even more is that you do not seem to be at all concerned about all the problems listed here that i was able to find in mere minutes of starting the Viewer, nor does it look like you noticed them, you didn't yet mention that you encountered any issues at all. I don't want to sound like an *****, which i do anyway but... it appears to me that you have extremely low expectations and/or requirements for any of this. If you truly enjoy the EEP Viewer you also enjoy the new UI to some extend, which begs the question, who would ever enjoy an UI that fills your entire screen and why? I'm really curious.
  20. It's a dance party with hundreds of your closest pals, and all you need is a PC to experience it! Join comedian, musician, and voiceover extraordinaire REGGIE WATTS for a TOTALLY FREE virtual concert in Sansar - Today- THURSDAY, April 25th, at 5 PM PST If you haven’t been in Sansar for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to check out some of Sansars amazing new features that just keep coming! And if you’re curious about Sansar and want to learn more- We’re excited to announce that we have recently opened the Sansar Official Discord to the public! So without further ado... Click me for your free front seat pass to the Reggie Watts show and we will see you there!
  21. I thought the new avatars were system avatars?
  22. Everyone makes the choice about Premium for different reasons. I own a private region, so benefits that come with living on the mainland (including Linden Homes) are not important to me. I occupy a hefty chunk of my own region and rent to rest to really nice people, so the net cost to me is comparable to paying for a Premium membership but I have way more land. Most of the other perks make little or no difference to me personally, although they can be very important to other people. For me, the one benefit that would tip the balance is owning an Experience on my own land, which of course is only possible if you are Premium. I haven't made the step because I'm lazy, I guess. So far, it's been enough to be an Experience Contributor, but the lure of having KVP available on my own land is getting stronger.
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