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  2. I SO LOVE ❤️🤣❤️🤣❤️
  3. I guess I am the oddball, I do not obsess over my shape at all. I use a store bought shape with just one small modification, I shortened my legs slightly. This is not to say I do not obsess over how I look, but I just focus on my hair and clothes.
  4. I assume that you're aware of the fact that I'm talking about full characters/creatures, not a general content creation process applied on everything, including static objects. Indeed what I'm talking about is only rigged content. With this said... Where exactly did I "insist"? Need a source for it? Do a search among game engine forums, polycount, modding comunities as i did, and except for specific cases about particular items, i found that to be the most commonly used ratio on characters. Want an hands-on example? Skyrim or fallout mod creation kit, and inspect the models.
  5. A question....Don't you need to abandon a lot before picking another? It sounds like you lucked into the houseboat, and then let the traditional go.
  6. I used Corel VideoStudio Pro for many years and it worked well for me. Single purchase still. Had a few quirks but did the job --- likely not as many features as Adobe, don't know :D.
  7. I am currently using Premiere Pro - but am growing weary of the fact that I have to "rent" Adobe software for as long as I use it. I recently downloaded Davinci Resolve (free version) to look at video editing on that. Does anybody else use Resolve or what other type of editing software do people use other than Abobe products? and I am on a PC platform not Apple
  8. No, not before SL had mesh, just before I had it. So I suppose they had had issues with girls with mesh bodies and that particular animation, and so they were not taking any chances.
  9. I have only de rendered for the sake of a picture. Some annoying sign in the background, a pizza on a table I want to sit on. Someone who insists on standing in front of me, even objects that are not in the picture but cast shadows I do not want.
  10. Emiliana Real Estates New Island Grand Opening I am just announcing that Marlena Emilianes just opened a new land on Second Life. Marlena Paradise Island 16384m sq 5000 prims for 4376L$. Follow the sign to rent it or contact her. Emilianes Real Estates Contact IM: MarlenaEmilianes Sincerely, Hiro256, sales staff http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marlena Paradise Island/128/128/21
  11. It also doesn't wash your car or stay crunchy in milk. By they way, your number 4 is only correct with the new, added channels. The three main channels, which are the ones that will be used for 99% of cases when this rolls out, do support alpha cut through when the avatar is set to alpha masking. (It will work with alpha blending too but you'll get the usual alpha blending glitches.)
  12. These are all your words and your interpretation of my words. Same with Theresa's interpretation and I disagree with that characterisation of what have I said. For one, using language like "totally screw up your avatar" is not what I said nor even close, nor is it the way I meant it. In addition using words like "scared" does not represent what I feel about it. I have some concerns and I voiced them. All I said was "at worst it could" stop overreacting to what I said, this is getting wearisome. Move on.
  13. Some of the problems with BoM that have been brought up and gotten no resolution with: Doesn't support texture repeats, offsets, rotations pre-bake so you can't have randomized effects with the same texture assets. Doesn't support materials. Trades one apply method for another. Instead of keeping a head, body, hands or feet with an already applied setup in an outfit folder, you're keeping multiple wearables and having to manually reapply them all every change in outfit. No alpha masking effect at the TOP of any stack so you can't have a "cut-off" or "punched hole" effect on any stack that mimics alpha mask assets.
  14. You got a source for that since you insist on it?
  15. It kinda is, if you can't apply an applier or replace an existing applier. Than a script screwed up somewhere. Also if it breaks your all your appliers, than yeah it is totally screwed up.
  16. " I am not enthusiastic at all. At best it will have little immediate impact that I care about and at worst it could break all of my purchased appliers. I don't have a great deal of confidence that breakage will not occur." I would say that right there, read the second part of it. " at worst it could break all of my purchased appliers" Clearly you are scared that it will do something to your avatar, and have little confidence for Bakes on Mesh. So yeah, you have it in your mind that the worst will happen. And that your avatar will get totally screwed up. When BoM has nothing to do with applier or mesh body scripts.
  17. Not necessarily, it might just mean the appliers will no longer apply. Whatever I might have on may stay that way.
  18. A mesh avatar with broken appliers is totally screwed up.
  19. In what way exactly? because I have no idea what you mean.
  20. Today
  21. I just released my home I got yesterday in San Alejandro. I fretted about it since yesterday, but I'd really love a home closer to the beach...so gl and hope someone gets it and loves it!
  22. Question away, where did I say it was going to totally screw up my avatar?
  23. But here is the thing, we are questioning your logic. It has nothing to do with the scripting or scripted appliers. How is it gonna totally screw up your avatar?
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