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  2. Well this has to aspects: Hand designed items and textures: If it is original created artwork and product that is not for sale by yourself, then it violates terms if they don't have permission and use programs to steal the textures yoo created. Open Domain Textures and items: Taking textures off Google or the web is not your own work just because you upload it first. It remains open domain. Importaing #D mesh items from the web into belnder does not make it your own. Marketplace products: If it is products sold or given by other makers that happen to be the same as what you are using, it isn't exactly copying, just using the same products. With the current houses they may position it in similar ways based on the house layout, but that is factors of the house. My neighbor used the same living room set as We have in the buddhist center, which is not for me to say, he saw it, liked it, and it is his right to purchase and use the same. Others likes how I divided and created the upper floor add on and division of walls for the dining meeting area, and living room on the boat. If they liked it I actually gave them free copies of the layout for that style, which is being compassionate and friendly to help the community. Ego makes a person want to stand out and feel self important. Compassion shares and appreciates the common likes.
  3. I'm not sure I follow any threads. I'm just lazy, though. 😛 I also don't check the forums a ton, either. lol
  4. It's 44 where I have my shop. You should be able to peer at the region/estate information and see what the numbers say.
  5. I downloaded the 64-bit SL installer on a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 (Core i5, 64-bit Windows) & installed it. When I run it, SL tells me I need whatever version to login, then installs and runs the 32-bit version. What's going on here? (For the people who are inevitably going to tell me not to run SL on that potato, I usually don't, thanks).
  6. That sure is a nice view! I only saw lots of houses cramped together when I last had an old home! But maybe now as people only want the new ones you can pick and choose - and abandon till you get such a view.
  7. You may be sitting for a long time. This cliche statement has been used and overused since at least 2006. Just saying: get comfy.
  8. Yeah no - sorry, not sorry on the following: Nowhere whatsoever does Linden Lab state that you can Downgrade your account to Basic and retain your Linden Home and to expect otherwise is ... Well the most polite way i can put this is "entitled" or "presumptuous" at the very least. You should have waited until your renewal date was closer, picked up your things, teleported elsewhere and then downgraded.
  9. Try flushing browser cache. If that fails, try another browser. If that fails then create a support ticket.
  10. And you can be sure: half the customers in Germany think exactly that is meant: Pizza HAT ... especially since some of the restaurants have roofs that resembly Chinese hats. *lol*
  11. Prove it ! or loose it ! And i have shown you an alternative way : technically there is an alternative way . You obstinate in your position that forbidding access to the sim "the only way" , when in fact the real and correct way was limiting the webservice responsible of transaction in linden So this refuse shows the bad will of Linden and its segregation policy
  12. Part of the trick of working with LODs is figuring out what you can get rid of without having a significant visual impact. Your basic structure (8 rectangles + 8 rectangles = 16 rectangles = 32 tris/triangles) is friendly to holding itself from a distance. That's an excellent starting point. Are you interested in expanding your Blender skills to learn how to remove bits? Ditching the rounded trim pieces will save lots of tris, so that would be a good place to start on making your own custom LODS. The vertical and much of the horizontal trim could be simulated through an additional texture which has both trim and siding. From the pictures, I don't see why you couldn't learn how to make the octagon roof in Blender (though not the weather vane). It would be tricky to make the shape in prims but you could do it in about five steps in Blender, from the top of your tower. Also, crumple to nothing is a cheat but sometimes it's a useful cheat if the object doesn't need to be in a long range view (i.e. from a distance, it would just look like a normal Continental roof line). Just some thoughts. It might seem daunting, but I think you're probably closer to being able to do this than you realise. You understand spatial relations very well and that will give you a big advantage.
  13. I'm curious why this would matter; it's called a downgrade, not a cancellation or non-renewal. Downgrade means precisely that and when you did it, you did it intentionally.
  14. That sounds like something that might have been run by Linden Lab's legal and technical departments before rolling out skill gaming. Linden Lab probably does prefer staying inside the law rather to inside a courtroom.
  15. Like it makes sense that Pizza Hut restaurants in Germany still use that name even though it translates to "Pizza Hat."
  16. Ok Chicken Little - you're not the first to proclaim something to be The End of Second Life and just like the ones that came before you ... you won't be the last to be utterly wrong. Not just in your overreaction but also your personal belief in what has actually transpired. You've had the reasoning explained to you and yet you persist ... Leaving Second Life? Bye - mind the door, it has a rather strong spring close.
  17. Oy ... another thread absolutely derailed by someone who refuses to understand what they are being told and who has to resort to loaded language ... Online Gambling laws vary from State to State and Country to Country and the only solution linden lab has is to bar entry to users from such places - that is the reality of the situation, beginning and end of it all. They cannot simply cause a script to not function based on a user's geographical location - there are no script or simulator functions that would allow for this, no way to properly impliment such a system and claims otherwise are simply fantasy. This is not "racism" whatsoever nor is it "unfair" in any way - if you find it to be "unfair" then get to work changing your locale's laws.
  18. No, it is not. If you look at the list of states whose residents aren't allowed into skill gaming regions there's no correlation at all. Residents of some of the states with the highest percentages of Latino residents are allowed, and residents of some of the states with the lowest populations aren't. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_Hispanic_and_Latino_population Is there anything else I can help you with?
  19. AppTamer puts background apps to sleep - if they are sleeping, they are not using any more RAM than they already suck-up (I mentioned it because of the Book issue you mentioned). Here is how I would approach your scenarios - First, change-out a couple. apps: Vivaldi instead of Chrome (Better browser, exact same functionality, better features regarding RAM among other things). Use NUMBERS instead of Excel - at least for this process (Pages and Numbers and Keynote are outstanding Office alternatives and much better RAM management). Some people need Office, I get it, but for *this* I would use Numbers (then export to Excel is required) - and you already have it as it comes with ever Mac. Linden Lab Viewer (a.k.a.: LL Official Viewer) - it is much less memory intensive and a much lighter footprint. Unless you must have RLVa enabled during this process? It's also a best practice to keep a copy of LL Viewer around for troubleshooting Firestorm or Kokua (i.e. if it works on LL viewer, then the problem is with Firestorm.) I'm not sure what your process is or why you need all these apps open simultaneously as it seems there would be other ways to scrape the data you need, but if I were to do what it sounds like you're doing, this is how I would do it.
  20. Because of the amount of people who simply won't bother learning something if their favourite format is not available. I don't like videos but i'll torture myself regardless if that's all I can get my hands on, because I want to learn, and yeah it might take me longer, and yeah it will be frustrating, but I'll get there regardless, as long as it is well made, whether i like the format or not doesn't matter. You can't really use tactile learning for speech training, or audio learning for blacksmithing.
  21. Oh, thank you @Leora Jacobus, but it's not too bad - I spent the weekend at the computer for other reasons anyway, so it was no big deal. And I was very lucky (and deliriously happy) to get a home a couple of days before the refresh restrictions, but the spot is a bit laggy, so now I'm just looking for a less laggy location. And yes! it can be very relaxing to step away from the refreshing for a bit, that's for sure.
  22. Playing with Windlights. Two snapshots combined into one image: One with region default Windlight, other one withe "Free's Sunset". Snapshots layered in Photoshop and adjusted there. Ont the right my sauna is heating up. 😃
  23. Most products in SL are sold as a "package." Different people use different names of them, usually just "box/boxed" or "unpacker." There are also different kinds of packages -- some will unpack themselves when you wear them, others you have to click on, others you have to rez on the ground. The most likely way to unpack the thing you bought, is to go somewhere where you're allowed to rez objects (like a sandbox) and drag the box onto the ground. Then, right-click on that box and select "Open" and "Copy to inventory." Now you should have a folder in your inventory with the same name as the box, with the actual products inside.
  24. I have a little trouble following you because of the language, but if I understand well you disagree with them because they follow the law? SL is a business, if they stop following the law, we will not have a SL to log in to anymore in no time.
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