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  2. Yes, this exactly. Which is why when the pickup line "How old are you?" my reply is usually "Let me check my profile" - and not a lie! LOL
  3. Oooh! Happy Rez day, older sis! (Mine is the 18th) - but we have one a little older (my alt was in June LOL)
  4. Ok I finally explored some more of the areas last evening found the problem with most of them expect one are that the homes that are close to the water are all obstructed by houseboats. But the good thing for people that want a houseboat plenty are on the way.
  5. Thanks. This was just a quick, non post-processed screengrab, just to show the new HD lips. As for my new avi, she looks pretty alright, so far. But maybe too much like a doll, for my taste. She lacks personality -- which I see so abundantly present in other avis posted here. I want a refined look, like Scylla, for example, but then me. I will just need to debarbiefy her a bit.
  6. And from the info that Qie provided, we can also deduce that you have less than 4 GB in hardware. Mystery solved! 🎉
  7. you can only know that if you'r part of that game. This discussion is so old, and always by DJ's it's getting a bit old. You and others may not like the vampire games, but it does really NOTHING to your avatar or account. It's a game, nothing more.
  8. Obviously what you’re looking for with you avi is your decision, but from my point of view, I love your new Catwa head... and new lips!!! Only improvment might be to get better lighting balance on your face and crop or blur the background a bit, but all in all a great headshot! 👏🏻🙂
  9. ^^ I picked up those same Catwa HD lips, the other day. They were a free gift that came with the Catwa 4.0 head: New avi still needa a lot of work yet; and may yet even be abandoned.
  10. I have got more than 1 GB in hardware
  11. (Don't blame me. I don't even use Firestorm.)
  12. So, for 11 Mb video memory, FS puts the ceiling on 2 Mb, apparently. On my previous computer, my graphics card had 512 Mb, and FS put the limit there on 512.
  13. What Sara said, Laika! And this pic is as good or better than 95% of what crosses my Flickr feed. Lovely!
  14. Maybe you have an old version and the firestorm team has rolled back ? Ir Maybe tou have compiled by yourself the viewer in forcing the max value My version is Firestorm 6.2.4 (57588) Jul 12 2019 00:15:15 (64bit) (Firestorm-releasex64) with Havok support . It s the last version
  15. Firestorm's limit on the texture buffer is variable and depends on your card's total video memory.
  16. Hey, I asked you first. But let's agree then that FS has a texture memory limit of 2 Mb on some computers, rather than claiming that people are misinformed.
  17. Wow.. what a different look for you! I love it Laika! Love the dark hair and makeup....I wouldn’t have recognized you strolling down Main Street. I also agree 💯 % with Scylla! The first pic is wonderful! Thanks for posting!!!!!!
  18. It in my computer , can you explain this ? ( of course my graphic card is not limited to 1GB in hardware )
  19. Today
  20. Regions San Alejandro and Limevale Homes possible releases or Gangway Homes and many Houseboats could happen today. I don't think Patch Team and Moles will do all 6 on Friday. Walrus Beach, Beluga Sound and Porthole. There are no letters on any of the Homes or Houseboats in those Regions. They have accomplished so much getting to end of this area. Today San Alejandro and Limevale. Friday Gangway is my estimation. That would be 5 Regions for the week. Hmmm
  21. Someone came to my club and drained all our vips, since LL will not take responsibility for this then we have to deal with them in our own way I fully intend to take revenge in my own way as a computer programmer so beware my bite will be much worse than yours This should be illegal , not everyone wants to play your stupid game
  22. Just log in SL and have a look yourself. They are mass-rentals. Spheres with skyboxes inside, dozens stacked upon each other, by the thousands from the east to the west, and from the north to the south, and all looking the same and at least 99% unused because they are too ugly (just look inside them) and lack too much privacy to live in them, because you are sharing the same parcel with the neiughbors above you and below you.
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