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  2. Some of it I think is done in post, but most of the new bodies and faces come with materials that give them a lot more texture and depth. I am not sure what body and head you have Alexis, but if you have the newest version of Maitreya, under the advanced setting on the hud you will see 3 different materials you can add to your body. Other bodies have similiar things too. And there are even some appliers that will add different ones that you can buy. Just keep in mind that in order to see them in world you will need to have advanced lighting on.
  3. I don’t use the auto refresher any more. I feel that by the time the alarm would sound, the house would be gone. I’d rather not know that I missed another house. I log into the land page and pull down the drop down menu to make sure that Bellisseria isn’t hiding there. I lock In a name by moving to the next page and click on the “change” link. That way I don’t waste time typing in a name. It should stay locked in, even if you log out and back in. If you get the 10 time refresh limit, you can log out and back in, and begin the process again. Most of my great catches are through stumbling into a release or a wonderful abandon. Like most of the players, I usually share my triumphs, not defeats. Believe me, there are many more defeats in my teleport history than triumphs.
  4. You don't sound harsh at all Molly. I agree with your main point -- that we need to actually do something about the problem eventually and not simply recognize it. I think you're missing a step here though, in that people can't actually do something about the problem until they admit there actually is a problem. This is the point we are at with so many people in the US today -- they don't believe POC are discriminated against in the least -- there is some sort of disconnect. Many don't believe the bias experiments or testimony by POC which proves prejudice exists. Hence, this is why there is the movement toward "getting woke", or bringing awareness to the issues. This doesn't mean nobody wants or is thinking of solutions, or is thinking the goal is only to be "good".... it simply means.....how can you solve a problem people don't believe is even there?
  5. Spot lights I just about get, but glossiness? How would I do that?
  6. Me: *changes the color to "hazy shade of winter"* Everyone: The Bangles!... Bengals?... TIGERS!... Tiger King?... Kings and Queens... QUEEN!!! Obviously the next theme must be based on the music video for "Radio Ga Ga".
  7. Very Cool. I always was a fan of blake sea (used to live on the Ibiza Island). Time to get my little Yacht out again.
  8. Reflective lighting is easy, first choose a windlight you like for the photo and then place small spotlights close to your face or any other area. Play a bit and you will figure it out (on ultra f course). Also if your avatar has glossiness enabled it will enhance the effect. Photo morphing on the other hand is purely photoshop rubbish.
  9. Well this is something I've been wondering about, regarding "above us", or Canada (in present times). Do they have what is called a modern day slavery system in Canada as we do here (the prison system which unfairly targets POC and incarcerates them in unequal proportion compared to the White population)?
  10. Hmm. I guess we all have our own definitions of realistic. Personally I really love & would love to know how people make the ‘realistic’ images I see plastered over Flickr with the reflective lighting, almost making their avatars look wet or shiny. Admittedly, a lot of what we see in pictures comes from editing & learning windlights. Heck, I’ll even admit my favourite pictures I’ve taken I’ve edited the hell out of. But for what it’s worth, @BbyMuvaht I think you’re just gorgeous how you are.
  11. No problems at all as long as you use your own textures/build processing and of course not their trademark (if they have any). What you should avoid though although rarely checked is the use of RL company trademarks. Lets say you want to design clothes and like many clothing creators do you rip for example an Adidas shoe from whatever source you are able to find it and make it to be used/sold in game, you better not name it Adidas or have the company logos on it.
  12. I am so sorry for you, Cindy. It's a terrible decision to make. I cried for a long time after I had to have my 18-year old cat put down. She was arthritic and incontinent, in pain all the time, but she was my companion. My kids grew up with her. In the end, letting her go was the right thing to do but it broke my heart. I know what you are feeling.
  13. ok Fine. I know when I'm not wanted. I haven't done anything to warrant my posts being approved by a mod.
  14. Posts being hidden without good cause. And everyone wonders why I don't like people. Go look in a mirror.
  15. Linkity Link Link If those are the same sunflowers i have they do tend to go down in LI when you start linking them
  16. i think you are wrong with this portrayal Akane has not denied that there is racism in their country. Akane, like others on here, chooses not to wear sackcloth and prostrate themselves, petitioning for forgiveness, before the suffering altar penitents can sometimes make it more about themselves than about the issue. Meaning that for penitents it can become all about pointing out their own failures and the failures that they see in others. A view of failure born from their prostration before the suffering altar it isn't about prostration, forgiveness, or the levels of purity of penitence. Is about remedies here is a situation in the USA that affects some black people in the US South. Is similar to a situation that happens in Hawaii to the native population there. Google for Mark Zuckerberg Hawaii for an instance of this. To prevent this situation from continuing to happen then what remedy needs to be put in place in these systemic cases ? In the Hawaii case, it isn't for Mark Zuckerberg to become a better person, even tho this is what happened in at least in this one particular Hawaii matter https://features.propublica.org/black-land-loss/heirs-property-rights-why-black-families-lose-land-south/ is not enough to point out that there is a situation here. My question is: What could the remedy be ? i asked Akane a question about another situation earlier. Akane's answer was that in a situation where there is no remedy then best to let it go. Which is true when there is no remedy. Some situations tho do have a remedy and when so then what might that be there is a remedy for the people in the US South story I linked too. The question is: What is it ? And when we read the accompanying linked articles then we can see what that can be articles, blogs, posts, vids, interviews, etc from majoritarian people about situations that overly-benefit the majority, and do not propose a remedy are the ultimate form of self-serving penitence suffering. Made even more penitent-pure by simply proposing that the remedy is for majoritarians to be better people. Lets make it about my perception of your and mine own personal failure to be a better person, and how we can be better i don't mean to be sound harsh Luna, but I would like to see the conversation more turn toward what we think the remedies could be. We (the royal readership we) may not always agree on what those remedies could be, but I do think that only pointing to being a better person (and the perceived failings to be better in others) is not what is being asked of the majority by an oppressed minority the only actual way to be a better person is to actually do something about it. To help actuate remedies that have a tangible non-negative effect on the lives of the oppressed persons. The remedy being sought is not for the oppressor to become a better person as if this is the goal in itself. The remedy goal being sought is to actually relieve the actual suffering of the oppressed persons this said, here is another story https://www.stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/122055047/doing-well-for-a-mori-my-experience-of-racism-in-new-zealand this person's proposed remedy is that those who give him chit, please stop doing this. This person doesn't care why or how they stop. Just that they do. Stop giving this person chit and they will think better of those who do stop it isn't that we think that we are a better person. It is that others know we are a better person by our actions. Am getting into the concept of mana now so will finish here
  17. May I ask where can I find those? I'm not quite sure how to find those... Nor do I know a whole lot about that. From what it sounds like, it is a 3D model scan but ah... Again, I'm no sure how to find ones... Google Images or actual Blender files or Blender compatible files?
  18. Today
  19. I hope I have prims enough for the interior... I always start with the outside.
  20. This guys version of The Three Little pigs is hilarious..hehehe
  21. Oh me? No no, never. I am more into fixed never changing things😝
  22. Being goofy in my wifey's DFS barn as we just finished doing the morning work on DFS farm.
  23. still available amazing location !!! Make me an offer !
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