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  2. As much as I love logging in, I do not love the solitude 100% I'm not really sure what is wrong with me. I want to interact, make friends...But even when it comes to a bar that I have been visiting since 2010 I still stay as far away from people as I can. If I am close friends with someone or if I am in a relationship, I'll happily invade that person's personal space. I'll be super active in a group chat, but when it comes to being around other people... no Bueno. It's like that social butterfly part of me turns off and I hiss at anyone who tries touching me.
  3. Linden Labs doesn't have a best practices guidebook for their lands? I would've thought they were learning from experience how to design these things. I have a hard time understanding how they did a continent with roads but no rez zones and had prim counts be an issue. I thought this was essentially mandatory by now to have rights of ways and rez zones placed! I'm just baffled by the need for all of this, explanation, and retrofitting. This would've never happened years prior.
  4. Operating in Second Life for over 9 years! You will have all the powers and abilities you will need to enjoy your land the way you wanted to !! Keeping rates low so you can enjoy your time more in SL! With land on over 60 Mainland SIM's plus Estate and Homesteads available, we have a lot to choose from! Check back often for new listings! For the latest up to date rental list of mainland parcels or others.... click or cut and paste one of these links into your browser to see our latest list! (16384m parcel at 3375/week etc..) Mainland Rentals list....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/918bd8aa18accdde3d27a1dade152d71/?group=2 Two waterfront parcels opened up on Russian Blue! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Russian Blue/142/137/21 or https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Russian Blue/141/242/21 Estate Listings....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/a1f1f675e09112ae01c983f032ee861e/?group=2 Contact Jason1 Draconia, Secret Rage or Emsi Zobovic if you need help or more information, thank you!
  5. Is this a valid link perhaps. It is just outside my house. Open the map and teleport all around when you are there. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evallen/3/116/0/
  6. Enjoy your furnitures that crumple into a mess from 10 meters away ... I guess?
  7. It was my submarine They unfortunately tend to have a much deeper keel even when fully surfaced.
  8. Why, it's something us consumers benefit from. The more competitors the better. Of course we're not gonna buy all of the bodies but if the boundaries are constantly challenged then we'll move forward. Maybe Onyx, or whatever her name is, finally crawls out of her den again like she did when the bento craze took SL by storm, and spoils us with some new features. Or maybe she's thrown off the top by somebody better?
  9. For what it's worth, the escalator sound for my escalators is the sound of the up escalator at the Barnes and Noble at Hillsdale Mall in Silicon Valley. Squeak and all.
  10. I'm not seeing this on my regions to be honest. Nearly full of objects with 15ms of free time. The estate control panel offers the top scripts window that you could use to debug and find out what's consuming all that time.
  11. There’s already three or four bodies that are straggling behind Maitreya, do we need another one? And for twice as much as two of them together? It might be a novel approach, but who’s willing to make a $5000 L mistake?
  12. Sorry for so late reply. That wall is popular in SL because it is so low impact. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Low-Impact-Garden-Wall-kit/3228831
  13. You wouldn’t have a LM for this, would you? I can’t find Bellisseria on the map 😔
  14. So I don't even know where to post this, but I need to put it somewhere so here it is. I recently had a very strange interaction with a Linden in-world. I have been in SL since May of 2006 and have never heard of a Linden sending a resident a notecard as communication, and yet I got one. It more or less said my items were too heavily scripted for use in that area. Seemed strange to me, as I had come from an area with more scripts and never had a complaint from anyone. The most heavily scripted items I have are maybe a dozen breedables and some Funsies kids. There are things like huge breedable farms and clubs and things that are super heavily scripted and have been around forever, so obviously not causing lag issues big enough for Lindens to get involved, so why suddenly is my little grouping an issue? At the same time, everything on that entire sim (not just my plot) seems to have gone phantom, even though it is all not marked that way in the items' properties. Super weird. I asked around to my other old school friends (everyone 10+ years old), and none of us had ever heard of the notecard communication thing. It's always been IM or email from any Linden. This specific Linden also had some things in their profile that seemed.....strange. So, because it all seemed very odd to me, I put in a help ticket regarding the situation. I also reported that Linden in case it was some kind of account hack on their end or (though I really doubted it) abuse of power from that Linden. I felt weird about it, but I figured worst case scenario whoever reviewed it would roll their eyes at me but still investigate. That was last night. Today I decided to check in on the support ticket, and the person I reported/got the notecard from is actually the person reviewing it. That seems REALLY strange to me, and kinda inappropriate. I absolutely get if I am in violation somewhere and I will take responsibility for it, but just this whole interaction (and especially the issue with the phantom sim) seems bizarre. I tried calling any line I could find for additional help, but I couldn't even get through on the billing line. I am posting here because I want to request independent evaluation of the situation. I couldn't get through any other way, and I don't know what else to do. Again, if this is solely due to the lag my objects are creating, I will absolutely work to fix that. But I want there to be some cut and dry evidence and real communication. And, yknow, I'd kinda like to be able to use my land sometime soon, and I am sure my neighbors would as well.
  15. I didn't say it was impossible to find a house so low LI. You can find more, I am sure. One of the arguments against LH is that you have only 4 styles now, but more is promised. If you have a square plot, the second house is actually to big to fit a 32 x 32 m. Rentals are usually fine, square or rectangular. There the tenant can sit and not see a green dot around, and look out over pretty water that he can't use. And buy §L to cover the rent. It is great for those who will be totally alone.
  16. Doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to hide a broken feature. Perhaps it's just a strategy to make you purchase the body. I'm sure it's not flawless because then they'd be bragging about it in the demo folder but I feel like people should try and be more optimistic. Are we going to hold on to our Maitreya bodies for the rest of Second Life's existence? It's a new and interesting approach. People complain about the price but if this body allows you to wear clothing that aren't specifically designed for the body you're wearing then maybe that L$5,000 isn't so bad after all.
  17. A bit too early to know if it's better or not. Yesterday, I went through more than 50 regions at very high speed on motorboats without issues, and only two of those regions had gotten the latest server release.
  18. If I'm in the mood, less than 5% of my time, yeah. Otherwise NO.
  19. Trying to diagnose this particular bug from the user side seems to be futile. There's a timing dependent bug somewhere, but it's not visible to the viewer connection. I've done too much work on this, and that can be seen elsewhere in the forums and on the JIRA. About a year ago, I identified six major bugs with region crossings. Many of those I was able to deal with in vehicle scripts and with viewer mods. The result is that for better modern vehicles using Firestorm, a normal region crossing, even at high speed, is just a short pause. No sudden change in direction, no sinking, no going in the air or underground, no spinning sideways, no avatar being animated out of position, no script errors. My bikes do this, and so do vehicles from at least three other builders. (Most of the tricks I rediscovered. I've found old vehicles which do some of these things, from creators long gone from SL. Some of the techniques were kept secret, and lost. So few vehicles had all of them.) But none of us have been able to make any solid progress on region crossing failures. Even modifying Firestorm to log object update messages, which I've tried, or looking at the message traffic with Wireshark, which Beq Janus has tried, has not helped. What a failure usually looks like at the message level is that the gaining sim just never starts sending updates for avatar or vehicle, leaving it stuck. I've seen this with no errors of any kind visible to the viewer - no network errors, no out of sequence updates, no HTTP errors retrieving a capability. Simon Linden, looking at this from the sim side, has said at Server User Group that sometimes the gaining sim just doesn't start updating the object. That matches what I've seen viewer side. Just silence from the gaining sim. Sometimes we do see things going wrong on the viewer connection, like bogus "kill" messages from the losing sim, but that may just be a symptom, not the underlying problem. Failures can occur with no "wrong" messages transmitted. All this indicates some sim to sim problem. We can't see any of that from the viewer connection, so it's up to Linden Labs. Messing with timing just moves the problem around. This has to be fixed so that it's not a timing dependent bug. That's the crucial point. Some previous fixes to network retransmit seemed to have moved the problem around without fixing it. From what I'm hearing at Server User Group, the developers finally accept that they have to really fix this to make it timing independent, not just tweak the timing and change when it occurs. This is not easy. It's going to take a lot of LL resources. It's not just "fixing a bug". It takes a multi-step approach. First detecting the problem when it happens, then logging information about the problem, then achieving understanding of the problem and documenting it, and finally coming up with a solution. It seems that LL is, at long last, applying enough resources to do this. We will see. As users, we need to keep the pressure on, so this gets fixed, not just tweaked again. As users, we can help by keeping the pressure on so that LL management continues to devote resources to fixing this.
  20. I like where I'm living now, so I doubt I'll re roll
  21. I'm not rerolling the house I live in now, I think. I got a good placement, a bit elevated on a low hill over a row of houseboats, view to the water and morning sun. It is if "something" comes up.
  22. Can we just go back to this thread being about looking for new girl friends!? I'm always looking for new girlies, to chat with, go shopping and explore. Feel free to hit me up VanessaCloutier inworld! Girl Power! 😋
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