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  2. If I were a mole, I'd appreciate not doing the same task all the time. It's something a bit different to do an event. But I do think they could use a few more volunteers for the exhibitor side. There are two non-mole volunteers this time... a few more would make it a lot smoother.
  3. I'm glad that worked. LSL isn't always as predictable as we might hope. I suspect resident gremlins. Kidding aside, though, debugging even something as simple as this can be confusing because there may be more than one thing creating problems. If you're lucky enough to clear up one issue, there may be another lurking below the surface. Until you do enough testing to be sure, you can't tell whether you've really found the root of the problem. It often helps to add debug messages at key spots, just to be sure that you know what values are being tossed around.
  4. Yeah that's interesting. I don't know either. The physics attachment I've been using (from Fisica) comes with a walk cycle to test their variations. I'll drop myself in a sandbox sometime and test it.
  5. Some people like the anything goes, some don't. If you like live on the mainland, if not get a Bellessaria home. There is something for everybody.
  6. Today I am grateful for ear plugs as I am going to vacuum the house and I really really hate the noise.
  7. The best AO'S are the ones you can demo. As far as a best, no, it's all personal taste and hunting and demoing. There are names I agree with in this thread. If you want Bento, see if the demo says Bento or not though.
  8. A forum exchange poster, if you would... (actually, I've been scarce over at vvo for months too...)
  9. Regarding getting a pending downgrade released, you can also use Live Chat for that - they will usually take care of that right away during the Live Chat session.
  10. I normally cringe when I see Holton Center, on my landpage, but this lot I am putting back is one I have never had before and it's not too bad... Has a lot of privacy as it is higher than neighbors and has privacy hedges that really work not just make the lot look spartan...and directly behind it is a rocky hill and on top is a flowery seating area with a couple garden tables the moles left behind. Land is on a slope with a longer than usual sidewalk as well, so it is set back from the roadway. I can see that with some garden work this could be really quite nice and private! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Holton Center/176/232/0 Going to place it back in a few minutes.
  11. Literally years -yes! I hope you've been doing alright and it's great seeing you here too 😎
  12. 30,000 prim region for sale. Tier Due June 23rd. Taking offers here and in world. Cassandralynne Cloud
  13. Continuing testing I tried using 1.0 as an argument to llSetTimerEvent in _both_ the llSetTimerEvent calls (one in touch_start and one in listen) and now both touching and menu driven start/stop work fine. G
  14. There is something in what you say. When my back does its "I'm gonna knot up so bad you can't stand up much less stand up straight for at least a week if not 4 or more without being in excruciating pain and..." well, let's just say some muscles need to relax a bit before certain organs perform their royal functions upon the throne. Anyway, what I have to do in order to just be able to walk is find that one knot among many and apply deep pressure, as in accupressure. It doesn't remove any pain really but it does allow me to move and eventually the throne room is no longer a royal pain.
  15. Added parens... semi's were cut-n-paste error "If you repeatedly call this function at some interval less than sec the timer event will never fire." I interpreted this statement to mean, given that 'sec' is bold and dotted-underlined, that if I have calls to llSetTimerEvent in code that causes llSetTimerEvent to be executed at an interval less than the _value_ of the sec argument to llSetTimerEvent. In my specific case my interpretation would mean I would have to be careful to not to call llSetTimerEvent sooner than 0.02 seconds after the initial call. Since I do not call llSetTimerEvent in the code path from listen except from within timer which should be ok because the timer fired. Finally, the values to llSetTimerEvent work fine with called from within touch_start. Does my interpretation seem reasonable or should I take 'sec' to me 1.0 seconds? Also, I did test llSetTimerEvent from within the listen with an argument of 1.0 and that did not change behavior. G
  16. ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ EXHALE DANCE CLUB PRESENTS ⇥ Djane Batista ⇥ What: Trance ⇥ When: 2pm-4pm SLT ⇥ Where: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EXHALE/116/134/503
  17. 30,000 prim region for sale. Tier Due June 22nd. Send Offers in world to CassandraLynne Cloud
  18. It's a Classic head. Skin in first picture looks pale. I used to use the skins from Starlust for my Classic avatar. And, she probably has a lip tattoo on for the lipstick, imo, but from whom I did know. There are lip tattoo demos to try for Classics plus some free to 1 linden lipsticks you could try too. You need the lipsticks that DON'T say for Catwa, Lelutka, Genus, etc. I also like Redgrave skins for make-up looks but don't even know if she is still in business. Starlust is still in business. My favorite from Starlust is Violet - very pretty skin, imo. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/179832
  19. this very much looks like (re) brow2 to me - highlights on eyelids and lip but the lip colouring is much more faded than the lipstick on these eloh eliot skins. I used to wear a different shade of one of these with lipstick, eyelash and eyebrow tattoos... so i took a shot wearing (re) brow2, greed skin and an old flexi hair by Truth Emma
  20. Sorry I'm late here. Nobody ever told you the pillow trick?....When needing to cough, place a pillow over your wounded area and pull hard towards yourself...and cough! This usually a 'torso' trick so if your wound is elsewhere ...probably won't work.
  21. How big do you need the image to be and what resolution in world? Knowing that makes a difference.
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