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  2. I was injured; down for 6 months due to a fall at work. I had planned on moving to another state but could not until I had jumped through all these hoops to both A) Stay on Workers Comp, and B) If I left prematurely and re-injured myself I would be screwed. Or so I was told... Anyway... I found Second Life through an adult website. I joined in 2007 so a lot of these are from that era up until Laoise was created (2010.) Blueberry Hill & The Pap Daddy Dancers ... I loved this place and I loved working there. I remember... lol... I was on the stage with the DJ and another dancer and I was up all night beforehand and I just stood up and went to bed. I came back to my avatar still dancing and the place empty. Oops... Shocked that I wasn't fired for that. I remember spending hours at Dance Island (asking someone if they had the dance "Caramel" and instead of an animation I got a bowl of caramel candy- LOL!) I Remember a club called The Galaxy... A club called ApocaLips... and the drama that came with that place. There was one I spent a lot of time at and I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but, I can remember the names of a few regulars who either don't log in anymore or have moved on to different avatars. Hmm... I remember doing surveys for Linden (I didn't want to invest RL money into SL at the time), getting verbally abused by someone who owned this survey place that was decorated all gaudy - she was German, and wouldn't pay the money I had rightfully earned and accused me of trying to scam her. I remember making a mAlt, then abandoning him. I remember being given the name and password of another mAlt, who was a dancer. Fondest memory though? Visiting Freebie Beach. Whenever "Cyclone" by Baby Bash plays anywhere I have to listen to it. she moves her body like a cy-clone ... and she makes me wanna do it all night long...
  3. Let me see if I got this right. Most of your products are full perm texture packs for other creator’s items that are already high end, expensive and need specific land options to be used. Maybe I’m wrong but I would say that is already small customer base. Considering some of those already offer full perm texture packs with AO/UV maps for skilled users to play with the textures, taking in account user’s questionable skills to change texture and the will do deal with that at all, it is getting even smaller. I believe it would be a challenge for even more experienced people to advertise that kind of product. Target is so small that one would have to be a Robin Hood of advertising to hit the center – unless you connect somehow with the creators of the items in question and ask them to link their items with your texture packs. I honestly doubt anyone would be willing to make such a step for many reasons. On the other side, you do have some mesh skills. Maybe more work in that filed would bring more independency to your shop, and open more opportunities for broader advertizing? If you are so much into the boats, maybe it is about time to invest more effort in complete product? I would guess that vehicle is scripting monster, but if I was your friend, I would encourage you to give it a try. Now, the general common mistake I hear a lot about is that creators are expecting of their customers to make an extra effort when deciding about possible purchase. I doubt anyone would ever call you to check your product, unless they have some additional questions – you simply have to have automated access to it in every time of day or night, trough demo on MP (again, if I understand well it is impossible in the case of texture packs), or item itself rezzed in world with the texture changer. But you would have to have warning signs all over to be sure people are aware what are they buying, or it might make you a lot of problems. Item must look ok on every graphic, so check it accordingly. Just as an example – there is one body in SL that is flickering on Low graphic – I consider that purchase to be my mistake as it didn’t cross my mind to check, but should I say that was the first and the last time I’ve bought anything from that shop? At the end, it is 2019, automated texture changers in end line products are must – as much as your item is beautiful and low priced, if you offer more than one texture option with it, it might be skipped because of technical reasons like not having fast access to changing textures. As someone already said – there are almost 6.5 million items on MP, and one has to use every little trick to make starter shop visible and build reputation.
  4. I am having the same issue , cant connect or disconnect Does anyone knows where the connection setting are stored , so i could clear it from there ?
  5. In filing an AR many years ago I included the chat log. The Linden that got back to me told me that technically I had violated the ToS by giving THEM, the Linden employee who had read a server log to verify things; the chat log...
  6. I know the OP got her skin, I just want to share that I saw DeeTaleZ applier with even more rounder belly shading. https://www.flickr.com/photos/deetalez/
  7. Okay. First off, F'K those people. Someone had IM'd me I guess a few months ago while I was at some beach. They said, "lovely tattoo... " and the only one I was wearing at that time was one that said "Kiss Me" on my Pelvis and was completely hidden by my shorts. It IS extremely creepy and that comes from someone who enjoys showing off her avatar. /shudders
  8. Genetics/biology certainly make up some of it. There are general differences between men and women at a class level (so they obviously won't apply to every single individual). I do question, though, just what and how marked these differences really are. When I was pregnant, I couldn't get anything baby-related that wasn't totally gendered (except white babygros). Even the baby baths; I eventually got given a plain white second hand one, but when I was shopping even those were all blue with pirates and sharks or pink with mermaids and princesses. From my personal observation of toddlers, there are plenty of sensitive boys and boisterous girls. (And boys generally love My Little Pony before they've had a chance to learn that they're not allowed to like colourful, magical horses.) There was some outrage over here a while ago when a famous upmarket chain store decided it was no longer going to label children's clothes as being for boys or girls, and just set everything out for people to choose. I cannot fathom why anyone was bothered by this. There is still a cluster of blue dinosaurs, cars and aeroplanes next to another one of pink princesses, rainbows and sparkly unicorns. So much is cultural. Time was that real men weren't supposed to have any interest in cooking, and now all the most famous celebrity chefs are men. The Romans saw nothing unmanly in having sex with other men (just as long as it was in the right role). Wris*****ches, now luxury status symbols aimed mostly at men, were only for women until World War II when precise and instantly viewable timekeeping became crucial (men had pocket watches). I hear that even Goreans, for whom trauma bonding and toxic masculinity are religious canon, have started some sort of "evolved" thing because they've decided that running around in dresses and sandals isn't manly. ETA: Oh good God. Seems "wrist watch" needs to be two words....
  9. Newtons law (of motion) "One newton is the force needed to accelerate one kilogram of mass at the rate of one metre per second squared in the direction of the applied force." F = m ⋅ a 1 N = 1 kg ⋅ 1 m/s2
  10. Actually a much more important set of reasons would be that ban lines don't work very well against avatars but do break vehicles that hit them. Banlines fail 40m above the ground elevation (or about 40, it might be a little more or less, I'm a little fuzzy on that). Go to a parcel with banlines and note that you can fly over them, you can even land on the top of them. You can then talk to or otherwise harass anyone on that parcel - including someone under the 40m that you can't reach. Now drive a vehicle next to the edge of them and collide into them - easy to do by accident. Most vehicles will 'break' - their scripts get shut off. - So it fails at privacy but can be a source of having vehicles get stuck all around your plot, sometimes stuck in mid air over your land. Security Orbs have neither of these problems. And you can code or configure them for various times to warn and to work at any desired elevation - such as a skybox. Personally I feel that someone who can't figure out how to use their security orb shouldn't be allowed to use a keyboard... but that said... it shouldn't be hard to walk someone through it if there's confusion... and once they know how to use it they'll have a lot less issues and better security than with banlines.
  11. 4096 square meters 1875 prims beautiful parcel infront of the sea only for 2000 lindens per week Secluded Secrets (24, 89, 21) - Adult contact: alon2161 resident
  12. I GOT IT! Tis fixed! Here was my "disconnect": I thought the "Hover Height" on the Appearance Pie Menu was the same as the Hover Height within the "Edit Shape" box. It's not. It was the setting in my Edit Shape box that was off - set to 60. I set it to 50 and now I'm standing on the ground (at .137) and sitting properly (only minor adjustment needed). Finally, it all comes together! Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions.
  13. So you got the Omega enabler/relay add-on for L$99 inworld and those demos did work at one point? And now they stopped working all of a sudden?
  14. I made a quick front porch addon today! I'll spend a bit of time sorting out UVs and textures a little nicer, but wanted to post progress! I love the dimension it adds to my Winchester ❤️
  15. They were probably referring to the typing indicator option which you can switch on in Firestorm. You'll still get a "soandso is typing..." note, perhaps only if there is still an open IM session with that person, I didn't bother to explore that far...
  16. It's pretty easy to just copy the shape dial settings from one shape file to another. That said, I find the 'default included shapes' for just about every product that so includes such to be absolutely horrible messes. Exaggerated features COMBINED with bad understanding of anatomy. Basically Picasso as done by a 5 year old... so it's usually best to make one on your own - with some real world visual along side it, or a set of rulers to get anatomy "known" so any exaggeration can be done with controlled purpose rather than by chance.
  17. What about this clothing! It can be put into SL right? https://www.nvidia.com/object/apex_clothing.html
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  19. 4096 square meters 1500 prims beautiful parcel infront of the sea only for 2000 lindens per week Isoladoro (27, 149, 22) - Adult contact: alon2161 resident
  20. TMP has the best bosom, but Belleza is about 99.90357% as good... That said, the crotch on TMP is the worst on the market... no model definition at all - not even an indentation. Barbie level of detail. I am of the opinion that the body on Belleza is otherwise better, but then again I'm kinda known for being biased towards Belleza.
  21. BTW - after all else failed, I took the suggestion that seemed to work for someone else. I deleted my user settings in case of corruption and rebooted to create a new folder. That didn't work. No effect at all. I still walk on the ground but sit inside of furniture. No, my AO isn't on. It's not that kind of "sinking". This is literally being positioned too low for furniture. This is mind numbing. I'm totally out of ideas. And the problem only exists with this avatar. And I've now wiped out all my saved logins. :::groans as she prays she wrote them all down somewhere::::
  22. Agree with you about the female shape, I had avatar tmp heAd and body and felt great. I think new tmp is good for starters,vutr not worth even 2500.Maitreya still the best.
  23. Hi Susan - It's been a while, but are your hover settings still good? I've had this hover problem for just over a year now. None of the suggestions give apply. You said you set your "slider back to 50". What slider do you have that measures to 50? Both my Appearance and my Preferences sliders go from -2.00 to 2.00. In order for me to stand directly on the floor or ground, they both have to be set to -0.484. And I have to use one of the sliders to raise myself up out of furniture. This is a pain an I can't find the answer. So, what slider did you use that goes to 50?
  24. Yes yes yes! That was it! When I search Umbrella, I can't find Brella. Arg, those cute names! 🤬 😫 😄 I have searched so much, but when I find it, I'm going to make a folder and name it Umbrella. This was my last hope to find it.
  25. I agree with everyone about the community needing rez zones. When I first got my house, that's what I went out to look for. Use those round-abouts and docks to be able to rez a car and/or a boat and put 5 min auto return on them. Also I would like to see street signs. I love to go exploring, but I seem to go out these long dead end road just to have to turn around and come back. Put some pool accessories in the pool areas. Make it less boring.
  26. I agree with everyone about the community needing rez zones. When I first got my house, that's what I went out to look for. Use those round-abouts and docks to be able to rez a car and/or a boat and put 5 min auto return on them. Also I would like to see street signs. I love to go exploring, but I seem to go out these long dead end road just to have to turn around and come back. Put some pool accessories in the pool areas. Make it less boring.
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