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  2. Hallo Nova Convair, Danke für deinen Hiweis bezüglich Screenshot habe ihn entfernt ich habe schon alles vorher so gemacht weil ich auch vermutet habe das es an etwas sein kann das ich an mir trage aber auch als *Hässlicher Standart Avatar kommen diese Menschen zu mir aber soweit war ich schon. Da ich hier keine vermutungen äussere weil es sich hierbei um eine Tastache handlet wo ich gestalkt werde und das auf einer art und weise wo jeder sofort sich irgendweche Huds besorgen wüde um die IP Adressen zu vergleichen *und du brauchst mich hierzu nicht aufklären das es verboten sei denn das weis aber alle tun das! Spreche ich hier nur für mich selbst wenn ich mich auf irgend eine art und weise wehren möchte weil ich das schon vermutet habe das es sich dabei um alts von einem und dem selben handelt mich würde vielmer interresieren WAS ich dagegen machen kann wie kann ich mich wehren weil ein Land oder Parzellen Bann bei diesen Leuten nicht funktioniert! ICH weis aber das ADMINS banns umgehen Orbs Ingorieren können meine vermutung dahingehend das ist jetz keine Beschuldigung nur eine Idee oder ein Vorwurf an die Damen und Herrn da oben das es sich hierbei um Second Life Admins Handelt. Also wenn jemand weis ob es das so ist dann bitte ich dich sich bei mir zu melden ich würde gerne eine Anzeige gehen diese IP Adressen machen Danke
  3. Your cat looks displeased! Did you tell him he couldn't have any cotton candy?
  4. Also around 3000 meters and higher some graphics cards produce an odd black to texture flicker issue on meshes with faces that are close together. Something similar to the alpha sorting, the computer seems to have difficulty figuring out what face is showing . Not an issue with the way the mesh was made, it happens most often on thin planes but the same mesh is fine at lower levels. It took me YEARS to figure out what that was --- both on my meshes and those made by others.
  5. We need an OMG button or emtcon thinggy seriously ,,,,
  6. I bought for myself a other land... so i dont need that anymore... can sell it for a good offer...
  7. It basically allows System layers (standard clothing and tattoo layers) to be applied to the mesh body/head and then it bakes it all together. It is a bit more complicated, but that is the general gist of it.
  8. Since I'm still using the System head, I'm looking forward to more makeup creators including the system layers in their packages. The ones that currently do so tend to get a lot of business from me, but there are a few Applier sets out there that I'd love to have.
  9. This is why I am on SL, and not any other game.
  10. the friends list reminds me of facebook which i got rid of years ago and never doing that again ,,,, all the drama ,,, anyway i think it is at leas in the beginng for me a way to remember certain people as you are bumping into walls and trying to get your foot our of your ear and your torso in the correct position,,,,, ahh yeah thoses days ,,,,, i would just use the follow list that way is they want to get into a very good personal friendship follow each other ,,,,, if not ,,,remember some have alts so in reality who are you realy friending as their profile unless they disclose it some where neer says and i hae x alts and these are who they are and btw i think that would be a good ideal to have a place on profiles and then friends list for whom ever if you role play or build or just hang out ,,,,, and they may have stuff going on in real life that they may not have time to invest in a good friendship in sl ,,,,,, just enjoy sl and everything will work out hugs hugs hugs to all ,,,,,, parden the grammar spelling puntuation ,,,, mid morning not even had my coffee yet so ,,,,, lol
  11. I'm curious as to why you'd want/need to do this. Having two viewers running implies that you're logged in to two different accounts. I can see wanting to go sailing with yourself, maybe, or flying with yourself if you want a co-pilot...but if you minimize a viewer, that avatar goes into "Away" mode. Why would you want to travel with yourself if yourself is always napping?
  12. I just remembered another reason that I derender. If I'm doing a hunt in a store or on a parcel/region, where there are multiple hunt items, I will derender each one after I've found it so that I don't find it again. Especially useful if they are all named the same (or in such a way as to not really identify what is in them) and cost to buy the item - so I don't buy the same one over and over. If it is a hunt that might take me a few days, then I'll "blacklist" the items, removing the items from the blacklist when I'm finished. Otherwise, it is just a temporary derender.
  13. NoInventoryLibrary debug setting never works (Firestorm Contrary to the information provided in the cited page ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_settings), the NoInventoryLibrary does not persist, relog always returns it to default.
  14. @Orionof If you want to tweak the NVIDIA for the best performance read NVIDIA Settings 2016.
  15. The limit is a limit in the viewer's render engine. The FS team pushed the limit to 2GB. The Linden viewer is limited to 512MB. How much VRAM you use pretty much only affects when texture thrashing sets in (Clear, burry, clear, blurry, etc). The limit also affects those with older computers. The Lindens have talked about increasing the limit. But haven't to remain compatible with older systems. Yet, FS is used by many with older computers. So it is pretty fuzzy as to how old is old enough to have a problem.
  16. Now that makes a lot more sense than Moles sneaking in during the night to move furniture around (though that would be awesome if they did prank like that).
  17. Nalates Urriah


    And you can run more than one viewer at the same time. I often run one copy of Firestorm (FS) and log into the main grid and another copy to log into the Preview Grid. If you log two or more viewers into the main grid at the same time you MUST use different accounts. If you try to use the same account, the second log in forces the previous to log out. You do have to change a setting in the LL viewer and, I think, the FS viewer to allow additional copies to run. Running more than one viewer puts a load on your computer. Two and three year old computers can handle two viewers running pretty well.
  18. Hi @OptimoMaximo x I tried animating with the XYZ Euler option that you described and tried it in SL, and it's still glitching out. Little update: Yesterday I rebuilt a problematic animation, but this time I had her facing in the same direction as the origin, there I just flipped her 180 degrees on the avsitter furniture and there's no problems at all now, it looks very nice and has no visible jolting motion. Image: Using XYZ Euler on rotations.
  19. I'll confess to not reading the whole thread. Now that my SL time is so limited, I have to skim threads. It's quite possible that everything I'm about to say has already been said numerous times. First I love, love, love derender and block. Things annoy me rather easily, and I don't come to SL to be annoyed. So, I use the tools available to me to make my experience as enjoyable as possible. Use show friends anytime I'm at a shopping event. I don't use this feature for music events however. Will use temp derender when I'm at a shopping event and the coordinators have the mistaken belief that decorating the space is more important than my ability to easily cam shop. Use permanent derender on anything that clutters the sky around any of my builds. Will block people who gesturebate at music events or use dances that run over me constantly. (I do clear this list from time to time) Will use permanent derender on any object(s) that cause my fps to drop substantially near my home. Will permanent derender any object that is creating an annoying sound in the environment. I do not limit sounds to my parcel as most of the time I like to hear if a car or boat is passing or the soothing sounds of a horse galloping down the beach. Once I derender or block someone or something, I forget about it. They don't linger in my mind one bit. In fact, sometimes when I have to check something with an alt and I see something I've derendered on my mains I'm really quite surprised to see the object. I truly do forget they exist.
  20. I use a face applier that was included with the Genus beta version (haven't found anything I like better!) that matches The Skinnery body appliers. So far I feel like their body appliers are the most realistic and I wouldn't consider any face applier that doesn't match it. Not Found's for Genus use Skinnery body appliers so that's an option too. I love Glam Affair (QUALITY!) although their body isn't quite as good as The Skinnery. Amara Beauty face appliers are pretty but the body appliers are not good, low detail. Started off with LAQ head Gaia which I loved but their body appliers are a deal-breaker, NOT GOOD. I was actually using my Red Mint body applier with my LAQ head and then wearing a choker that MOSTLY covered the difference in the neck. Pink Fuel, another one, good face, great make-up, body appliers nope. When I had a system skin my all-time favorite was Red Mint, best detail face and body. WISH WISH WISH that Red Mint had advanced to creating face and body appliers, then I'd probably still wear them. To get a good look together, I check out blogs, vlogs, flickr, and I also have a handy little hud that I use all the time from marketplace called, "What is She Wearing." It tells you everything an avatar is wearing. I highly recommend it and it is freeeeeeeeee yay!
  21. Hi, Namen nennen ist gegen die Forenregeln also entferne den Screenshot besser. Ich habe ein paar Namen durchgecheckt. Teilwiese gleiche Bilder und Texte. Man kann also vermuten, dass es sich um eine Person handelt, mit einer grösseren Anzahl von Alts. Da die Aktionen alle gleich sind würde ich weiterhin vermuten, dass es Bots sind die ganz einfach ihren Job machen. Warum du die Zielperson bist - keine Ahnung. Es muss jedenfalls ein Objekt sein, dass du trägst und das den Vorgang startet. Lege mal alles ab und schaue was passiert. Wenn die gebannt sind, dann können die auch nicht auf deine Parzelle kommen. Da ist was nicht richtig eingestellt oder du bist im Irrtum über deine permissions. Bedenke, dass ich keinerlei Informationen habe und hier nur Vermutungen äußere.
  22. All good answers. I'll add, there is an aspect to height where another performance issue come up. It is appearance, which degrades. Regardless of draw distance (DD), the viewer does render the ground. You can try that out. To test fly up to 100m or 200m and change DD to values less than those. Once up to Lindal's 1,000m that task disappears and you pick up a bit of performance. Below that 1,000m you are in an area where people fly. So, from time to time your viewer will be rendering those wonderful flying machines. Generally not a problem. At about 3,000m some other issues come up. The limit is about 4,000m for building. At about 3,000m some items begin to alter shape. You will find people talking about seams appearing in the avatar, mostly from those that use mesh bodies and more so from those that use bodies and heads. People also notice prims not fitting together as they expected. In these cases they have run into the math problems of 3D real time rendering. While we use floating point numbers for all we do when interfacing with SL 3D space the render engine uses integers. It converts. It is also limited in the number of digits it will use. This causes round off errors. At 4,096.0m building is disallowed (see Limits) because the round off problem is so great. At 3,000m it is a problem that is starting to show. But, is generally acceptable and mostly unnoticed. So, the sweet spot for skyboxes is the 1,000m to 3,000m range.
  23. Cute little all water protected water property. Quiet area, great for sailing. *Objects not included. 512sqm $6500L. Located on Gaeta I; priced cheaper than most around! Moderate Rating. Visit Today!
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  25. I was actually only joking. They probably moved something out of the houseboat for some reason and then forgot.
  26. Aishagain to know that your too young in SL. The Deploy notes Oskar Linden wrote looked like so and so it was really informative for everyone. The Logic behind some Rollbacks we had during the last Deploys maybe results from found Issues witch have been found after Linden updated the Regions. The Ways in the IT are sometimes strange but its good when Issues got found and are now on the Way to get resolved and we have a stabile Regionsoftware running until the repaired new Software comes with the next Deploy.
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