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  2. How to steal from Second Life: https://quiteoh.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/how-to-steal-anything-in-second-life/
  3. Scylla, i've loved your style since my friend Roxy Couturier showed me this thread over a month ago, but this... this goes beyond selfie photography.. this is art ! and not the type of art that one just looks at and goes "wow this is amazing"... this is the type that is appreciated and admired as something more than amazing. and yes, i've been looking at it for more than 20 minutes admiring it.. and i simply want to say "thank you".
  4. Party at Ribbon's! and the Bellisserian Cat joined in!
  5. Club SoHo Is HIRING! Are you looking for a job? here is the place for you !! CLUB SOHO IS HIRING! Hello and greetings to you! Do you need lindenes and are you willing to work for hours in SL? In the SOHO Club, we are giving the opportunity to those who are willing to follow simple guidelines for paid work. We are in a process of growth, and therefore we require talented hosts and DJs. The SOHO club stands out in the world of entertainment, and requires dedicated, serious and good-attitude personnel to be part of their family. We ask that you read and complete: APPLICATION: https://tinyurl.com/y7jpy7lh? Tips are 100% direct. Join our team now!
  6. Why do I suddenly want hot wings and beer? I don't even like beer
  7. totally agree here, but the one question Scylla didn't ask... where is that outfit from, especially that skirt, it's a stunning outfit
  8. I wish i was in Rhonda's place right now holding that door, aaaannnnnddd.... he was the one i keeping from going anywhere *purrrrrrs* mind you, i wonder how many people in this thread dreamed about being in that room while Rhonda stood in front of the door 😜
  9. Runs to MP to buy items for this photo .. haha
  10. I think we can have both, as I said I'm sure LL will still support the estates
  11. It's good either way! (I happen to love Tubbs!)
  12. I am waiting for this thread to turn into a series of photos of everyone squatting on the empty parcels. I am especially hoping for one from @Dick Spad with his offering of beer!
  13. I have decided that for the time being, I'm going to try to make it work. I'm going full on... something. Either tacky as heck or Indian-themed because I love the bright jewel tones. I made my walls (well, the ones that I could) that bright Lagoon blue/green and am just going to fill the place with color. It'll either be really lovely or a complete assault on the eyes. It could go both ways, really.
  14. The good Fridays are the Fridays you get off work.
  15. You can't manually tint/texture the Maitreya body clothing layers. For different color options you would need an applier that specifically includes several color/texture options, such as in a fatpack.
  16. Maybe a Mole really should show up, as that stone has some major clipping issues. 😋
  17. Hi! I have a question, sorry if it's not the right forum to ask but I thought I could ask here. When you block an avatar I know they can't send you messages but how do they see you? I mean, if you're in the same room with them, do they still see you or they can't or maybe you're just a cloud? Thanks.
  18. I tried that with my ex-partner, but it just didn't work for us. I think that option, just role-playing through the grid, has a lot of potential, but first you have to find the right partner. I would go bonkers with a para-RPer, as I prefer my interactions to be much quicker, more dialogue than detailed descriptions. I have found that SL is the same as RL: It is difficult to meet compatible people. I also agree with the other comment that even with a RP buddy, finding a good, stable sim is helpful. I love RP in SL but have only had 1.5 good experiences with it. The rest were either bad, annoying, para- only, or the sim went kaput. I haven't RP'd in years.
  19. Hey what is she trying to do? I claimed that one last night ... I even left 100 lindens next to the mailbox and a case of Bud Light for the Moles .. WTH!!!
  20. Once my framerates got back to normal (after many months) the scooter works quite well. I am not big on the arrow keys but had some practice with Glytch hunting so that likely helped. My only real issues with the scooter is at sim crossings -- and on the TINY paths by my house (not roads). I have both the red (illegal) sports car and the cute little love bug, but I really like being out in the open more. When you are in a car (for me) it just seems very different. I guess it would be more like RL if you used mouselook, but I don't do mouselook often (again except for the Glytches). Also you can I am pretty sure turn the speed down on the scooter. That might help some. My FPS are now around 30 most places in Bellisseria. When they were running in the teens the scooter didn't work all that well. CARS seem to be easier so you you might want to try those. I need to go out again and practice more :D.
  21. I hope not. I hope that this experience might lead back to a renewed interest in revitalizing other parts of the mainland. There are actually a lot of nice areas in mainland where there are builds that work together well with neighboring builds. There are even some nicely landscaped and decorated communities on mainland with homes, a little business district and venue areas that cater towards fostering community. As much as I like the new area, I still like the variety and possibilities that mainland and private estates offer that the Linden Home area can't offer due to its purpose and design. I'm not ready to write mainland off yet.
  22. :::raises hand::: I Googled, but didn't come up with anything. What is WoDeque?
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