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  2. You forget that Gods are a dime-a-dozen in SL ("It's all about me" attitudes). If we always bowed down everyime one comes into our presence, we'd never be able to stand up straight.
  3. Like someone had said earlier, and even I can agree. I don't go looking for sex places, or furniture, and I don't see it, 99% of the time. So somehow it seems to me, that they were out looking for it. And as I said in my long paragraph, if you don't like it, find places that have no sex allowed, or that are normal. Purchase PG furniture, and set your settings so you only see PG stuff. No sense in ruining it for everyone, if you don't like it.
  4. It's not. (Yes, I know you know by now, the same thing LOL)
  5. FIFY has been used for at least 20 years on the net.. What rock have you been living under? F ixed I t F or Y ou Numpty
  6. A snowflake is as a snowflake does, melts like an icecube-in-hell at the slightest...
  7. Just logged into the Mp and saw this banner.. Why, just... WHY?Isn't there enough stigma surrounding SL without intentionally adding to it?
  8. Corinth - A park lane: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corinth/161/110/33 There's resident runned coffee shop in Corinth, so if you'll be there, don't forget to check it - LM is on a 1st page of this thread. Moretti - Loungers on a river bank: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moretti/109/60/23 Arabella - Large community pool with lounders (and not much else): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arabella/90/145/28 Graff - Small public beach: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Graff/66/154/23
  9. The Stay Puft marshmallow men have arrived
  10. Very true. U.S. Left Coast siphons your soul in more ways that one. But just the same, I wouldn't be surprised at how many who balk at buying a premium subscription but do buy the $25 movie tickets every week, buy a super tall Latte with double whipped cream, cinnimon dust, and chocolate sprinkes with a dash of nutme... yikes. I'm sounding like those I laugh at! Well, maybe any TWO are worth the price. Just saying. LOL
  11. People will always find things to complain about SL. That is just the nature of the beast, I for one am actually excited for this whole new lighting system. And can't wait until it's rolled out fully.
  12. Just hanging out at our little Cafe
  13. Mollymews


    is a few easier ways to do what OP is thinking about. if OP had a Group Join fee then OP would not need to over-complicate this
  14. I may have to slip into mermaid form and come check that out. 😀
  15. If you are a small mermaid with a small grotto, so maybe? Shall I measure with a stick under mine, I can't really imagine there are shallower water. Maybe some houseboats are so close to the rezzing spots that the water is deeper? You can abandon and try again and again. Could you have the top over water and sit like The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen?
  16. What's wrong with sex? It is the most natural thing, that two humans can do. Why do you want SL to be essentially family friendly? I really don't think that is necessary. Also, I watched the interview with Wagner and Ebbe. Ebbe doesn't want to have all these regulations in SL and hinder what people do in SL. I really like that approach, it gives us the consumers of SL. The freedom to do as we please. Look if you the OP don't like sex in SL, don't have it, don't go to places that have sex there. Get PG furniture. A lot of big name furniture stores give you a choice of going with adult or PG furniture. I don't really like sex in SL, especially the animations. But to me what you are saying, is kinda selfish. You don't like something, so you want to take it away from everyone, and ruin it for others.
  17. I don't see why not, and I know I would like to see more photos of your new underwater garden. It makes me want to make one, too!
  18. You speak right out of my heart Randy! Sure, we have to learn something new. But I remember back when most people complained about mesh. Now most of them use mesh bodies and heads too and never want to step back. How loud was the complaint about bento. We dont need it they yelled! Today we dont want to miss it. In one year 99% of the users like the EEP. So why shall we renounce an improvement to satisfy 1% of the users? They tell they go elsewhere because SL is broken but you see them writing in the EEP forum every day. I think Linden did already a great work if one wants to learn how to use it. And I'm sure it gets much more improved over time but it needs the help from people to get the input to improve it. On Firestorm a lot got better against the previous EEP beta already.
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  20. I'm more for the 'essentials.' Y'know, toilet, bath, bed, table, hot tub, bar, TV with a rug in front of it, kitchen set, my security orb, fancy sports car, some framed images, and a 'clothing optional' sign. Still got 161 prims to play around with.
  21. Marth Coberts


    Could also make a friend and ask if they wanna share a linden home for as long as the 'owner' pays upkeep'
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